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Merge shows conflicts on files that didn't change? (was Re: Question about merging)

From: Dave Huang <khym_at_azeotrope.org>
Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2012 10:43:23 -0600

I guess it's time for my ~yearly question about why SVN can never seem
to do this merge properly... Summary: I have a "releaseA" branch off of
trunk, then a "releaseA + custom stuff" branch off of "releaseA". I also
have a "releaseB" branch off of trunk. I want to merge "custom stuff"
into "releaseB" to create a "releaseB + custom stuff" branch, but SVN is
showing a ton of updates/conflicts, even though "custom stuff" only
touches a handful of files (as confirmed by a diff between "releaseA"
and "releaseA + custom stuff").

See the thread starting at
for more info.

I just tried this again with SVN 1.7.2 on the client and 1.6.15 on the
server, and it still doesn't work right.

On 9/17/2010 2:07 PM, David Huang wrote:
> On Sep 17, 2010, at 12:38 PM, Bob Archer wrote:
>> It is updating/writing merge info on those child nodes. There must have been a merge that was done at a level lower than the root folder of your project which put merge info on those files but not on the parent root folder.
> A more concrete example:
> hexley-wl:~ khym$ svn co https://my.repo/svn/branches/dave-calendar72
> [ ... ]
> hexley-wl:~ khym$ cd dave-calendar72
> hexley-wl:dave-calendar72 khym$ svn merge --accept postpone https://my.repo/svn/branches/7.1@28161 https://my.repo/svn/branches/dave-calendar71
> --- Merging differences between repository URLs into '.':
> [ ... ]
> U LoadDB/LoadDB.cpp
> [ ... ]
> C Reports/Invoice.rpt
> [ ... ]
> Summary of conflicts:
> Text conflicts: 491
> Tree conflicts: 5
> # So, a .cpp was supposedly updated, and an .rpt was supposedly conflicted
> hexley-wl:dave-calendar72 khym$ svn proplist https://my.repo/svn/branches/7.1/LoadDB/LoadDB.cpp@28161 https://my.repo/svn/branches/dave-calendar71/LoadDB/LoadDB.cpp LoadDB/LoadDB.cpp
> Properties on 'https://my.repo/svn/branches/7.1/LoadDB/LoadDB.cpp':
> svn:keywords
> Properties on 'https://my.repo/svn/branches/dave-calendar71/LoadDB/LoadDB.cpp':
> svn:keywords
> Properties on 'LoadDB/LoadDB.cpp':
> svn:keywords
> # No mergeinfo on that file, in any of the places that are involved in the merge. Doing the same thing for Invoice.rpt shows that the only property is svn:mime-type.
> hexley-wl:dave-calendar72 khym$ svn diff https://my.repo/svn/branches/7.1/LoadDB/LoadDB.cpp@28161 https://my.repo/svn/branches/dave-calendar71/LoadDB/LoadDB.cpp
> hexley-wl:dave-calendar72 khym$ svn diff https://my.repo/svn/branches/7.1/Reports/Invoice.rpt@28161 https://my.repo/svn/branches/dave-calendar71/Reports/Invoice.rpt
> # And svn diff shows that there are neither any text differences or property differences.
> hexley-wl:dave-calendar72 khym$ svn stat LoadDB/LoadDB.cpp Reports/Invoice.rpt
> C Reports/Invoice.rpt
> # Finally, svn stat shows that there are no modifications to my WC's LoadDB.cpp, despite the merge supposedly updating it. However, Invoice.rpt really is conflicted.

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