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RE: Re: A few bugs/requests with properties

From: Gavin Lambert <colnet_at_mirality.co.nz>
Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2014 16:34:38 -0700 (PDT)

On 20/08/2014 07:25, Stefan Küng wrote:
> On 19.08.2014 09:17, Gavin Lambert wrote:
> > 1. If I Add a folder, TSVN automagically copies the so-called "project properties" (bugtraq etc) to it. I've already previously gone into detail on why I loathe this behaviour with a fiery passion, so let's not get into that again. (Just please make it optional at least!)
> https://code.google.com/p/tortoisesvn/issues/detail?id=627

I know, but waiting for 1.9 makes me sad. :)

> > 2. As mentioned in the other thread (which reminded me of this list), double-click to view property diffs doesn't work any more. I can understand why this was removed from files (and I'm happy with that) but it should still work with folders.
> https://code.google.com/p/tortoisesvn/source/detail?r=25780


> > 3. If I Remove a property, TSVN displays a task dialog asking if I want to remove recursively or not. This is mildly annoying in itself (mostly because it beeps whenever it does it, but also because it's rare to want to do it recursively unless I'm cleaning up after #1). But the other issue with this is that it switches focus away from the property list window when the task dialog appears, and does not switch back when it closes. If I'm doing a lot of property edits in a row sometimes I'll end up with several properties windows left open in the background because they've hidden themselves behind some other window (usually the Explorer window). I assume this is probably an activation order thing caused by the task dialog having the wrong owner or the properties window being disabled at the wrong time. (Or to avoid both issues, maybe it should be a checkbox or "remove single" should be the default with "remove recursively" a drop-down-button action?)
> Fixed the focus issue in r25781
> https://code.google.com/p/tortoisesvn/source/detail?r=25781

Thanks. Any way to stop it beeping?

> > 4. There doesn't seem to be any easy way to search for properties or property history from the GUI -- in particular I was trying to find what commit last changed a property or even getting something like a Blame for the property to see when a specific subvalue was added.
> I know, but I don't know how to improve that. I'm open for suggestions.

Maybe the filter search could accept "svn:ignore" or "prop=svn:ignore" or something like that to only include revisions that include changes to that property on items? With some way to distinguish property changes from other changes (or hide non-property changes) from the file list at the bottom too? (Currently both kinds of change just show "Modified" with no other visible difference; it's not until you double-click something that it will then show "Normal (properties only)".)

> > 5. It's hard to see property changes in the Log window, especially for properties on folders (which is most commonly where they're set). A quick fix for this would be to have a new option similar to "show only affected paths" which shows only changes to the exact item, excluding changes to subfolders and files. Although preferred if it filters the revision list at the top, not just the affected path list at the bottom. (This would also help with looking at branch history, incidentally.)
> assuming you're looking for changes on /trunk/folder, enter the
> following into the log filter box:
> /trunk/folder -/trunk/folder/
> the first is a positive match: it shows only revisions where this path
> or paths below were changed.
> the second excludes all sub-paths of /trunk/folder (i.e., all paths that
> start with /trunk/folder/, note the '/' at the end).

That's a neat trick; I'll try that, thanks.

> > 6. On a somewhat related note, with "include merged revisions" ticked the "show only affected paths" option becomes fairly useless as it seems to compare the full path down to the repository root (including trunk/branch name), which means that it will never show anything from the merged branches.
> It's still useful for the non-merged revisions.
> Or would you recommend to disable that checkbox?

Mostly I was hoping that there'd be some way for it to "follow" the branches. eg. if the current path was /trunk/foo/bar/ and you clicked on a revision that was merged to /trunk from /branches/baz, then it would include changes to /branches/baz/foo/bar/ in the list. (And also be able to do the same for a grandparent merged revision, etc.)

I know this is probably tricky given that SVN's merge tracking is rudimentary at best. But it'd be nice. :) (And there must be some data that it's using to show the merged revisions in the first place.)


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