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Re: Problems with merging against 1.4.x repository

From: Kari Grano <kari.grano_at_gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2008 21:24:25 +0300

Hi Stefan,

>> - I selected the range to be merged with the Show log button as
>> 10142-10428. This appeared in the wizard as
> hmm - while that seems to be correct, I think we could do better here by
> just adding the full range. Subversion would skip the missing revisions
> itself.

Agreed. The merge status window is displaying the subranges anyway.

>> - Minor bug 1: The merge status window cut the revision range message
>> (shown on the first line) as Command: Merging revisions
>> I would have expected the same range.
> That's because the list control can't show more than these characters on
> one line. There's nothing we can do about that (apart from implementing

Fair enough. I noticed that select all + paste actually found the "hidden"

>> - Finding: The "new" merge appears to be very slow. I would estimate
>> it is 5-10 times slower than with 1.4.x client. Is there anything one
>> can do about it? Or is it because our server is still 1.4.x?
> Yes, that has been reported a lot on the svn mailing list. You get the
> speed back if you upgrade your server.

I was kinda hoping for a secret setting to run the merge in mergeinfo-less
mode when operating with older servers :-). The speed hit is so bad that I
guess server upgrade is a must.

>> - Minor bug 2: Sometimes the interactive conflicts dialog popped up
>> behind all other windows, making it hard to realize there is a
>> conflict. It would be nice if the conflict resolution window would be
>> forced topmost.
> I know about that, but I haven't found out how to force the dialog on
> top: I already set the parent window of that dialog, so it *should*
> appear on top of the progress dialog.
> All I know is that is has something to do with the different threads the
> dialogs are created.

Wild guess: have you tried to call SetForegroundWindow() when displaying the
conflict resolution dialog?

>> - Major bug 3: The merge went thru until revision range 10414-10416,
>> where it stopped with error "Malformed URL for repository". [...]
>> TSVN 1.4.3 without any errors. The Apache error log contains
>> [Thu Jun 12 18:34:23 2008] [error] [client x.x.x.x] The requested
>> report is unknown. [501, #200007]

> I think that should be fixed by now:
> http://svn.haxx.se/dev/archive-2008-04/0077.shtml

I'll try the username-on-url trick tomorrow. However, I did not see the case
get resolved in the mail thread?

>> - Major bug 4: I reverted the working copy and retried the merge, now
>> checking the "merge without asking" checkbox. In this case the merge
>> was interrupted by TSVN crashing in the middle (around revision 10250
>> I recall). I've attached the produced crash dump.
> Are you using serf instead of neon? (Check your subversion servers
> config file).
> There have been some fixes for segfaults during merge.

I would assume neon, since we never change the install-time defaults. I'll
check tomorrow.

> It would help a lot if you could install the 32-bit version of TSVN and
> send the crashdump file for that (also use the RC3, not a nightly build
> where I don't keep the debug symbols).

Ok, I'll try that.

>> - Minor bug 5: After reverting, I retried the merge in test mode with
>> varying settings. I noticed that the "merge without asking" checkbox
>> is present in test mode. IMO it does not make sense to resolve
>> conflicts during dry run. Also, the "ignore ancestry" setting was
>> not displayed correctly (was always "use ancestry") in test mode
>> output.
> resolving conflicts in test mode is useful to check what conflicts you
> can expect when you do the merge. Some people like to do that.

I see. Hopefully the resolutions are then temporary too?

> The problem with "ignore ancestry" is fixed in r13231.


>> - Major bug 6: During test mode, TSVN suddenly opened the "resolve
>> conflicts" dialog. *At the same time*, it re-opened the final merge
>> wizard page on top of it. Canceling both dialogs resulted in the
>> following messages in the merge output:
>> Error: User cancelled Error: Error reading spooled REPORT request
>> response

> Strange indeed. I'll do some tests...

Some more info: if you closed the last page of the merge wizard, clicking
anywhere (that is, non-button area) on the conflict resolution window
reopened the last page of the merge wizard.


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