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Re: undo commit of added "New Folder"?

From: Jan Hendrik <jan.hendrik_at_bigfoot.com>
Date: 2004-03-22 17:02:42 CET

Concerning Re: undo commit of added "New Folde
Ben Collins-Sussman wrote on 22 Mar 2004, 8:30, at least in part:

> On Mon, 2004-03-22 at 06:32, Jan Hendrik wrote:
> URLs can't have spaces in them. Use %20 instead.

Tried so below, got just another error.

> > C:\>svn merge -r 317:316 "d:\internet\ridinger\New Folder"
> > d:\internet\ridinger --dry-run
> > svn: REPORT request failed on '/svn/repos1/!svn/vcc/default'
> > svn: The REPORT request returned invalid XML in the response:
> > XML parse error at line 1: no element found
> > (/svn/repos1/!svn/vcc/default)
> Now you're not even passing a URL! That's just a syntax error.

That's what I understand from svn merge -h (i.a.):

merge: Apply the differences between two sources to a working copy path.
usage: 1. merge sourceURL1[@N] sourceURL2[@M] [WCPATH]
       2. merge sourceWCPATH1@N sourceWCPATH2@M [WCPATH]
       3. merge -r N:M SOURCE [WCPATH]

[text is snipped]

  3. In the third form, SOURCE can be a URL, or working copy item
     in which case the corresponding URL is used. This URL, at
     revisions N and M, defines the two sources to be compared.

> (And by the way, the unintelligible error message was fixed in
> mod_dav_svn 1.0.1.)

No luck - there's no 1.0.1 binary for Windows! I think there was some saying
that Windows would have to wait for 1.1 (no problem with me).

> > C:\>svn merge --dry-run -r 317:316
> > http://dim4300/svn/repos1/trunk/internet/Ridinger/New%20Folder
> > d:\internet\ridinger
> > svn: REPORT request failed on '/svn/repos1/!svn/vcc/default'
> > svn: The REPORT request returned invalid XML in the response:
> > XML parse error at line 1: no element found
> > (/svn/repos1/!svn/vcc/default)
> Same cryptic error that was fixed in 1.0.1: what the error really
> should be saying is "That folder doesn't exist in revision 317."
> You're asking svn to compare a certain path in two trees, but it
> doesn't exist in the r317 tree.

Ah, yes. But isn't there a means to set sort of a file mask?

> The answer is to compare the *parent* directory in r317 with the
> parent directory in r316, and to apply the merge to the parent
> directory in your working copy.

Trying this in dry-run mode it would undo all other modifications in any of the
other folders, too. The whole commit that is. From the book I understood that
merge accepts single files:

$ cd myproj
$ svn merge -r 30:31 thhgttg.txt
U thhgttg.txt

But ok, a folder is not a file. Well, as then there is no practical way to get rid of
those New Folder thing (except for the big gun svndumpfilter perhaps) without
losing everything else of that commit I'll leave them there ... Would it be of any
future help to set

svn:ignore New Folder/ or even better svn:ignore New Fold*/

property on the parent folder? So that folks here can create as many New
Folder(X) as they like without being able to commit them by error or for


Jan Hendrik

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