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Re: checkout performance

From: Res Pons <pons32_at_hotmail.com>
Date: 2005-12-19 19:27:30 CET


To make you feel better: I serve Subversion on a super fast Linux Enterprise
server with 4 Xeon processors, tons of disk space, and tons of RAM. All the
users' desktop clients are Pentium4 @3-4GHZ with WinXP + 512MB to 1GB of
RAM. And a complete fresh check out still takes 20-25 minutes for a 250MB
project! Sometimes my patience just runs out. Not to mention it's
extremely CPU intensive and takes my PC hostage. I literally cannot do
anything until SVN is done checking out. NOW, consider yourself lucky :)

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From: Kjell H Andersen <kha-svn@lentic.net>
To: Ryan Schmidt <subversion-2006Q1@ryandesign.com>
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Subject: Re: checkout performance
Date: Mon, 19 Dec 2005 15:08:27 +0100
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I've had some experience with large check-out/in. The problem isn't the size
itself, but the number of files.It looks like most file systems has a
noticeable overhead for each file it has to create. I've had some problems
related to this when checking out a working copy to a nfs mount. NFS
performs really poor when trying to perform operations on many files.

But to answer your question, I don't think 10-12 minutes are that much
considering the number of files. Remember that all later operations will
only be performed on a small amount of data. If you keep your working copy
on a network drive, you can probably improve performance by moving it to
your local drive, but that might lead to some backup issues..


Ryan Schmidt wrote:
>On Dec 19, 2005, at 13:18, Juergen Richtsfeld wrote:
>>I'm just about to try around with subversion. But it seems to be quite
>>my server has about 1GHZ, 1GB ram, windows 2000 server.
>>my repository has about 350 MB in about 11000 files. my repository was
>>created with default settings (svn 1.2) (bdb). my client is a P4 3Ghz with
>>1 gig ram.
>>doing a clean checkout takes about 12 minutes with apache and about 10
>>minutes with svnserve (100 mbit lan).
>>I'm currently testing with fsfs. are my measurements normal? i think it's
>>quite slow. the problem is, we're currently using ms sourcesafe, which is
>>much faster (but lacks lot of features).
>I don't know if 10 or 12 minutes is normal for a working copy of that size.
>I have heard that checkouts on Windows take longer than on other operating
>systems. But the important thing to remember is that you only do a full
>checkout very rarely, usually just when you first start working with
>Subversion. From then on you can just update the existing working copy,
>which should be much faster.
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