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Re: 1.9.0 - Stop on copy/rename not working - bugreport or feature request

From: Stefan Hett <stefan2_at_egosoft.com>
Date: Wed, 16 Sep 2015 12:47:08 +0200

On 9/15/2015 3:41 PM, Stefan Hett wrote:
> On 9/14/2015 3:28 PM, Stefan Hett wrote:
>> On 9/8/2015 2:18 PM, Stefan Hett wrote:
>>> On 9/2/2015 4:36 PM, Stefan Hett wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>>> Steps to reproduce:
>>>>> 1. Right-click on a directory with a c/o of a branch ->
>>>>> TortoiseSVN -> Merge -> Next
>>>>> 2. in "URL to merge from" specify the URL the branch was created from
>>>>> 3. Click on "Show log" (in the Revision range to merge section)
>>>>> 4. In the log dialog ensure "Stop on copy/rename" is selected
>>>>> Actual result:
>>>>> The log dialog also reports revisions before the branch was created.
>>>>> Expected result:
>>>>> Only revisions after the branch was created are displayed.
>>>>> See the following screenshots.
>>>>> In this case I'm trying to merge changes from XRebirth/branches/XR
>>>>> back into XRebirth/branches/XR_VS2015. As seen here, the XR_VS2015
>>>>> branch was created from XRebirth/branches/XR at revision 198907:
>>>>> [...]
>>>>> However the log dialog still shows revisions < 198907.
>>>>> [...]
>>>>> I think this was different in TSVN 1.8 (but might remember wrong).
>>>>> If I do remember wrong, then see this report as a feature request,
>>>>> because I'd find it highly useful to have means available to see
>>>>> which revisions are implicitly already integrated in the
>>>>> branch/cpy, and therefore do not need to be cherry-picked.
>>>> Any word/idea on this one?
>>> Sorry I'm replying here on the wrong leaf of the thread (forgot to
>>> register to the mailing list).
>>> I just tried to enable the setting mentioned in the other thread
>>> (LogFindCopyFrom) but it didn't make a difference to me. Already
>>> merged revisions from the original branch are correctly grayed out,
>>> but the log still displays the revisions before the branch was
>>> created as mergable/non-grayed-out.
>>> This was tested using TSVN 1.9.1.
>>> I also tried clearing the TSVN cache before doing the test (without
>>> making any difference).
>>> Am I doing something wrong here?
>>> Also I don't fully get ur statement about "[...] a new svn API was
>>> available to get the merged rev info.[...]". Are u suggesting you
>>> are making use of the new SVN API which would the make that old
>>> LogFindCopyFrom setting obsolete and therefore it seems like there's
>>> some bug in SVN with that API? Or are you suggesting that the new
>>> API is available but there's nothing in TSVN's front end for the
>>> user to set a newly available parameter for that SVN API (yet)? Or
>>> did I simply overlook some new GUI setting?
>> Sorry once again for replying on the wrong post (having trouble
>> getting subscribed to the list).
>> Thanks Stefan, that indeed explains the behavior to me and works
>> exactly as you described it.
>> However from a user's point of view I see three issues with that
>> current behavior:
>> 1. As suggested by Gavin already, I'd think that the list should also
>> stop at the revision where the branch was created on, if "Hide
>> non-mergeable revisions" is not checked and there should be a message
>> saying "un-check Stop on Copy/Remove to see further revisions" (like
>> it's already in the "normal case" in the log dialog - otherwise it
>> just feels inconsistent/wrong IMHO
>> If you like I can create a feature request for that in ur issue tracker.
>> 2. I understand that the default of the "LogFindCopyFrom" is set to
>> false. But IMO I guess that only a small user group finds out about
>> that setting and uses it, while having that one enabled is IMO a big
>> advantage over the current default behavior and improves the merge
>> functionality of TSVN a lot when working with branches...
>> I can't determine whether it would be feasible to switch the default
>> of that setting and rather let people decide to disable it, if they
>> run into performance issues (I didn't experience any on my end, but
>> then I'm only a single person and that doesn't say much about the
>> general performance impact). It's just that I honestly think that you
>> are giving away quite a lot of gain of TSVN, if u keep the default to
>> false.
>> Maybe a compromise would be to put that setting into the log-dialog
>> so it's at least not hidden that deeply in TSVN's advanced settings?
>> 3. With the current default behavior it can be experienced as a bug
>> when LogFindCopyFrom is set to false and the log dialog is shown
>> using "hide non-mergable revision", because in that case, you just
>> see all revisions in their normal font (without any hint which
>> revisions are pre-branch-revisions). So you easily can end-up merging
>> ranges which are pre-branch-revisions. From my side as a user, this
>> just looks like some bug (no offence meant here :) ).
>> Hope some of that feedback helps with determining whether something
>> needs to be changed/done for TSVN.
>> Said that, thanks for all ur hard work on TSVN. It really is a great
>> tool without which we would not be able to use SVN here in our company.
> Wow that was a quick one. :-)
> I just tested the latest nightly and it works like a charm. Thanks alot.
> @Gavin - With regards to ur question whether it will also display the
> pre-branch revision as grayed-out when "hide non-mergable revisions"
> and "stop on copy" are unchecked, the answer would be: No, not with
> the current nightly build.
In reply to Stefan's last response:

Stefan, that's awesome. ;-)
Just tested today's nightly and it's working like a charm here now (aka:
pre-branch revisions all grayed out as suggested by Gavin).



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