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Re: [Patch] Compiling Ruby bindings on Windows

From: Kouhei Sutou <kou_at_cozmixng.org>
Date: 2006-12-29 04:53:42 CET


# I'm sorry for my late response.

In <ae6cb1100612262346n14db4400nac60a414f51f8914@mail.gmail.com>
  "[Patch] Compiling Ruby bindings on Windows" on Tue, 26 Dec 2006 23:46:01 -0800,
  "Joe Swatosh" <joe.swatosh@gmail.com> wrote:

> Okay, here is a cut a patch that will let the Ruby bindings compile using VC6
> and SWIG 1.3.24.

Great! I merged some your changes into the repository. (Yes,
you've already noticed.)

> Most failures occur at svn/util.rb:68 where a Proc for a forwarding function is
> created. I tried "puts" of the target_method before the "call," but that moved
> the SegFault around too. It often claimed to be svn_utf_cstring_to_utf8, but I
> couldn't figure out how we were getting there from any of the test code.

Ah, OK. I'll think about another more debug friendly

> The test code modifications create a dependency on win32-service which is part
> of Win32Utils on RubyForge (http://rubyforge.org/projects/win32utils/) or as a
> gem.

I agree with the idea but I think Win32 service setup should
be done in SvnTestUtil#setup_svnserve not run-test.rb. So I
will change run-test.rb like the following. What about this?

Index: subversion/bindings/swig/ruby/test/run-test.rb
--- subversion/bindings/swig/ruby/test/run-test.rb	(revision 22823)
+++ subversion/bindings/swig/ruby/test/run-test.rb	(working copy)
@@ -3,15 +3,27 @@
 require "test/unit"
 require "fileutils"
-ENV["PATH"] = File.join(Dir.pwd, "..", "..", "..", "svnserve") + ":" + ENV["PATH"]
-ext_dir = File.join(Dir.pwd, ".ext")
+test_dir = File.expand_path(File.join(File.dirname(__FILE__)))
+base_dir = File.expand_path(File.join(File.dirname(__FILE__), ".."))
+top_dir = File.expand_path(File.join(base_dir, "..", "..", ".."))
+ext_dir = File.join(base_dir, ".ext")
 ext_svn_dir = File.join(ext_dir, "svn")
-FileUtils.ln_sf(File.join(Dir.pwd, ".libs"), File.join(ext_svn_dir, "ext"))
 at_exit {FileUtils.rm_rf(ext_dir)}
+if /cygwin|mingw|mswin32|bccwin32/.match(RUBY_PLATFORM)
+  ext_svn_ext_dir = File.join(ext_svn_dir, "ext")
+  FileUtils.mkdir_p(ext_svn_ext_dir)
+  FileUtils.cp(Dir.glob(File.join(base_dir, "*.dll"), ext_svn_ext_dir))
+  ENV["PATH"] = "#{File.join(top_dir, 'subversion', 'svnserve')}:#{ENV['PATH']}"
+  FileUtils.ln_sf(File.join(base_dir, ".libs"), File.join(ext_svn_dir, "ext"))
 require 'svn/core'
> * subversion/bindings/swig/ruby/libsvn_swig_ruby/swigutil_rb.c
>   define a EMPTY_WORKAROUND_FOR_VC6_PREPROCESSOR macro and replace the empty
>   space in the argument of every "function-like" macro. Don't define the
>   MESSAGES constant when _WIN32 is defined. Use SIZEOF_LONG_LONG instead of
>   sizeof(long long).
I've merged.
> * subversion/bindings/swig/ruby/libsvn_swig_ruby/swigutil_rb.h
>   When building with VC compiler use the #pragma comment directive to link with
>   the ruby library.
I'll talk about this in the next mail.
> * subversion/bindings/swig/ruby/test/run-test.rb
>   Copy files around to create the directory structure for testing, not using
>   links.  Create a Service entry for svnserve.
> * subversion/bindings/swig/ruby/test/util.rb
>   Start and stop the Service, without using fork.  Fix typo in URI?
We need to talk about them.
'file' schema URI isn't a typo.
Joe, thanks for your work!
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