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Re: 1.10 tasks: update CHANGES and roll RC1 or beta1

From: Stefan Fuhrmann <stefan2_at_apache.org>
Date: Mon, 25 Dec 2017 12:21:46 +0100

On 24.12.2017 09:39, Stefan Fuhrmann wrote:
> On 23.12.2017 14:30, Johan Corveleyn wrote:
>> I'm afk for a couple of days so can't try it myself now, but
>>     release.py write-changelog --include-unlabeled-summaries
>> branches/1.10.x tags/1.10.0-alpha3
>> might provide a good starting point.
> I'm giving it a try right now. It starts with 162 entries
> but it should be easy to boil down to < 100. I'll report
> back once that is done.
> -- Stefan^2.
So, this is the result. It also covers the changes
skipped by release.py (first block of 5 entries).

I will try to reformulate & group the list and then
commit them to CHANGES by Wednesday.

-- Stefan^2.

     * Ruby bindings: Fix handling of NULL MD5 digests (r1811786)
     * Check for invalid 'xt' fields in x509 certs (r1809290)
     * Detect ruby versions up to 2.4 (r1806570)
     * release.py: Always use UTC timestamps (r1804608)
     * Fix KDE5 support with clang 3.8 (r1802536 et al)

     * Add '--include' and '--exclude' options to 'svnadmin dump'.
(r1811992 et al)
     * Add 'http-compression=auto' mode on the client, now used by
default. (r1803899 et al)
     * Add --with-kwallet=INCDIR:LIBDIR to support KDE5 on platforms
that do (r1802646)
     * Add SWIG_FEATURES variable (and lang-specific variants) to tune
how swig bindings are generated. (r1816254)
     * Add a new --accept recommended option to 'svn'. (r1805623)
     * Add a new --vacuum-pristines option to 'svn cleanup'. (r1802787
et al)
     * Add new svn_txdelta_to_svndiff_stream() API. (r1803140 et al)
     * Add stricter key file syntax checks for releases. (r1805277)
     * Add support for tracing moves backwards in history to the
conflict resolver. (r1808263)
     * Allow building against OpenSSL 1.1.0 on Windows by properly
detect the (r1814724 et al)
     * Refactor the merging of merge rangelists (r1802470 et al)
     * Build against the system utf8proc library by default (r1803210 et al)
     * Disable static builds of the apache and auth provider modules
     * Drop support for upgrading working copies created with Subversion
1.7 (r1807584 et al)
     * Fix a potential bug and an API contract violation in the Win32
implementation (r1806014)
     * Fix a slightly broken private API. (r1807966)
     * Fix an assertion in 'svnfsfs stats' with pre-v4 FSFS
repositories. (r1816966)
     * Fix issue #4689, "diff --git added/deleted filenames should not
be /dev/null". (r1811662)
     * Fix segfault with invalid URLs in svn:externals (r1803471)
     * In 'svn help lock/unlock', document the '--force' option (steal
or break (r1802557)
     * Introduce the svn_cstring_join2() API (r1806041)
     * Make 'svn help' more consistent when showing deprecated options.
(r1802989 et al)
     * Make svn --non-interactive use recommended tree conflict
resolution (r1805620)
     * Merge the 'shelve' branch to trunk. (r1815228 et al)
     * Merge upstream utf8proc 2.1.0 into trunk. (r1809090 et al)
     * Move the dist.sh processing into release.py so that the python
script (r1804590)
     * Omit the list of system error code names from release builds,
this (r1804618 et al)
     * On OSX, ranlib complains loudly about object files with no
symbols. (r1809792)
     * Return resettable streams from svn_stream_checksummed2(). (r1804807)
     * Fix issue #4700 for property changes. (r1813794 et al)
     * The compile-time and run-time version of httpd may not be the
same. (r1808955 et al)
     * Tweak the help text for 'svn commit'. (r1805876)
     * Tweak the help text for 'svn cleanup'. (r1802941)
     * Suggest and use https:// links to download SQLite amalgamation
     * dist.sh: Make it harder to MITM the RM. (r1804192)
     * fsfs: Don't store SHA1 for property representations in format 8.
     * fsfs: Introduce new 'compression' config option. (r1803639 et al)
     * fsfs: Fix issue #4623 for FSFS. (r1813794 et al)
     * fsfs: Make LZ4 the new default compression algorithm for all
(r1805897 et al)
     * fsfs: Use the `WITHOUT ROWID` optimization for rep-cache.db in
format 8. (r1817042)
     * ra_serf: Stream svndiff deltas w/o creating temporary files
(r1803143 et al)
     * ra_serf: Prevent the server from generating and sending the full
MERGE (r1806017 et al)
     * ra_serf: Properly process lock tokens for empty relative paths
("") (r1815799 et al)
     * ra_svn: Use svndiff2 deltas when supported on both ends.
(r1803269 et al)
     * release.py: Correct the output of 'write-downloads' (r1804277)
     * release.py: Don't discard errors. (r1804278)
     * svnadmin: Introduce the `--normalize-props` option for the load
and (r1807836 et al)
     * svnserve: Make use-sasl=true a fatal error in SASL-less builds.

     * tests: Add pre-cooked repos for all FSFS versions. (r1816402 et al)
     * tests: Run rep-sharing tests with BDB as well. (r1817028)
     * tests: Add FSFS_DIR_DELTIFICATION option. (r1813897)
     * tests: Report unknown SWIG binding types on Windows. (r1802709)
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