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RE: Re: Upgrading loses svn decorators

From: Gary McWilliams <gary_mcwilliams_at_lagan.com>
Date: 2005-11-09 13:02:39 CET

Ok, thanks for all the feedback.

I'd already tried the -clean option, and that is making no difference.

To be fair, I 'bumped' because I assumed that I'd not provided enough
detail in the original, so the bump did ask if there was anything I
could do (myself) to try to establish the cause of this problem. I'm not
sure what else I can offer. I only have the eclipse log file and my
observations as to what happened. I was hoping someone with some
detailed subclipse knowledge could provide me with info on how to make
more detailed information available.

Note also, that the problem does not go away. I now have 2 workspaces,
both of which have Imported the same set of projects, both of which
(seem to have) the same project settings. One works (created workspace,
imported projects), one does not (this workspace was my 'current'
workspace when I upgraded subclipse).
Other workspaces I have seem to be fine (although I only ever really do
serious dev in the one main workspace, any others only contain small
test/eval type code).

I'm running eclipse 3.1.1 on XP

However, in the grand scheme of things, I can get back up and running
within an hour (really large project, new workspace == complete rebuild
of all source + re-setting all my build Variables == complete rebuild
again). I can live with that. If no-one else (or at most a really small
group) is experiencing this, then it's just something I'm going to
assume is local to my machine/environment/projects and I'll deal with
I can also get some of the other devs here to upgrade from .34 and see
if it's generic in 'what we do here' or just local to me.
If I can deduce anything else that might be interesting, I'll forward it

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From: Denny Valliant [mailto:valliant@unm.edu]
Sent: 08 November 2005 23:57
To: users@subclipse.tigris.org
Subject: Re: Upgrading loses svn decorators

FWIW, I haven't run into any problems using XP or OS X, and I've been
plugin versions around like crazy. I religiously start eclipse with
the -clean option*,
and have noticed that cleaning my projects as well helps eclipse when
there are
weird things going on. Maybe it's rebuilding of the workspace that

My minds on another matter, so I'm shooting from the hip, but I don't
know that
Gary has provide much in the way of troubleshooting info. Sorry if
I'm wrong
Gary, I know you've sent a couple through, but in my mind they said
the same
thing and were short on detail besides the timeout error.

What speed is your computer? XP, 2000, 98? Do you religiously start
eclipse with
-clean*? Tried cleaning your projects? Any other plugins get wonky?

Usually if I "bump" a message I try to get a little more info into
the bump. Just
in case, you know? Makes it so people don't have to guess so much.

And it helps later on when someone else thinks, hey, maybe I have the
problem. They will know if it's the same or different.

 From the "losing decorators" there is a long way to go. :-)

*when I say religiously, I mean at the least; whenever adding/moving/
eclipse plugins or components, or even configuring eclipse for that

Well, this got longer than intended. If I only knew the right
question, I'd know
the answer. Oh well. Good luck and happy days, esse!

-ps I've got about 10 or so projects linked to SVN. Sometimes it does
a while, but generally those decorations (and the repo paths/
revisions next
to the file in the navigator) appear after a bit. Never have they
gone away
requiring me to make a new workspace or anything. Although, I did have a
program or something run rampant through my workspace, deleting every
thing except for a /bin folder. That was strange. Maybe one of your
is doing something to your workspace? Far fetched, but what the hey.

On Nov 8, 2005, at 4:13 PM, Mark Phippard wrote:

>> Gary is not alone.
>> I've encountered this problem with a suite of projects of only
>> moderate
> size, but did not respond
>> because I have no further specifics. I cannot recall which version
>> (s),
> but also had to clean the
>> workspace & reinstall before it was resolved. If it helps, I run
>> eclipse
> 3.1.1 under linux GTK, and
>> am still running subclipse 0.9.34.
> The issue here is not just about decorators. There have certainly
> been
> plenty of people that have had problems with those. Generally, if the
> process encounters an error it stops so you do not get any. The
> issue that
> seems somewhat unique about Gary is:
> 1) His decorators work and then seem to stop when he applies
> updates. And
> this has happened several times.
> 2) He doesn't appear to have any relevant errors in his error log.
> Usually there would be some kind of error. We have a couple of
> open issues
> relating to decorators where we do have errors but have not found the
> source.
> Finally, you probably should update to the latest release as I
> believe it
> does fix a few known decorator problems.
> Mark
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