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New Subclipse Release 0.9.100 posted

From: Mark Phippard <markp_at_softlanding.com>
Date: 2005-12-01 18:15:17 CET

This release is based on Subversion 1.3.0 Release Candidate 4. As such,
it is not being released on the normal update site. I only want people
that see this announcement and decide that they are comfortable running
with the release candidate to install it. If you work on Linux, this
would mean you would have to build the JavaHL binary from source. However,
this release includes a compatible version of JavaSVN as well as the
binaries for Windows. The Metissian OS X binaries have also been posted.

The new update site URL is:


To install the release, you would follow the first-time install
instructions, but using the above URL for the update site:


This release contains a lot of new features, I hope a lot of you will try
it and provide feedback.

If you have not used the JavaSVN adapter before, this would be a good
release to try it, as some of the new features only apply when using that

Details of the release can be found in the changelog


Reproduced below.


Version 0.9.100
1 December 2004

from: /trunk/subclipse

This release is based upon Subversion 1.3.0 Release Candidate 4. As such,
it is being posted to a new update site URL so that only users that are
aware of this fact and make a specific choice to install this release will
get it. When Subversion 1.3.0 is GA, the old update site URL will be
updated with the latest version. The URL of the new update site is:

    * Subversion 1.3.0 RC4 support included.
    * Support for SVN_ASP_DOT_NET_HACK environment variable on Windows.
    * Improved performance of Synchronize action when JavaHL is the
adapter. JavaHL now supports the same improved svn st -u API that JavaSVN
already supported.
    * Reduced startup initialization times of Subclipse plugin.
Specifically, instead of initializing all three client adapters, just the
one chosen in the preferences is initalized. This typically eliminates a
5000ms timeout warning that appears in the Eclipse error log.
    * Repository connection no longer shows username and password fields
unless the CLI adapter is being used. This is because we do not want these
fields stored in Subclipse, we want to let the client adapter prompt and
optionally cache the values.
    * Repository connection no longer asks for a Root URL. The connection
URL is not automatically validated by running svn info, which as of
Subversion 1.2 returns the root URL.
    * Fixed StringIndexOutOfBoundsException in resource history view when
a log message starts with a URL.
    * When JavaSVN is the client adapter, a commit of files across several
projects from the same repository will now be performed as a single atomic
commit. With other adapters it is still one commit per project due to API
    * Several changes to set the proper encoding on remote files based on
the local encoding. (419).
    * Console messages from JavaSVN and JavaHL adapters have been
externalized in svnClientAdapter to allow for localizations to other
    * Enhanced Show in Resource History view and Show Log dialogs to
support --stop-on-copy option and also to retrieve revisions in "blocks"
instead of all at once. The default is 25 and can be set in the
preferences. This greatly improves performance.
    * Added option to produce a unified diff of a revision from the
Resource History view.
    * Added option to create a tag from a revision in the Resource History
    * Added option to revert the changes from a revision range in the
Resource History view. This initiates a reverse merge of those revisions
against your working copy. You can then review the changes, adjust as
necessary, and commit.
    * Added Export option to Repository Browser. This lets you perform an
svn export from the repository to the local file system.
    * Added Import option to Repository Browser. This lets you perform an
svn import to load a folder into the repository from the local file
    * Added option to create branch/tag from Repository Browser.
    * Added option to select two items and produce a unified diff. So this
lets you compare tags/branches etc. It brings up a dialog to specify which
URL is the From/To and also override the revisions that are compared.
    * Added Copy URL to Clipboard option to Repository Browser. This is a
just convenience item for getting a URL on to your clipboard.
    * Added Properties option to Repository Browser. This lets you see the
info in the repository about the selected item, such as any current Lock
information as well as any properties that have been set on the item.
    * Added Annotate option to Repository Browser.
    * Added capability to "turn off" Subclipse's automatic handling of
deletes. This is useful when you are using a tool that generates files
(such as JSP's) by deleting and re-adding the file. In this case, ideally
you would want Subclipse to ignore the delete and just pretend it did not
happen. This feature is enabled by adding a property named
"DeferFileDelete" with a value of "true" to any folder that is a parent of
the files being deleted. (74).
    * Commit dialog will now show items with svn status of missing. They
are always deselected by default. If selected they will be converted to a
delete for the commit just as unversioned files are converted to adds as
part of the commit.
    * Added support for cancelling operations when using JavaHL or
JavaSVN. Be sure you understand what your adapter is going to do before
you click that button. Generally, atomic operations like commit cancel
well. Things like checkout/update can leave you working copy in an
inconsistent state.
    * Fixed an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in Resource History view.
    * When a folder contains unversioned (and unignored) resources,
decorate the folder as modified. This is how the CVS plugin handles it.
    * Enhance the Show Pending Operations view to show missing items and
also add an option to mark the items as deleted. Of course, they can also
be restored by using the Revert option.
    * Enhance the Show Resource History view to have a toggle which allows
showing the affected paths for a change using a Compressed Folders view,
as opposed to the default flat view.
    * Relaxed URL parsing rules to add support for svn+xxx:// URL's,
provided that the selected client adapter supports the specified URL.
    * Added Copy and Export options to Team menu. The Copy option is being
provided to work around an Eclipse limitation where it does not allow a
Team Provider to capture a copy operation, as it does a move operation.
    * Fixed bug where local copies of folders were decorating as modified
instead of added.
    * Added Replace with Base Revision menu item. (358).
    * Missing items show in Synchronize view as Outgoing Deletes instead
of incoming additions.
    * Fixed a potential NPE in decorator code. (395).
    * Improved handling of svn:externals that create a multi-level folder
structure in the local project.
    * Add support for relocating repositories. Right-click on a Repository
location adds a Relocate option that allows you to change the URL of the
repository. It then updates all projects linked to that location by
running the svn switch --relocate command.
    * Auto-sharing of an imported project will associate the project with
a location based on the root URL of the repository when the imported
project is a Subversion 1.3 working copy.
    * Added Compare with Branch/Tag option. This produces a unified diff
of your WC and the selected URL using the svn diff command.
    * Improved the Set Commit Properties dialog so that only the revision
properties you modify are changed. (405).
    * Modified the JavaHL adapter to use the SVNClient class instead of
SVNClientSynchronized. This appears to provide a small performance boost
and takes advantage of the improved thread safery in 1.3.

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