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Re: "svn commit" does not work with SVNParentPath in location and 1.7-client (HTTPv2)

From: David Chapman <dcchapman_at_acm.org>
Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2011 23:40:37 -0800

On 11/16/2011 11:08 PM, Sergey Skvortsov wrote:
> On 16.11.2011 19:56, Stefan Sperling wrote:
>> On Wed, Nov 16, 2011 at 06:37:39PM +0400, Sergey Skvortsov wrote:
>>> s/"svn update"/"svn commit"/
>>> On 16.11.2011 18:31, Stefan Sperling wrote:
>>>> On Wed, Nov 16, 2011 at 02:43:17PM +0400, Sergey Skvortsov wrote:
>>>>> Configuration for Apache:
>>>>> <Location /svn>
>>>>> DAV svn
>>>>> SVNParentPath /usr/home/svn
>>>>> SVNListParentPath on
>>>>> </Location>
>>>>> <Location /svn/foo>
>>>>> DAV svn
>>>>> SVNParentPath /usr/home/svn/foo
>>>>> SVNListParentPath on
>>>>> </Location>
>>>>> [Wed Nov 16 10:32:58 2011] [error] [client]
>>>>> (20014)Internal error: Can't open file
>>>>> '/usr/home/svn/foo/foo/format': No such file or directory
>>>> You are nesting locations. This isn't a valid configuration because it
>>>> leads to ambiguity when splitting a URL into the part which is outside
>>>> of the repository and the part which is inside the repository.
>>> Why this configuration is not valid?
>> Before Subversion gets called, Apache HTTPD decides which Location
>> block gets to handle a request. Subversion has no control over this
>> decision.
>> Note that Apache HTTPD looks only at URLs. It has no idea and does
>> not care
>> whether or not there is a Subversion repository anywhere within the URL
>> http://svn.example.com/svn/foo/bar/baz
>> With your configuration the URL has two possible repositories:
>> http://svn.example.com/svn/foo
>> http://svn.example.com/svn/foo/bar
>> So how is Apache HTTPD supposed to tell which of your Location blocks
>> should handle requests for the URL
>> http://svn.example/com/svn/foo/bar/baz?
>> Should<Location /svn> handle it or should<Location /svn/foo> handle
>> it?
> Of course "/svn/foo".

Really? And what if you check out a copy of
http://svn.example.com/svn/foo and create a directory named "bar" in
it? Are you expecting Apache or Subversion to notice that this is the
path to another repository and thus ban creation of the new directory?

What if the repository http://svn.example.com/svn/foo already has a
directory named "bar" in it when you first move the child repository
into /svn/foo/bar?

I could go on, but the possibilities for ambiguity are endless. Don't
nest repositories.

> Locations are worked down from shortest URI. So correct SVNParentPath
> must be passed to mod_dav_svn.
>> The documentation at
>> http://svnbook.red-bean.com/en/1.7/svn.serverconfig.httpd.html#svn.serverconfig.httpd.basic
>> says:
>> ======
>> Be sure that when you define your new Location, it doesn't overlap
>> with other
>> exported locations. For example, if your main DocumentRoot is
>> exported to /www,
>> do not export a Subversion repository in<Location /www/repos>. If a
>> request
>> comes in for the URI /www/repos/foo.c, Apache won't know whether to
>> look for a
>> file repos/foo.c in the DocumentRoot, or whether to delegate
>> mod_dav_svn to
>> return foo.c from the Subversion repository. The result is often an
>> error from
>> the server of the form 301 Moved Permanently.
>> ======
>> The error you see is not 301 but the root cause of the problem is the
>> same.
> I disagree. This cite is irrelevant to my issue.
>>> It worked in 1.6 servers. It seems like regression.
>> I am surprised that it worked.
> I am not, because it's correct way.

It is not the correct way. Don't nest repositories.

> Also, in 1.7 reading repos is working fine:
> "OPTIONS /svn/foo/bar HTTP/1.1" 200
> "REPORT /svn/foo/bar/!svn/me HTTP/1.1" 200
> but only POST fails:
> "POST /svn/foo/bar/!svn/me HTTP/1.1" 500
> So the problem is not in Apache or configuration but in mod_dav_svn
> itself.
> It is obviously a regression.

It was never intended to work, so it cannot be a regression. Don't nest

>>> I want to avoid use SVNPath for every leaf repo in the root.
>>> SVNParentPath is intended for such purpose.
>>> Also I want to use SVNListParentPath to autogenerate normal listing.
>>> It's impossible with multiple SVNPath.
>> You have repositories in /usr/home/svn and also /usr/home/svn/foo.
>> This is a bad way of organising your repositories because there is
>> no unique way to map URLs to repository roots.
> I disagree, see above. There are robust way to handle <Location>s in
> Apache.
> I prefer to organize my repos in this way because is "natural".
> Similar to filesystems: I like to place files and organize them to
> folder/directories as I want to.

You are mixing file system references and Subversion references. This
leads to ambiguity. Don't do it, even if it feels natural to you.

>> Put your repositories into distinct, and flat, directories.
>> Don't nest them in a tree.
>> Move some of your repositories into /usr/home/svn/foo and some into
>> /usr/home/svn/bar, and change your configuration file to look like this:
>> [skip]
>> This will give you a setup that works reliably.

     David Chapman         dcchapman_at_acm.org
     Chapman Consulting -- San Jose, CA
Received on 2011-11-17 08:41:22 CET

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