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Re: Incessant crashing on Windows 8 x64, all of a sudden

From: Ben Johnson <ben_at_indietorrent.org>
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2013 20:44:34 -0500

On 11/13/2013 4:49 PM, Stefan Küng wrote:
> On 13.11.2013 15:13, Ben Johnson wrote:
>> Hello,
>> All of a sudden (within the past few weeks), I have begun experiencing
>> incessant crashing in TSVN.
>> Every time I perform an Update operation, the update works as expected.
>> But as soon as I click "OK" to dismiss the dialog, TSVN crashes.
>> Dialog title: TortoiseSVN x64
>> Dialog text: TortoiseSVN x64 has stopped working
>> Dialog subtext: Sending crash data... (with an activity indicator bar)
>> After a few minutes of "Sending crash data", I receive a little
>> blue/white/red dialog.
>> Dialog title: SendRpt: Error
>> Dialog text: failed to extract stack
>> Not much has changed on this machine. I use Avast antivirus, and have
>> for the past several years, and have never had problems with TSVN.
>> In the way of troubleshooting, I have tried uninstalling and
>> reinstalling the latest version, but the result is the same. I have also
>> tried expunging TSVNs registry entries between uninstalling and
>> reinstalling, but no change.
>> Also -- and I don't know if the problem is related or not -- whenever I
>> try to checkout a working copy from a repository that uses svn+ssh, I
>> receive the "TortoisePlink has stopped working" dialog six different
>> times. If I dismiss all of the dialogs, the Update window displays the
>> following:
>> Checkout from svn+ssh://mysite.com/svn/myrepo, revision HEAD, Fully
>> recursive, Externals included
>> Unable to connect to a repository at URL
>> 'svn+ssh://mysite.com/svn/myrepo'
>> To better debug SSH connection problems, remove the -q option from 'ssh'
>> in the
>> [tunnels] section of your Subversion configuration file.
>> Network connection closed unexpectedly
>> There was a thread back on August 12, 2013, "latest tortoiseplink.exe
>> crash on fresh windows 8 64bit", but it sounds like my problem is
>> different (though perhaps related), as I do not use Kaspersky.
>> I'm not sure what to try next. Are there more advanced debugging steps
>> that I can undertake?
>> Should I start disabling other shell extensions until the crashing
>> stops? Maybe there's a conflict?
> A crash at the end can mean many things, but if the crash reported can't
> even extract the stack trace, then there's a big memory corruption going on.
> Do you have any other dlls's that get loaded by every process?
> Have a look at this list:
> http://code.google.com/p/tortoisesvn/issues/list?can=1&q=label%3Acrashreport-answer&colspec=ID+Type+Status+Stars+Priority+Milestone+Owner+Summary&cells=tiles
> maybe you find something there that you also have installed and what
> might be the reason for those crashes?
> Or if you can attach a debugger to it and get a crash dump file, you can
> send that to me so I can analyze it.
> Stefan

Thanks for the reply, Stefan. I sure do appreciate it.

I looked through the list of issues that you cited and nothing there
looks familiar.

Is there a specific method that I should be undertaking to obtain a
crash dump file? I have started with the steps described at

As soon as I attach to the running process, which is an instance of the
Update dialog (after updating the working copy successfully), and then
press "OK" to exit the dialog, the debugger complains:

Unhandled exception at 0x000007FC05A75521 (ntdll.dll) in
TortoiseProc.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location

I click "Continue" but this dialog keeps coming up each time, indefinitely.

The call stack looks like this (if it is at all helpful):

> ntdll.dll!000007fc05a75521() Unknown
         bdmpega64.acm!00000001800029c4() Unknown
         bdmpega64.acm!00000001800014d8() Unknown
         winmmbase.dll!000007fbf6c0cf93() Unknown
         msacm32.dll!000007fbfb78193c() Unknown
         msacm32.dll!000007fbfb7816e2() Unknown
         msacm32.dll!000007fbfb7819c4() Unknown
         msacm32.dll!000007fbfb78196d() Unknown
         msacm32.dll!000007fbfb7811d3() Unknown
         ntdll.dll!000007fc05a8037f() Unknown
         ntdll.dll!000007fc05aa6080() Unknown
         ntdll.dll!000007fc05aa5f2c() Unknown
         kernel32.dll!000007fc0425445e() Unknown
         msvcr110.dll!000007fbf0353063() Unknown
         TortoiseProc.exe!000007f78ae5661d() Unknown
         kernel32.dll!000007fc04251832() Unknown
         ntdll.dll!000007fc05acd609() Unknown

I run a "pretty tight ship" (which, I know, doesn't hold much water),
and Avast finds no evidence of a virus on the machine.

Is there a link/resource to which you could point me that contains
detailed instructions for obtaining exactly the type of dump file that
you require for analysis?

Thanks again for your willingness to look into this.



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