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ERROR: No such transaction.

From: John Jones <openwarsim_at_gmail.com>
Date: 2005-12-02 17:26:36 CET

I have just moved a repository using the dump>load method from one server to
another. I did this as root.

Now, on the new machine, everything is responding fine over DAV (can browse
from webserver, through client, can check out and update just fine) but I
cannot check in or update the repository. At first, I was getting
TortoiseSVN errors about not being able to create the directory, so in
reading the SVN book, I found the solution for that. Apache now owns the
entire repository.

However, now when checking in a file, TortoiseSVN is reporting a failure:
  Modified My Documents\Game Code\Ennersea\NewCharGen\Data
  Sending Content C:\Documents and Settings\jjones\My Documents\Game
Code\Ennersea\NewCharGen\Data Objects\race.human.data
  Error Commit failed (details follow):
  Error No such transaction.

Apache logs show the following:
[root /var/svn/ennersea] tail /var/log/apache2/access_log - john [02/Dec/2005:09:57:09 -0600] "PROPFIND
/gamecode/NewCharGen/Data %20Objects HTTP/1.1" 207 458 - john [02/Dec/2005:09:57:09 -0600] "PROPFIND
/gamecode/!svn/vcc/default HTTP/1.1" 207 400 - john [02/Dec/2005:09:57:09 -0600] "CHECKOUT
/gamecode/!svn/bln/282 HTTP/1.1" 201 311 - john [02/Dec/2005:09:57:09 -0600] "PROPPATCH
/gamecode/!svn/wbl/ebb3370b-35e9-3140-81f1-8b6398651b2d/282 HTTP/1.1" 207
355 - john [02/Dec/2005:09:57:09 -0600] "PROPFIND
/gamecode/NewCharGen/Data%20Objects HTTP/1.1" 207 436 - john [02/Dec/2005:09:57:09 -0600] "CHECKOUT
/gamecode/!svn/ver/277/NewCharGen/Data%20Objects/race.human.data HTTP/1.1"
201 349 - john [02/Dec/2005:09:57:09 -0600] "PUT
HTTP/1.1" 204 - - john [02/Dec/2005:09:57:09 -0600] "MERGE
/gamecode/NewCharGen/Data%20Objects HTTP/1.1" 200 783 - john [02/Dec/2005:09:57:10 -0600] "DELETE
/gamecode/!svn/act/ebb3370b-35e9-3140-81f1-8b6398651b2d HTTP/1.1" 500 215 - john [02/Dec/2005:09:57:10 -0600] "DELETE
/gamecode/!svn/act/ebb3370b-35e9-3140-81f1-8b6398651b2d HTTP/1.1" 500 215

SVN Book isn't really giving much help in the troubleshooting section.

I have done:
  svnadmin verify /var/svn/ennersea/repository All
  svnadmin lslocks /var/svn/ennersea/repository Nothing.
  svnadmin rmtxns /var/svn/ennersea/repository Nothing.

In looking at the list archives, there are some other entries on this, one
of which suggests a bad SVN DAV module or configuration (
http://svn.haxx.se/users/archive-2004-11/1211.shtml). But the install is
mostly identical (Apache2 + web_dav) as the other server.

Version is 1.0.6, and I know there is a newer version. Running a Gentoo
server, and my experience with the emerge system and Apache have not been
the most smooth. Considering knocking out the version issue by doing an
upgrade. Does anyone know if the Gentoo emerge build will replace the
mod_dav_svn.so module?

Any further ideas?
Received on Fri Dec 2 17:31:06 2005

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