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RFC: a list of all known properties

From: Ph. Marek <philipp.marek_at_bmlv.gv.at>
Date: 2004-03-17 10:37:32 CET

Hello everybody!

I noticed recently that there are some projects evolving around subversion,
some with different wc-functionalities (subversion with .svn, svk with
depots, and I believe some other)

Now I'd like to gather the known properties for files, so that not every
client uses some property names and gets incompatible with the other clients.

Please have a look at the list below and reply with properties you know, so
that a comprehensive list can be put on the subversion-website (if that's ok
with the subversion developers)

I apologize for any misunderstanding I had while compiling this list - please
feel free to correct me.



------ List follows ------

1 - Official and currently used. These won't be changed and are respected by
the clients, I believe.

----- svn:executable
Stores the x-bit for unixes

----- svn:mime-type
Differentiates between text and binary files, may specify other special cases
in the future (which editor to use, diff-programs, etc.)

----- svn:ignore
Tells svn which files to ignore in a directory. (Does svk support this?)

----- svn:keywords
Specifies dynamically translated content for text-files

----- svn:eol-style
To support files with specific line-ending needs

----- svn:externals
Is used to include other projects.

Revision properties:
----- svn:log
Logs the message in revisions.

----- svn:author
The author for a revision

----- svn:date
The timestamp for a committed revision.

libsvn_wc properties:
These are currently
         committed-rev, name, committed-date, url, last-author, kind, uuid,
        prop-time, revision, checksum
I believe that at least the checksum (which is stored in the repository as
well) should be accessible by a

2 - Not "official" (as in listed on a central website), but in use.

----- svk:merge
Stores information regarding revision which have been merged in svk.

----- svn:text-time
Was/Is used by my old patch which records a file's modification time and sets
it upon export.

----- license
Is mentioned in the viewcvs mailing list:

----- svm:source
Stores the path to the imported sources for svm

----- svm:uuid
Stores the uuid of the "other" repository (?)

Revision properties:
----- svk:copied_from:* and svk:copied_from_keep:*
Used in svk to record the source of copied data

----- svm:mirror:*
Used in SVN::Mirrror (http://search.cpan.org/~clkao/SVN-Mirror-0.27/)

----- svm:headrev:*
Tells the revision (?) for svm

----- svm:vsnroot

3 - Properties I'd like to propose, so that clients have a common
understanding of them.
Note: they point in the direction of using svn as a backing store for backup
and restore - as that's where I'll try to use subversion in the future.

----- svn:unix-owner, svn:unix-group
Both could be in the form of "name (number)". The name should be used, if not
accessible, the id.
Of course that would be useable only for uid's 0 - other could just commit
this info for files.

----- svn:unix-mode
Records the unix-permissions (in the octal form of 0755, 02750 (group sticky
bit), and so on)

----- svn:win32-acls
Stores the windows-acl's in a similar form to svn:unix-mode.

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