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From: Phil Endecott <spam_from_subversion_users_at_chezphil.org>
Date: 2005-10-31 15:17:50 CET

Dear All,

I recently changed my Apache configuration from using an Apache Limit to
  AuthzSVNAccess file, and something seems to have broken. When I try
to commit I now get a 404 response. This is a bit complicated; please
let me know if there are other details I can send that would help.

Here's what I do at the client:

$ svn commit -m"....."
Sending daemon/RoteUpdater.cc
Authentication realm: <http://svn.chezphil.org:80> svn.chezphil.org
Password for 'phil':

At first sight it looks as if it is an authentication issue. But look
at what I see in the access log (and note that I have not entered
anything at the password prompt): - - [31/Oct/2005:14:01:43 +0000] "OPTIONS
/anyterm/trunk/daemon HTTP/1.1" 200 179 "-" "SVN/1.2.3 (r15833) neon/0.24.7" - - [31/Oct/2005:14:01:43 +0000] "MKACTIVITY
/!svn/act/d25cf719-6d04-0410-a516-93fa8b957e6f HTTP/1.1" 201 290 "-"
"SVN/1.2.3 (r15833) neon/0.24.7" - - [31/Oct/2005:14:01:43
+0000] "PROPFIND /anyterm/trunk/daemon HTTP/1.1" 207 435 "-" "SVN/1.2.3
(r15833) neon/0.24.7" - - [31/Oct/2005:14:01:43 +0000] "PROPFIND
/!svn/vcc/default HTTP/1.1" 207 382 "-" "SVN/1.2.3 (r15833) neon/0.24.7" - - [31/Oct/2005:14:01:43 +0000] "CHECKOUT /!svn/bln/756
HTTP/1.1" 201 307 "-" "SVN/1.2.3 (r15833) neon/0.24.7" - - [31/Oct/2005:14:01:43 +0000] "PROPPATCH
//!svn/wbl/d25cf719-6d04-0410-a516-93fa8b957e6f/756 HTTP/1.1" 207 346
"-" "SVN/1.2.3 (r15833) neon/0.24.7" - - [31/Oct/2005:14:01:44 +0000] "PROPFIND
/anyterm/trunk/daemon HTTP/1.1" 207 408 "-" "SVN/1.2.3 (r15833) neon/0.24.7" - - [31/Oct/2005:14:01:44 +0000] "CHECKOUT
/!svn/ver/433/anyterm/trunk/daemon/RoteUpdater.cc HTTP/1.1" 401 - "-"
"SVN/1.2.3 (r15833) neon/0.24.7" - phil [31/Oct/2005:14:01:44 +0000] "CHECKOUT
/!svn/ver/433/anyterm/trunk/daemon/RoteUpdater.cc HTTP/1.1" 404 - "-"
"SVN/1.2.3 (r15833) neon/0.24.7"

It does the OPTIONS, MKACTIVITY, PROFIND etc. anonymously, which all
seems to work. Then it sends the CHECKOUT anonymously and gets a 401
(Unauthorised) response. So it repeats it with authentication (using
the correct values from ~/.subversion/auth/svn.simple); note that the
last line has phil in the user field, which I think means that the
authentication worked as far as Apache was concerned. It now gets a 404

So my first observation is that the client is prompting me for a
username/password having got a 404 response, which doesn't seem right as
it's not authentication that is the problem as far as I can see. (I
have tried re-entering my credentials, but it just gives more identical
404 responses.)

But why is it returning 404? Is it suggesting that that file doesn't
exist in that revision, or something? The repository looks fine via
viewcvs. I get the same problem with a freshly-checked-out copy. It
all works OK if I access the repository locally using file:.

It could be coincidence that this has happened at the same time that I
changed from <Limit> to AuthzSVNAccessFile, but I doubt it. Here is
what I now have in my Apache configuration:

         <Location />
                 DAV svn
                 SVNPath /var/lib/svn

                 AuthzSVNAccessFile /etc/svnaccess.conf
                 AuthType Basic
                 AuthName "svn.chezphil.org"
                 Satisfy Any
                 Require valid-user

and /etc/svnaccess.conf includes

phil = rw

* = r

Can anyone suggest what I should check next?



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Received on Mon Oct 31 15:23:47 2005

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