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Re: Merging headache

From: Stefan Sperling <stsp_at_elego.de>
Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2012 09:58:18 +0200

On Wed, Sep 19, 2012 at 07:15:40AM +0000, David Aldrich wrote:
> Hi
> I am trying to update a branch with changes from the trunk. I am getting tree conflicts that I do not know how to resolve. Please will someone take a look at my console output below and advise me what to do? (For the sake of security, I have sanitised the folder names).

Hi David,

Generally, to deal with tree conflicts, you need to:

 1) Find out why it happened: Check 'svn log -v' output for
    changes to affected paths that others committed, and think
    about how these would conflict with your own changes; and/or
    talk to the people who made those changes to figure out where
    your collective actions might conflict from the point of
    view of svn.

 2) Figure out what you really want the merge result to be.
    What's the state you want your branch to be in? Keep in mind
    that if you're planning on merging the branch back to trunk,
    the decisions you make here will ultimately affect trunk and
    other branches, too. I.e. don't just make life easy for yourself
    by reverting other peoples' changes without reason :)

 3) Figure out how to get the conflicted working copy into the
    desired state you determined in step 2), by using only svn
    commands and editing files (you can use 'svn merge' to merge
    into files, if that helps!).
    Here you may need to be creative, and this is where we can help.
    However, people on this list will not be able to help you much
    with 1) and 2) because we lack the necessary context to give
    advice on what decisions need to be made.

When you describe conflicts to us, please also show the output of
'svn status' and 'svn info' for affected file. These commands show
additional information about conflicts.
From what you've posted so far, all we can tell is that there are
conflicts, but we cannot help you any further without more
information about the nature of these conflicts.

BTW, I'm curious why you're getting an svn:mergeinfo conflict.
That should never happen if you follow best practices.
Is this common in your environment? If so, it seems people must
be doing something quite wrong, but I don't really know what it
could be. Are people editing mergeinfo by hand or gratuitously
deleting it?

> C:\SVNProj\MyProj​branches\TRY_MyBra​nch_23Jan2012>svn​ merge ^^/trunk
> Conflict discovered in 'C:/SVNProj/MyProj/b​ranches/TRY_MyBranch​_23Jan2012/Simulatio​ns/MyFolder/file1.xl​sx'.
> Select: (p) postpone,
> (mf) mine-full, (tf) theirs-full,
> (s) show all options: mf
> --- Merging r4283 into 'Simulations':
> U Simulations\MyFolder\file1.xlsx
> C Simulations\MyFolder\file2.xml
> C Simulations\MyFolder\file3.xlsx
> C Simulations\MyFolder\file4.xml
> Conflict for property 'svn:mergeinfo' discovered on 'C:/SVNProj/MyProj/b​ranches/TRY_MyBranch​_23Jan2012/Simulatio​ns'.
> They want to delete the property, you want to change the value to '/branches/TRY_DRA_P​ython_14July10/Simul​ations:2616-27
> 48
> /branches/TRY_DRA_Sy​stemC_2_2_19April201​1/Simulations:3375-3​405
> /branches/TRY_DRA_ti​nyxml2_6_1_7Oct2010/​Simulations:2919-292​5
> <some other branches listed here>
> /trunk/Simulations:4113-4181'.
> Select: (p) postpone,
> (mf) mine-full, (tf) theirs-full,
> (s) show all options: mf
> U Simulations
> --- Recording mergeinfo for merge of r4113 through r4283 into '.':
> U .
> Summary of conflicts:
> Tree conflicts: 3
> svn: E155015: One or more conflicts were produced while merging r4282:4283 into
> 'C:\SVNProj\MyProj​\branches\TRY_MyBr​anch_23Jan2012' --
> resolve all conflicts and rerun the merge to apply the remaining
> unmerged revisions
Received on 2012-09-19 09:59:12 CEST

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