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RE: Bug related to hide/expose events in Repo Browser?

From: David Butcher <dbutcher_at_atre.net>
Date: Mon, 11 Nov 2013 11:35:17 -0800


A few more bits of information:

1. The Trillian UI allows setting "transparency" in the chat window. The
trails only happen when transparency is set to "Visible" - the other
settings are 90%, 80% etc. In brief tests, none of those settings leave

2. I can't reproduce the problems (so far) with any other application window
moving over the Repo Browser.

3. It's very hard to tell with the mouse moving the window, but it appears
that the trails happen more frequently when "X" motion (horizontal) is
taking place, rather than "Y" (vertical) motion. That is, moving the window
vertically over the repo-browser window leaves fewer trails than moving it

I can't downgrade to 1.8.0 until this weekend due to work deadlines ( I use
Tortoise constantly).



David Butcher, Client Services Director
land line +1 831 464 0104 | text or mobile +1 831 239 9735
email dbutcher_at_atre.net | fax +1 831 740 3814

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From: Michael Geisinger [mailto:Sidewinder_GER_at_hotmail.com]
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Subject: Re: Bug related to hide/expose events in Repo Browser?


Am 08.11.2013 03:03, schrieb David Butcher:
> Hi, I am seeing strange behavior in the latest Windows 32 bit build. I
> think it’s new or only in the most recent few Tortoise builds.

I'd thought I'd add some more details on this issue, because I'm
experiencing it as well and I can definitely get rid of the "strange
behavior" when I downgrade from 1.8.1 to 1.8.0. Find below some more facts.

For me, this issue has the following characteristics:

- It happens for various list view controls in TSVN, not only in the
  repo browser. For example, the list view control in the "Show Log"
  window is affected, but none of the list view controls in the
  "Settings" dialog, for example.

- It happens in conjunction with every Windows application window which
  I resize or move on top of a list view control in TSVN, not only for
  Trillian (I haven't verified it with Trillian, though).

- It does *not* happen in other programs that use list view controls
  (e.g., Explorer, applications built for Win9x or NT-based

- I have Windows 7 64 bit, so it does not seem to be limited to Vista
  or 32 bit. I have also an nVIDIA card, but I'm not sure whether that
  one or my Intel card is used, because my card has Optimus technology.

Since I can reproduce this with TSVN 1.8.1 and newer, but not with TSVN
1.8.0, it might be interesting to investigate the following two points:

1. David, can you confirm that this issue is not limited to the repo browser
window, but also appears in the top pane of the "Show Log"
dialog? Furthermore, can you confirm that this problem is fixed when
downgrading to 1.8.0? Notice that after the downgrade, you probably need to
run one more "repair install" of 1.8.0 to get TSVN back working.

2. Which changes were done with respect to the list view controls in TSVN
1.8.1, if any? Suspicious commits include r23876 and r24450.
Stefan, could it be that the fix for the issue discussed in
leads to the painting to be skipped in the respective cases?

I currently did not try to build TSVN myself to check whether the mentioned
revisions cause the problem, but I could do it if necessary.
Alternatively, I could try a nightly if you are willing to give it a try.

Reproducible for me in:

TortoiseSVN 1.8.1, Build 24570 - 64 Bit , 2013/07/22 18:28:29 Subversion
1.8.1, -release apr 1.4.8 apr-util 1.5.2 serf 1.3.0 OpenSSL 1.0.1e 11 Feb
2013 zlib 1.2.8

Windows 7 Professional SP1, 64 bit
Intel HD Graphics 3000 + nVIDIA NVS 4200M

Am 09.11.2013 10:17, schrieb Stefan Küng:
> On 08.11.2013 03:03, David Butcher wrote:
>> Hi, I am seeing strange behavior in the latest Windows 32 bit build.
>> I think it’s new or only in the most recent few Tortoise builds.
>> My version:
>> TortoiseSVN 1.8.3, Build 24901 - 32 Bit , 2013/10/27 15:38:41
>> Subversion 1.8.4, -release
>> apr 1.4.8
>> apr-util 1.5.2
>> serf 1.3.2
>> OpenSSL 1.0.1e 11 Feb 2013
>> zlib 1.2.8
>> On: OS
>> Windows Vista 32 bit SP2
>> On: Hardware
>> Dell Latitude w/Nvidia Quadro NVS 140M Graphics 3GB Ram
>> In conjunction with:
>> Trillian Pro 5.4 build 13 dated October 21, 2013
>> The bug:
>> What happens:
>> If I move the Trillian window (either the main window OR a separate
>> chat
>> window) over an open Repo Browser window, I see “trails” of the
>> Trillian window border in the viewing panes of the Repo Browser.
>> The trails do not ever seem to overlap the Repo Browser frame
>> elements around the outside of the Browser – just the view ports.
>> Strange detail: I only see the trails if I MOVE the Trillian windows
>> over the Repo Browser view panes. The trails do not appear if I
>> RESIZE the Trillian window to cover and then expose the Repo Browser.
>> What I expected:
>> No other application windows I use leave “trails” in the Repo Browser
>> view panes. I would expect Trillian to move off the Repo Browser view
>> panes cleanly as well.
>> I don’t know enough to be able to tell if this is a Trillian bug or a
>> Tortoise Repo Browser bug.
>> Screenshot is enclosed. Sorry to bother you if this is a Trillian
>> bug – I’m reporting it to them as well.
> That's most likely a bug in your video card driver.
> Or Windows, but the driver is more likely.
> background info:
> when you move a window over another window, on Vista and later the
> video driver has to store the pixel info of each window and restore
> them properly. In previous Windows versions, Windows kept track of
> that and sent every Window/dialog refresh messages so they know to redraw.
> With the introduction of Aero in Vista, those redraw/refresh messages
> are not sent anymore because the video driver has should store the
> pixels of each window/dialog and restore them automatically so the
> windows/dialogs don't have to redraw that often.
> Nothing wrong in TSVN or Trilian here: TSVN does not get the refresh
> message (you're using Vista) but the video card does not store the
> pixels properly.
> Stefan


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