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Re: 1.5 beta: Change list feature

From: Simon Large <simon.tortoisesvn_at_googlemail.com>
Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2008 23:22:59 +0000

From: Hautzenroeder, Brenna M <bmhautz_at_sandia.gov>
Date: 25 Mar 2008 22:49
Subject: FW: Returned post for dev_at_tortoisesvn.tigris.org

Sorry for bothering you directly, but I replied to the Google Group
post and got this back...not really sure why.

 Thanks again!

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Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2008 16:41:52 -0600
Subject: Re: 1.5 beta: Change list feature

 On Mar 25, 3:52 pm, "Simon Large" <simon.tortoise..._at_googlemail.com>
> > 1) I expected that the change list option would have been added to the
> > normal TortoiseSVN context menu, not the commit dialog. I can sort of see
> > the reason for this since it is tightly coupled with commits; however, the
> > change list feature now seems limited in its flexibility (i.e. I can't add
> > file(s) to a particular change list in the middle of a major edit without
> > invoking the commit dialog - which seems counterintuitive).
> http://svn.haxx.se/tsvn/archive-2008-03/0017.shtml
> You can also use the Check for Modifications dialog.

 I didn't even see this previous discussion. It's not really a
 showstopper, just something I noticed - but I can understand the
 reasonings used against adding it to the normal context menu.

> > 2) I find it frustrating, though, that I have to actually edit the file
> > before I add it to a change list. It seems that I have to retroactively
> > assign files to a change list after being edited as opposed to
starting with
> > a set of files in a change list and then proceeding with the common set of
> > changes.
> It is possible from the CfM dialog, but you have to use the 'Show
> unversioned files' checkbox. That would not work well on a large tree.
> Unless we add changelists to the general menu I don't see much mileage
> in this.

 Didn't know you could do it from there - I tried it out, and I like it

> > 3) It also seems that I can't add files to a change list after the change
> > list has already been created:
> > 1 - Assign two files to a change list, let's call it MyEdits, and either
> > commit or cancel commit.
> > 2 - Try and add another file to a change list, in particular, MyEdits.
> > All of the available change lists in Move To Changelist are <new
> > and ignore on commit - so it seems that the creation of a change list is a
> > one time deal.
> I can't reproduce this, although I'm still using r12283.

 Actually, I was trying the above method purely from the commit
 dialog. I can't reproduce this problem either if I create a change
 list from the CfM dialog and do everything there. However, there
 still seems to be something weird about the Commit Dialog:

  Step 1) Invoke the Check For Modifications Dialog and check the Show
 unmodified files checkbox.
  Step 2) Right-click several files and Move To Changelist <new
 changelist> - let's call this change list ChangeA.
  Step 3) Close the dialog after confirming that the appropriate files
 are in ChangeA.
  Step 4) Add a file to the same directory as the other files in
 ChangeA. I called this newfile.txt.
  Step 5) Do a commit on newfile.txt by right-clicking on newfile.txt
 ONLY. In the Commit Dialog under Changes Made, newfile.txt is shown.
  Step 6) Right-click on newfile.txt and go to the Move-To-Changelist
  Step 7) Voila! No ChangeA changelist is listed.
  Step 8) Cancel the Commit. (At this point, newfile.txt has only been
 added but not committed.)
  Step 9) Go back the Check For Modifications Dialog.
  Step 10) Right-click on newfile.txt, go to Move-To-Changelist
 submenu, and sure enough, ChangeA is now listed again.

 There seems to be a discrepancy in Step 5 if you right-click the file
 only or the right-click general directory. I can see the change list
 ChangeA if I commit from the general directory, but I can't see it if
 I commit from the file itself. Maybe this is designed this way since
 the change list is associated with other files in that directory, or
 maybe it was overlooked.

> You may yet be surprised by ATITSTFAB :-)http://tortoisesvn.net/abbreviations

 Awesome. :) Thanks for the speedy reply. I have read some of the
 discussions on the change list feature, and do remember that it was a
 request from Perforce users, but not using Perforce myself, I guess I
 had my own vision as to how it was supposed to work. I can't wait to
 start using it in normal operations and get a better feel for it -
 these were just my first impressions, so they might not be worth much
 to the community overall.

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