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Error compiling perl bindings

From: Jay Rogers <post_at_rgrs.com>
Date: 2007-03-19 20:39:38 CET

Can someone please help? I'm getting an error compiling the
perl bindings for Subversion 1.4.3 on a Slackware 11 host.

In /usr/local I've installed Apache httpd-2.2.3
and swig 1.3.24 (I also tried swig-1.3.31).

The error occurs when compiling "core.c". The apr
header file "apr.h" doesn't know "off64_t" in the
following statement:

    typedef off64_t apr_off_t;

I've tried with and without "--enable-experimental-libtool".

Here's the compile error:

  cd /usr/local/src/Subversion/subversion-1.4.3/subversion/bindings/swig/perl/native; make
  make[1]: Entering directory `/d1/local/src/Subversion/subversion-1.4.3/subversion/bindings/swig/perl/native'
  cp ../../../../../subversion/bindings/swig/perl/native/Delta.pm blib/lib/SVN/Delta.pm
  cp ../../../../../subversion/bindings/swig/perl/native/Ra.pm blib/lib/SVN/Ra.pm
  cp ../../../../../subversion/bindings/swig/perl/native/Wc.pm blib/lib/SVN/Wc.pm
  cp ../../../../../subversion/bindings/swig/perl/native/Base.pm blib/lib/SVN/Base.pm
  cp ../../../../../subversion/bindings/swig/perl/native/Core.pm blib/lib/SVN/Core.pm
  cp ../../../../../subversion/bindings/swig/perl/native/Repos.pm blib/lib/SVN/Repos.pm
  cp ../../../../../subversion/bindings/swig/perl/native/Fs.pm blib/lib/SVN/Fs.pm
  cp ../../../../../subversion/bindings/swig/perl/native/Client.pm blib/lib/SVN/Client.pm
  cc -c -I/usr/include/apr-1 -I/usr/include/apr-1 -I../../../../../subversion/bindings/swig/perl/libsvn_swig_perl -I../../../../../subversion/include -I../../../../..//subversion -I../../../../../subversion/bindings/swig -g -fno-strict-aliasing -pipe -Wdeclaration-after-statement -I/usr/local/include -D_LARGEFILE_SOURCE -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 -O2 -march=i486 -mtune=i686 -DVERSION=\"\" -DXS_VERSION=\"\" -fPIC "-I/usr/lib/perl5/5.8.8/i486-linux/CORE" core.c
  In file included from /usr/include/apr-1/apr_pools.h:37,
                   from ../../../../../subversion/include/svn_time.h:25,
                   from core.c:1107:
  /usr/include/apr-1/apr.h:270: error: syntax error before "apr_off_t"
  /usr/include/apr-1/apr.h:270: warning: data definition has no type or storage class
  In file included from ../../../../../subversion/include/svn_string.h:71,
                   from ../../../../../subversion/include/svn_props.h:30,
                   from ../../../../../subversion/include/svn_error_codes.h:48,
                   from ../../../../../subversion/include/svn_error.h:48,
                   from ../../../../../subversion/include/svn_time.h:28,
                   from core.c:1107:

Here's the ./configure output:

  whim:/usr/local/src/Subversion/subversion-1.4.3> ./configure --with-apxs=/usr/local/sbin/apxs \
                --with-swig=/usr/local/bin/swig \
                --enable-experimental-libtool \
  configure: Configuring Subversion 1.4.3
  configure: creating config.nice
  checking for gcc... i486-slackware-linux-gcc
  checking for C compiler default output file name... a.out
  checking whether the C compiler works... yes
  checking whether we are cross compiling... no
  checking for suffix of executables...
  checking for suffix of object files... o
  checking whether we are using the GNU C compiler... yes
  checking whether i486-slackware-linux-gcc accepts -g... yes
  checking for i486-slackware-linux-gcc option to accept ANSI C... none needed
  checking how to run the C preprocessor... i486-slackware-linux-gcc -E
  checking build system type... i686-pc-linux-gnu
  checking host system type... i686-pc-linux-gnu
  checking target system type... i686-pc-linux-gnu
  checking for egrep... grep -E
  checking whether ln -s works... yes
  checking for a BSD-compatible install... /bin/ginstall -c
  checking for static Apache module support... no
  checking for Apache module support via DSO through APXS... found at /usr/local/sbin/apxs
  checking httpd version... recent enough
  configure: Apache Portable Runtime (APR) library configuration
  checking for APR... yes
  checking APR version... 1.2.7
  configure: Apache Portable Runtime Utility (APRUTIL) library configuration
  checking for APR-util... yes
  checking APR-UTIL version... 1.2.7
  configure: checking neon library
  checking for neon-config... /usr/bin/neon-config
  checking neon library version... 0.25.5
  checking for ANSI C header files... yes
  checking for sys/types.h... yes
  checking for sys/stat.h... yes
  checking for stdlib.h... yes
  checking for string.h... yes
  checking for memory.h... yes
  checking for strings.h... yes
  checking for inttypes.h... yes
  checking for stdint.h... yes
  checking for unistd.h... yes
  configuring libtool now
  using APR's libtool
  checking whether libtool accepts --tag=XXX... yes
  checking whether libtool needs -no-undefined... no
  checking whether to avoid circular linkage at all costs... no
  checking for trang... none
  checking for socket in -lsocket... no
  checking for availability of Berkeley DB... yes
  checking for Mac OS KeyChain Services... no
  checking for msgfmt... /usr/bin/msgfmt
  checking for msgmerge... /usr/bin/msgmerge
  checking for xgettext... /usr/bin/xgettext
  checking for library containing bindtextdomain... none required
  checking for bind_textdomain_codeset... yes
  checking if we are using GNU gettext... yes
  checking for ANSI C header files... (cached) yes
  checking for an ANSI C-conforming const... yes
  checking for size_t... yes
  checking for working memcmp... yes
  checking for vprintf... yes
  checking for _doprnt... no
  checking for symlink... yes
  checking for readlink... yes
  checking zlib.h usability... yes
  checking zlib.h presence... yes
  checking for zlib.h... yes
  checking for inflate in -lz... yes
  checking for python... /usr/bin/python
  checking for JDK... configure: WARNING: no JNI header files found.
  checking for perl... /usr/bin/perl
  checking for ruby... /usr/bin/ruby
  checking for rb_hash_foreach()... yes
  checking for rdoc... /usr/bin/rdoc
  checking for Ruby major version... 1
  checking for Ruby minor version... 8
  checking swig version... 1.3.24
  configure: Configuring python swig binding
  checking for Python includes... -I/usr/include/python2.4
  checking for compiling Python extensions... gcc -pthread -fno-strict-aliasing -DNDEBUG -O3 -march=i486 -mtune=i686 -fPIC
  checking for linking Python extensions... gcc -pthread -shared
  checking for linking Python libraries...
  checking for apr_int64_t Python/C API format string... L
  checking perl version... 5008008
  configure: Configuring Ruby SWIG binding
  checking for Ruby include path... -I. -I/usr/lib/ruby/1.8/i486-linux
  checking how to compile Ruby extensions... i486-slackware-linux-gcc -O2 -march=i486 -mtune=i686 -fPIC $(SWIG_RB_INCLUDES)
  checking how to link Ruby extensions... i486-slackware-linux-gcc -shrext .so -shared
  checking where to install Ruby scripts... /usr/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8
  checking where to install Ruby extensions... /usr/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8/i486-linux
  checking how to use output level for Ruby bindings tests... normal
  configure: creating ./config.status
  config.status: creating Makefile
  config.status: creating tools/backup/hot-backup.py
  config.status: creating contrib/client-side/svn_load_dirs.pl
  config.status: creating contrib/client-side/svncopy.pl
  config.status: creating contrib/client-side/testsvncopy.pl
  config.status: creating tools/hook-scripts/commit-access-control.pl
  config.status: creating tools/hook-scripts/commit-email.pl
  config.status: creating subversion/bindings/swig/perl/native/Makefile.PL
  config.status: creating packages/solaris/pkginfo
  config.status: creating subversion/svn_private_config.h
  config.status: executing mkdir-init commands
  /bin/ginstall -c -d subversion/bindings/java/javahl/classes
  /bin/ginstall -c -d subversion/bindings/java/javahl/include

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Received on Mon Mar 19 20:40:23 2007

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