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Current translation status and some message errors/suggestions

From: Jens Seidel <jensseidel_at_users.sourceforge.net>
Date: Mon, 26 May 2008 09:49:43 +0200


after fixing permission on tools/po/l10n-report.py it reports in
the 1.5.x branch:

$ tools/po/l10n-report.py

Translation status report for branches/1.5.x r31448

  lang trans untrans fuzzy obs
    de 1802 0 1 83
    es 1770 32 36 221
    fr 1802 0 0 0
    it 1715 87 161 45
    ja 1741 61 150 369
    ko 1660 142 227 70
    nb 1669 133 214 76
    pl 1802 0 0 0
 pt_BR 1686 116 207 59
    sv 1642 160 247 67
 zh_CN 1802 0 1 0
 zh_TW 1618 184 285 135

You have not passed '-m' option, so email is not sent.

PS: Has anyone tried to contact translators to ask for updates?
Now it is probably late but Spanish could reach 100% in short time.

Using podebconf-report-po from Debians package po-debconf:
$ podebconf-report-po --call --notdebconf --with-translators --podir=.
you can send a mail to all translators asking for updates. Ahm, wait,
this requires a proper PO header which violates Subversion rules:
"Last-Translator: Subversion Developers <dev_at_subversion.tigris.org>\n"

Asking this list is probably not a good idea! I suggest you consider
to change the policy not to add contributors to source files (at least
for translations).

Can someone please explain which revision will be used for 1.5? I'm very
sad but I committed the full German translation in r31448 after the last
release candidate. Will it still be used?

There are also still some general i18n problems:

$ svn help switch
  --force : Durchführung des Befehls erzwingen
  --accept PAR : specify automatic conflict resolution action
                            ('postpone', 'base', 'mine-full', 'theirs-full',
                             'edit', 'launch')

As you can see at least one message is not properly translated
(verified for German and French, both are (mostly) up-to-date).

A few comments to messages:
There is nothing critical so it should maybe improved in trunk but if
such messages are changed and the translation is not invalidated by this
fix (typos, spaces, ...) please consider fixing this in PO files as well
to avoid new fuzzy messages.

I will use a very short s/old/new/ sed (or perl) syntax to note that
I would substitute "old" with "new".

#: ../libsvn_fs_base/dag.c:594
#, c-format
msgid "Can't set proplist on *immutable* node-revision %s"
node-rev is often used instead of node-revision

There are many messages similar to:
msgid "File or directory '%s' is out of date; try updating"
Here it is not always easy to guess whether svn tries updating or the user is
asked to do this (I assumed this). At least a translator comment in the source
file could help ...

msgid "Missing name attr in absent-directory element"
msgid "Missing name attr in absent-file element"

Such messages could be combined into
msgid "Missing name attr in %s element"

#: ../libsvn_subr/io.c:2100
#, c-format
msgid "Can't set process '%s' child errfile"

According to the code %s is the child process. Shouldn't it be
"Can't set child process '%s' errfile" (there exists no further child of %s)?

#: ../libsvn_subr/opt.c:1140
#, c-format
msgid ""
"%s, version %s\n"
" compiled %s, %s\n"

The date (__DATE__) is not translatable!

#: ../libsvn_wc/log.c:844
#, c-format
msgid "Error getting file size on '%s'"
s/on/of/ ?

#: ../libsvn_wc/props.c:1733
#, c-format
msgid ""
"Trying to change property '%s' from '%s' to '%s',\n"
"but property has been locally added with value '%s'"

Full stop is missing as used in many other nearly identical messages.

#: ../svn/conflict-callbacks.c:308
msgid "Error running merge tool leaving all conflicts."

Is there a comma missing after "tool"?

#: ../svn/info-cmd.c:323
#, c-format
msgid "Depth: immediates\n"

What does "immediates" mean? I know immediate which is an adjective. Can
it also be used as verb, noun?

"immediates" is a keyword and should not be translated, right?

#: ../svn/main.c:151
" -w (--ignore-all-space):\n"
" Ignore all white space.\n"
" --ignore-eol-style:\n"
" Ignore changes in EOL style\n"

Missing full stop (in previous line)

" -p (--show-c-function):\n"
" Show C function name in diff output."

#: ../svn/main.c:516
msgid ""
"Display information about a local or remote item.\n"
"usage: info [TARGET[@REV]...]\n"
" Print information about each TARGET (default: '.')\n"

Missing full stop

#: ../svn/main.c:900
"Update the working copy to a different URL.\n"
"usage: 1. switch URL[@PEGREV] [PATH]\n"
" 2. switch --relocate FROM TO [PATH...]\n"
" 1. Update the working copy to mirror a new URL within the repository.\n"
" This behaviour is similar to 'svn update', and is the way to\n"

s/behaviour/behavior/ (behavior dominates)

#: ../svn/main.c:591
msgid ""
"Apply the differences between two sources to a working copy path.\n"
"usage: 1. merge sourceURL1[@N] sourceURL2[@M] [WCPATH]\n"

In another message WC_PATH is used.

#: ../svn/main.c:684
msgid ""
"Edit a property with an external editor.\n"
"usage: 1. propedit PROPNAME TARGET...\n"
" 2. propedit PROPNAME --revprop -r REV [TARGET]\n"
" 1. Edits versioned prop in working copy or repository.\n"


" 2. Edits unversioned remote prop on repos revision.\n"

"on repos revision" is very bad style!

"See 'svn help propset' for more on property setting.\n"

s/setting/settings/ ?

#: ../svn/main.c:726
msgid ""
"Set the value of a property on files, dirs, or revisions.\n"
"usage: 1. propset PROPNAME PROPVAL PATH...\n"
" 2. propset PROPNAME --revprop -r REV PROPVAL [TARGET]\n"
" 1. Creates a versioned, local propchange in working copy.\n"


" Subversion 1.5 and greater support the above formats and the\n"
s/supoort/supports/ ?

#: ../svn/main.c:941
msgid ""
"Bring changes from the repository into the working copy.\n"
"usage: update [PATH...]\n"
" If no revision given, bring working copy up-to-date with HEAD rev.\n"

If no revision IS given

#: ../svn/util.c:131
msgid ""
"The EDITOR, SVN_EDITOR or VISUAL environment variable or 'editor-cmd' run-"
"time configuration option is empty or consists solely of whitespace. "
s/whitespace/whitespaces/ (multiple times)

#: ../libsvn_fs_fs/fs.c:99
#, c-format
msgid "Can't create FSFS txn list mutex"
s/txn list/txn-list/? Compare txn-current

#: ../libsvn_repos/load.c:1048
#, c-format
msgid ""
"Copy source checksum mismatch on copy from '%s'@%ld\n"

The quotes do not embed the peg revision?

" to '%s' in rev based on r%ld:\n"

#: ../libsvn_wc/merge.c:433 ../libsvn_wc/merge.c:687
msgid "Conflict callback violated API: returned no results"
s/callback/hook/ ??

#: ../svn/util.c:809
msgid ""
"Log message unchanged or not specified\n"
"(a)bort, (c)ontinue, (e)dit :\n"

Space in front of :?

#: ../svn/merge-cmd.c:297
msgid "--force cannot be used with --reintegrate"

Often! Merge with other messages to: "%s cannot be used with %s"

So, that's all. Onlx minor stuff, probably mostly OK ...


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