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Re: Relative performance of http:// vs. svn://

From: Nathan Kidd <nathan-svn_at_spicycrypto.ca>
Date: 2005-09-15 19:42:03 CEST

Daniel Morbach Serodio wrote:
> Does anyone have any numbers wrt the relative performance of the http and the
> svn protocols?

Below are some notes I made while doing my own svn vs http tests some
time ago.

Server: Xeon 3ghz, 1GB ram, Win2003. Subversion 1.1/1.2(.x?)
Client: P4 2.4ghz, 512MB ram, Win2003. Subversion 1.1/1.2(.x?)
Repository: 3300 revisions, 160MB, 7,500 files, 500 dirs (exported)

The numbers are taken from tests I ran just to give me a ball-park idea.
 They were not run in a controlled, scientific way.

I was mainly interested in log, ls and checkout. Commit wasn't tested.



General notes:

- when browsing in the tortoise repo browser svn has snappy
performance, http is at least half the speed and slow enough to be annoying
- apache ls and log over http are *very* slow, this is a know issue
(#2151) with no immediate fix in view (1.4)
- svn ls -R (from /, including all branches and tags)
  svn:// takes 12 minutes.
  http:// takes 92 minutes, local svn.exe client uses huge amount of
memory (250MB!), server side Apache using ~10% cpu. Output log is 19MB

Test Results:
(values are in seconds)

-noav means server-side antivirus was turned off
-fsfs means fsfs database, otherwise bdb
-1.2 means svn 1.2, otherwise 1.1 was used (client & server)

real 2.71 ls http://server/repo
real 2.77 ls http://server/repo-noauthz
real 0.49 ls svn://server/repo
real 0.96 ls svn://server/repo-fsfs
real 0.11 ls svn://server/repo-fsfs-1.2-noav/
real 0.23 ls http://server/repo-fsfs-1.2-noav/

ls -R /

real 10439.09 ls http://server/repo -R
real 10426.41 ls http://server/repo-noauthz -R
real 117.59 ls svn://server/repo -R
real 242.73 ls svn://server/repo-fsfs -R
real 245.22 ls svn://server/repo-fsfs-1.2-noav/ -R
real 5543.02 ls http://server/repo-fsfs-1.2-noav/ -R

ls -R /trunk

real 14.44 ls svn://server/repo-fsfs-1.2/trunk -R
real 166.52 ls http://server/repo-fsfs-1.2/trunk -R

ls -R /vendor/zlib

real 8.91 ls http://server/repo/vendor/zlib -R
real 9.20 ls http://server/repo-noauthz/vendor/zlib -R
real 0.73 ls svn://server/repo/vendor/zlib -R
real 0.55 ls svn://server/repo-fsfs/vendor/zlib -R
real 0.20 ls svn://server/repo-fsfs-1.2/vendor/zlib -R
real 1.92 ls http://server/repo-fsfs-1.2/vendor/zlib -R
real 4.72 ls svn://server/repo-fsfs-1.2-noav/vendor/zlib -R
real 2.10 ls http://server/repo-fsfs-1.2-noav/vendor/zlib -R

checkout /trunk

real 252.23 co http://server/repo/trunk checkout
real 261.01 co http://server/repo-noauthz/trunk checkout
real 266.40 co svn://server/repo/trunk checkout
real 200.65 co svn://server/repo-fsfs/trunk checkout
real 270.51 co svn://server/repo-fsfs-1.2/trunk checkout
real 312.26 co http://server/repo-fsfs-1.2/trunk checkout
real 227.04 co svn://server/repo-fsfs-1.2-noav/trunk checkout
real 248.82 co http://server/repo-fsfs-1.2-noav/trunk checkout

export /trunk

real 85.15 export http://server/repo/trunk export
real 77.06 export http://server/repo-noauthz/trunk export
real 66.90 export svn://server/repo/trunk export
real 67.13 export svn://server/repo-fsfs/trunk export
real 80.63 export svn://server/repo-fsfs-1.2/trunk export
real 129.12 export http://server/repo-fsfs-1.2/trunk export
real 76.66 export svn://server/repo-fsfs-1.2-noav/trunk export
real 117.29 export http://server/repo-fsfs-1.2-noav/trunk export

log /

real 55.84 log http://server/repo -r1:HEAD
real 58.41 log http://server/repo-noauthz -r1:HEAD
real 2.01 log svn://server/repo -r1:HEAD
real 3.08 log svn://server/repo-fsfs -r1:HEAD
real 4.96 log svn://server/repo-fsfs-1.2/ -r1:HEAD
real 77.67 log http://server/repo-fsfs-1.2/ -r1:HEAD
real 1.07 log svn://server/repo-fsfs-1.2-noav/ -r1:HEAD
real 70.57 log http://server/repo-fsfs-1.2-noav/ -r1:HEAD

log -v /

real 53.07 log http://server/repo -v
real 53.13 log http://server/repo-noauthz -v
real 9.73 log svn://server/repo -v
real 20.41 log svn://server/repo-fsfs -v
real 15.76 log svn://server/repo-fsfs-1.2/ -v -r1:HEAD
real 66.67 log http://server/repo-fsfs-1.2/ -v -r1:HEAD
real 15.06 log svn://server/repo-fsfs-1.2-noav/ -v -r1:HEAD
real 63.38 log http://server/repo-fsfs-1.2-noav/ -v -r1:HEAD

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