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Re: hosting of the tsvn site

From: Stefan Küng <tortoisesvn_at_gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2008 10:15:40 +0100

Simon Large wrote:

>> 1) Well, the FAQ isn't easier now. And the ratio of good comments which
>> add some value to the FAQ against comments which are support requests
>> and would belong to the mailing list is at least 1/5. So instead of less
>> work for us, it's actually more. Also, searching in Drupal is horribly
>> broken, which makes the FAQ there almost useless.
>> --> moving the FAQ back to tigris, maybe even all entries on one single
>> page so users can use Ctrl-F to search for things wouldn't be that bad.
> I never really liked having user-editable content anyway. I would
> rather see the correspondence on the mailing list and then put a
> cleaned up version in the FAQ later. Personally I would disable all
> comments in Drupal.

Well, sometimes I'm an optimist: I always hope that someday someone will
actually add a comment to the FAQ adding additional information :)

> Having said that we have quite a lot of content there now. Maybe that
> would work as a single page FAQ like Subversion's and maybe not,
> although we could use sub-pages with links if needed. Categorizing the
> questions only works to a degree because many answers belong to more
> than one question, or it is not obvious which category to look in. In
> that respect Ctrl-F searches are better.

I think we can decide that once we move the FAQ over. If the page gets
too big, we can split it into several sub-pages.

> So yes, I would be OK with putting this back in www.
>> 2) That one is actually quite good. Of course, the docs for the release
>> builds don't change a lot, which means having those in our /www
>> directory on tigris could be handled quite well too. Only the docs for
>> the nightly builds should maybe stay on tortoisesvn.net
> The dev docs don't get updated very often either. Only the nightly chm
> is always up-to-date, so again these could go into www.

One thing to consider here: the /www directory gets checked out together
with our sourcecode - some people might not like it if that directory
gets too big :)
But then again: compare that with the /www directory of the subclipse
project, and we're fine :)

>> 3) those definitely have to stay on tortoisesvn.net, there's no way to
>> get those on tigris
> Agreed.
>> 4) since we use Flyspray, we'd have to keep that running on tortoisesvn.net.
> Agreed. Flyspray works well for us and I see no reason to change it now.
>> 5) do we really need those? If yes, we could write a script that
>> generates a static html page in our /www directory, and that script
>> would be run once a day together with the nightly builds. Or Lübbe could
>> run it manually from time to time and commit the changes to tigris.
> No comment - that's Lübbe's department ;-)

Please, comment anyway - otherwise I'll have a hard time convincing
Lübbe to give his hourly stats up!

>> As for the rest of the pages on tortoisesvn.net, we could easily move
>> them back to tigris.org.
>> If we just keep the issue tracker, the nightly builds and nightly docs
>> on tortoisesvn.net, I think our server could handle that without much
>> problems.
> But you said yourself that it is not really a problem with server
> load. So taking load off it may not help much. It would mean that less
> parts are broken at one time.

Yes, but if the server goes down, the most important parts (download
page, docs and FAQ) would still be online. If the nightly builds are not
available for an hour or so, that wouldn't hurt that much.

>> And the advantage of having most of the pages on tigris? Easy: if
>> something goes wrong, someone *else than me* has to deal with it.
>> Because if I check the last three weeks, I think I spent more time
>> dealing with the server than I spent with coding.
> That is a very good reason to review the situation even if our
> tortoisesvn.net server had no problems.

Another good reason for reviews: birthdays :)

>> So, what do you guys think?
>> If you agree, I just hope I can step back from renting the other server...
> Someone mentioned getting some sponsorship from collabnet a few days
> ago. If we could just get sponsorship in the form of web hosting
> (without the tigris restrictions) that would help. After all, TSVN is
> mainly responsible for the big uptake of svn on windows. Could be
> worth asking.

good luck with that. I've tried that *several* times. Every time I get
the same answer: "no, we don't do that."
They even suggested that we could put the *nightly builds* in the /www
directory(!!!). Now that I think of it: we should have done that.
Because if we had done that, our repository would now be in the TB range
and they would finally have to rethink their decision :)

For now, I will be happy if they can fix the mailing list moderation (in
case you haven't noticed: mails from non-subscribed users don't show up
on the lists, even though I moderate them through). But at least I got
mails from them assuring me that they're working on it.


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