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Re: While I was updating...

From: Stefan Küng <tortoisesvn_at_gmail.com>
Date: 2006-06-27 18:36:22 CEST

Fernando P. Nájera Cano wrote:
> Hi,
> All of this using latest nightly (TSVN 32 bits) and after a
> full reboot.
> I'm updating my TSVN WC from r6845 to HEAD.
> Update is OK. I see there are a few files updated in the Subversion
> external folder. OK, let's see the log: right click
> ext\Subversion\any\file\indeed.ext and Show Log: you get a nice
> error:
> ,-----
> | REPORT request failed on
> | '/repos/svn/!svn/bc/6925/branches/1.4.x/subversion/tests/cmdline/basic_tests.py'
> | '/repos/svn/!svn/bc/6925/branches/1.4.x/subversion/tests/cmdline/basic_tests.py'
> | path not found
> `-----
> It seems it's trying to fetch the log from the TSVN repo, although the
> file is from other external repo.

It really tries to fetch the log from the correct location, but the
wrong revision :)

Fixed in revision 6926.

> Also, I've clicked the "Path" header by mistake. Is there any way to
> restore the original sort?

Sorry, no. The 'original sort' is not sorted at all. So there's no way
to go back to that 'sort'.

> Worse, I clicked the "Action" header and this does not make any sense
> to me. It is not alphabetic sort, either. (Hope my email program won't
> corrupt this lines)
> ,-----
> | Added: ...\doc\images\fr\ExplorerFileMenu.png
> | Added: ...\doc\images\fr\LogMessages.png
> | ... more 'Added' ...
> | External: ...\ext\Subversion
> | Updated: ...\doc
> | Updated: ...\doc\images\fr\Import.png
> | Updated: ...\doc\images\fr\MergePatchWindow.png
> | ... more 'doc\' ...
> | Updated: ...\doc\source\whatever
> | Updated: ...\ext\Subversion
> | Updated: ...\ext\Subversion\STATUS
> | ... more 'ext\Subversion\' ...
> | Updated: ...\Languages\Tortoise.pot
> | Updated: ...\Languages\Tortoise_bg.po
> | ... a lot of updates ...
> | Updated: ...\www\list_etiquette.html
> | Updated: ...\www\project_nav.html
> | Updated: ...\www\TortoiseMerge.html
> | Completed: ...\ext\Subversion - at revision: 20257
> | External: ...\ext\apr
> | Completed: ...\ext\apr - at revision: 417477
> | External: ...\ext\apr-util
> | Completed: ...\ext\apr-util - at revision: 417477
> | External: ...\ext\apr-iconv
> | Completed: ...\ext\apr-iconv - at revision: 417477
> | External: ...\ext\neon
> | Completed: ...\ext\neon - at revision: 1055
> | Completed: At revision: 6925
> `-----
> For sorting, my hope would be to sort only inside each "group", so all
> the files from the "mail" updating would be together but sorted. Then,
> the files from the first external would be together but sorted. And
> another external would be next, and so on. But if this is too
> difficult to achieve, I think at least the sort should have any
> meaning.

Fixed in revision 6928.

> I have notices that right-clicking on "Completed" lines would show
> "Open parent folder". Good, but why only on those lines? Won't it be
> useful for files, too? It would be great if you could open the
> Explorer in its parent folder *and* selecting that file (I have seen
> some program doing this, but I don't remember which one).

That's because only the "Completed" lines always have a full path
assigned to them. Ok, updating a working copy also writes the full paths
in the path column, but e.g. a commit doesn't. And without a full path,
there's no way to open the parent folder because we don't know where
that might be.

I've enabled the menu entry for all entries with full paths in revision

AFAIK, there's no official way to open the explorer and select a file.
And I won't implement some kind of hack to do that.

> Also, for added files there are two "Open" and "Open with" entries.
> For updated files you have "Compare with working copy" and "show log".
> I think Show log does make sense for added files (granted, for some of
> them: if you haven't updated your WC lately, the newly added file can
> have a big history you may want to review), and Open and Open with
> definitely have sense for updated files too (sometimes you want to
> view the file with its own editor).

Done in revision 6930.

> And now that we're asking for... what about drag-and-drop from this
> list to the Explorer/other programs?

What exactly do you want to drag from that dialog? And dropping
something on it would do what exactly?
Sorry, I don't see the point here.

> Other situation. You select 2+ folders in your Windows Explorer, and
> right-click - Update. You'll have a pretty useless " - TortoiseSVN
> Update... Finished!" title (what is that hyphen for?, but minor issue

Fixed in revision 6931.

> anyway) but, the best part is the file list:
> ,-----
> | Completed: At revision: 6925
> | Completed: At revision: 6925
> `-----
> Great! And can you tell me which is completed each time? I would like
> to see a "Updating path..." line before each target:
> ,-----
> | Updating ...\folder1
> | Completed: At revision: 6925
> | Updating ...\folder2
> | Completed: At revision: 6925
> `-----

You would get that if the two selected folders you updated are from
different repositories. Because then, TSVN has to update each selected
path individually, and it writes exactly that before updating it.
But if they're from the same repository, TSVN just passes the list of
paths to update to the Subversion library, and it's that library that
doesn't tell us about which entry it just updated.

> And that's all... by now :)

Next time, please, please, please: write a separate mail for each issue
you have. It's a real pain in the ass to answer such mails with multiple
issues in it. And it's even more of a pain to work through such a mail
and fix the issues. If I get a separate mail for each issue, I can go
over issue by issue much easier.


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