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Re: hosting of the tsvn site

From: Simon Large <simon.tortoisesvn_at_googlemail.com>
Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2008 10:18:06 +0000

On 19/03/2008, Stefan Küng <tortoisesvn_at_gmail.com> wrote:
> Simon Large wrote:
> >> 1) Well, the FAQ isn't easier now. And the ratio of good comments which
> >> add some value to the FAQ against comments which are support requests
> >> and would belong to the mailing list is at least 1/5. So instead of less
> >> work for us, it's actually more. Also, searching in Drupal is horribly
> >> broken, which makes the FAQ there almost useless.
> >> --> moving the FAQ back to tigris, maybe even all entries on one single
> >> page so users can use Ctrl-F to search for things wouldn't be that bad.
> >
> > I never really liked having user-editable content anyway. I would
> > rather see the correspondence on the mailing list and then put a
> > cleaned up version in the FAQ later. Personally I would disable all
> > comments in Drupal.
> Well, sometimes I'm an optimist: I always hope that someday someone will
> actually add a comment to the FAQ adding additional information :)
> > Having said that we have quite a lot of content there now. Maybe that
> > would work as a single page FAQ like Subversion's and maybe not,
> > although we could use sub-pages with links if needed. Categorizing the
> > questions only works to a degree because many answers belong to more
> > than one question, or it is not obvious which category to look in. In
> > that respect Ctrl-F searches are better.
> I think we can decide that once we move the FAQ over. If the page gets
> too big, we can split it into several sub-pages.
> > So yes, I would be OK with putting this back in www.
> >
> >> 2) That one is actually quite good. Of course, the docs for the release
> >> builds don't change a lot, which means having those in our /www
> >> directory on tigris could be handled quite well too. Only the docs for
> >> the nightly builds should maybe stay on tortoisesvn.net
> >
> > The dev docs don't get updated very often either. Only the nightly chm
> > is always up-to-date, so again these could go into www.
> One thing to consider here: the /www directory gets checked out together
> with our sourcecode - some people might not like it if that directory
> gets too big :)
> But then again: compare that with the /www directory of the subclipse
> project, and we're fine :)

1.5 has sparse checkouts :-)

Can we use a separate repository for www?

> >> 3) those definitely have to stay on tortoisesvn.net, there's no way to
> >> get those on tigris
> >
> > Agreed.
> >
> >> 4) since we use Flyspray, we'd have to keep that running on tortoisesvn.net.
> >
> > Agreed. Flyspray works well for us and I see no reason to change it now.
> >
> >> 5) do we really need those? If yes, we could write a script that
> >> generates a static html page in our /www directory, and that script
> >> would be run once a day together with the nightly builds. Or Lübbe could
> >> run it manually from time to time and commit the changes to tigris.
> >
> > No comment - that's Lübbe's department ;-)
> Please, comment anyway - otherwise I'll have a hard time convincing
> Lübbe to give his hourly stats up!

Well we could leave it on tortoisesvn.net and if it has some downtime
it will not be a major inconvenience.

> >> As for the rest of the pages on tortoisesvn.net, we could easily move
> >> them back to tigris.org.
> >>
> >> If we just keep the issue tracker, the nightly builds and nightly docs
> >> on tortoisesvn.net, I think our server could handle that without much
> >> problems.
> >
> > But you said yourself that it is not really a problem with server
> > load. So taking load off it may not help much. It would mean that less
> > parts are broken at one time.
> Yes, but if the server goes down, the most important parts (download
> page, docs and FAQ) would still be online. If the nightly builds are not
> available for an hour or so, that wouldn't hurt that much.

IIRC tigris.org had quite a bit of downtime previously too.

> >> And the advantage of having most of the pages on tigris? Easy: if
> >> something goes wrong, someone *else than me* has to deal with it.
> >> Because if I check the last three weeks, I think I spent more time
> >> dealing with the server than I spent with coding.
> >
> > That is a very good reason to review the situation even if our
> > tortoisesvn.net server had no problems.
> Another good reason for reviews: birthdays :)

Yours or TSVN's?

> >> So, what do you guys think?
> >> If you agree, I just hope I can step back from renting the other server...
> >
> > Someone mentioned getting some sponsorship from collabnet a few days
> > ago. If we could just get sponsorship in the form of web hosting
> > (without the tigris restrictions) that would help. After all, TSVN is
> > mainly responsible for the big uptake of svn on windows. Could be
> > worth asking.
> good luck with that. I've tried that *several* times. Every time I get
> the same answer: "no, we don't do that."
> They even suggested that we could put the *nightly builds* in the /www
> directory(!!!). Now that I think of it: we should have done that.
> Because if we had done that, our repository would now be in the TB range
> and they would finally have to rethink their decision :)
> For now, I will be happy if they can fix the mailing list moderation (in
> case you haven't noticed: mails from non-subscribed users don't show up
> on the lists, even though I moderate them through). But at least I got
> mails from them assuring me that they're working on it.


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