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Re: Can't install TSVN for non-administrators

From: Joachim Durchholz <jo_at_durchholz.org>
Date: 2005-11-08 21:24:34 CET

Stefan Küng schrieb:
> Joachim Durchholz wrote:
>> Result: *Two* entries in the "change/remove software" list of Windows.
>> This Shoudn't Have Happened I think...
> Right. This shouldn't happen!
>> No wonder that TSVN didn't do anything.
> That's not the reason. Two entries there don't affect how a program
> runs. But it indicates that something else went wrong with the
> installation.

Indeed :-)

>> 3) Uninstalled both entries in the Software list.
>> 4) Tried a reinstall. The installer now tells me that I should install
>> with administrative privileges. Problem is: I'm already doing
>> everything as Administrator (though the ultimate goal is to get TSVN
>> running on a normal, unprivileged account).
> You did uninstall TSVN twice then?


> Maybe (just to make sure) you should
> download the MS tool to remove orphaned installations:
> http://windowsxp.mvps.org/MSICLEAN.htm

Haven't tried.
I suspect that after the manual registry purge, an automated tool won't
do much good. (My manual purges go like this: kill the obvious entries,
taking note of anything that looks like a registry key in the values;
then recursively delete those keys. I got even those entries in the
.../Installer key, so msiclean is unlikely to find anything - and if it
*does* find anything, it's probably going to do the Wrong Thing.)

>> 5) Spent another two hours trying to get anything useful out of regmon
>> and filemon. No success though.
> Why regmon and filemon? What didn't work?

I.e. regmon and filemon didn't turn up any obvious problems that could
have served as a clue (I had hoped for an Access Denied error when
accessing a directory, or something similar).

> Have you tried the FAQ?
> http://tortoisesvn.sourceforge.net/?q=node/104

I overlooked that one. Next thing I'll try is doing an uninstall, then
run ClearInstall, then try another install.

>> 7) Reinstalled TSVN. Things now work. Seems like the previous
>> uninstall didn't run cleanly, and the manual purge was effective to
>> some degree.
>> I'm now more aware that there should be a choice between "Install for
>> all users" and "Install just for me". I can't remember having been
>> presented that in the previous installs - and right, it doesn't show
>> up now.
> That option isn't there anymore. Because if you install with Admin
> rights, it automatically installs for "all users", if you're not admin
> then it automatically installs for "just for me".

One plea: please, please, please document the changed behavior in the
docs. This red herring has sent me into hours of fruitless searching.

> If you want "just for me" even if you're an admin, then you can call
> msiexec directly and pass ALLUSERS=1 on the command line.

ARRRRGH... that's one of the combinations I tried. I'm not 100% sure it
was the last thing I tried.

Side note: are you 100% sure that ALLUSERS=1 installs it just for the
admin? I would have expected it's just the other way round

>> Good news: TSVN *works*.
>> Bad news: It works only for Administrator. My normal account still
>> doesn't have it. (Oh, it has the Start menu entries all right. Even
>> calling that mock "TortoiseSVN" program in the Start menu will work,
>> TortoiseMerge starts up all right, the help file and website come up
>> without any problems. So everything except the shell extension works.)
> As far as I understand the installer, you have to install TSVN for every
> user who want to use it. The reference count then will make sure that
> one user who uninstalls it again doesn't uninstall it for other users too.
> But I may be wrong here...

Um... that depends entirely on how the TSVN installer was set up. I
think it could do both things: (a) just advertise itself so everybody
can install, (b) immediately install for everybody on the machine.

>> 8) Uninstalled.
>> 9) Tried doing
>> msiexec /package:TortoiseSVN...msi /jm ALLUSERS=1
>> as suggested in the FAQ. It took me another two hours of googling to
>> find out that the syntax in the FAQ is simply wrong: you do *either*
>> /package *or* /jm. /jm doesn't do what I want anyway - it makes the
>> package installable by anyone ("advertises" it in MS terminology), it
>> doesn't actually install.
>> 10) Installed using
>> msiexec /package:T...msi ALLUSERS=1
>> As before, got it to run nicely under Administrative privileges, but
>> not as myself.
>> 11) Tried installing in my normal account. Actually the installation
>> went smoothly - I hadn't expected that installing a package as
>> Administrator also advertises it, but anyway.
>> Sad thing it didn't help - the installation doesn't report any errors,
>> but the shell extension still isn't there.
> The whole shell extensions or just the overlays? The context menu isn't
> there either?

No context menu.

> Reinstalling windows would really be bad. I can't believe you would do
> that and still use TSVN and not kill me first ;)

That can be arranged if you wish ;-)

> Please try our small tool to remove leftover registry entries from a
> previous TSVN installation which you can find on the FAQ page mentioned
> above.

Will do, and will report results.


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