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Branching for 1.3.

From: <kfogel_at_collab.net>
Date: 2005-09-20 05:29:26 CEST

I think it's about time to create the 1.3 release branch. I'll write
up some formal release notes soon; that can happen even before the
branch is made. Until then, here's a summary of 1.3, compiled by Ben
Collins-Sussman and me:

   * Path-based authorization for svnserve is done.

     It still needs to be documented in the book, but the book
     maintainers usually take care of that, and it won't be hard,
     since it works pretty much like mod_authz_svn.

   * Vastly improved svn-python bindings

     The python API no longer requires pool arguments (!); there's a
     huge new python test framework donated by the Trac project; we
     now only use SWIG 1.3.25; SWIG is only needed by tarball
     packagers, not by users (users won't need SWIG at compile-item or
     run-time). In short, the python bindings will just "work" for
     everyone in the svn 1.3 tarball, no SWIG required.

     TODO: It would be nice if our Makefile would re-invoke swig
     whenever .i files change. This will make life easier for those
     who run bleeding-edge (i.e., trunk working copy) code.

   * High-level operation logging for mod_dav_svn (Apache HTTPD) server

     Done for httpd; still needs to be documented in the book.

     We need to file a 1.4 issue to implement logging for svnserve.
     The strategy for svnserve will be a bit different: create
     proto-apr-API to write to syslodg/win32-eventd. This is more
     complex than what had to be done for httpd, which is why it's not
     coming out in the same release.

   * Issue #1970: history-following algorithm incomplete

     This is now fixed, and one side-effect is that finding the peg
     revision from which to start a trace should be faster, for all
     commands in which this concept applies.

   * A solution for the ".svn" / "_svn" problem in ASP.NET.

     Brane has a solution almost done, it's sitting in his working copy.
     is the latest message in that thread.

     Brane, how much time do you need to finish this out? Is there a
     possibility that we could branch sometime this week and still get
     this into 1.3?

   * Issue #2380: 'svn switch --relocate' silently fails.

     Peter Lundblad would like to get this regression fixed before
     1.3, see his comment in the issue. Peter, would you have enough
     time if we branched 1.3 this week?

Here are some things that had been discussed for 1.3 in the past, but
which I doubt will make it into 1.3:

   * New "takeover" behavior for 'svn checkout'

     Still waiting for a patch, which is fine. It's not clear to me
     whether there is consensus that this be the default behavior, or
     whether a new option will be used, or what. Anyway, I don't see
     this getting into 1.3. Hope y'all agree.

   * The "wc-replacements" branch.

     This is making great progress, but it's destined for 1.4, not
     1.3. It's a huge change, it still needs review, it's still being
     tweaked. Ivan Zhakov and Erik Huelsmann both concur that it
     should not be put into a 1.3.x micro release; to me, that says we
     shouldn't try to squeeze it into 1.3 at all. It'll want to sit
     on trunk for a good long while before we release it.

   * Ability to include/exclude subdirectories.

     This is a CVS feature-parity thing: the ability to do a
     "nonrecursive" checkout, make certain subdirs appear or disappear
     as needed, and have 'svn update' honor those choices. Ben
     Collins-Sussman and I thought that maybe Ben Reser is working on
     this, but we're not sure where things stand. Ben (Reser), do you
     think this could make it into 1.3, or is my guess that it'd be a
     1.4 thing correct? (Or are you not working on it at all?)

I think we should branch this week, but am not proposing a specific
day yet, because we need to first hear back from some of the people
pinged above. Once we know the status of their items, we can pick the
actual day.

Comments? Especially, please post if I forgot something major.


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