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Re: Checkpointing v1 design -- terminology

From: Branko Čibej <brane_at_apache.org>
Date: Sat, 4 Nov 2017 13:37:07 +0100

On 03.11.2017 22:51, Julian Foad wrote:
> Branko Čibej wrote:
>>>    * main commands are 'checkpoint' to save a new version and
>>> 'rollback' to revert to version N
>> The main issue I have with this is that "checkpoint" is not a verb. (I
>> know, neither are 'changelist' or 'auth').
>> How about 'save' (to create a savepoint) and 'restore' instead?
>> As to why I'm nitpicking at this point: whatever we choose will be
>> pretty much set in stone, in the UI and the API, for the conceivable
>> future.
> Thanks for helping with the terminology. I agree it's important.
> The prototype CLI I'm working on (in the 'shelve-checkpoint' branch)
> actually has 'svn checkpoint save' and 'svn checkpoint rollback'. Do
> you think mean to suggest plain 'svn save' and 'svn restore'?

No, the two-keyword approach is actually better. I've often wished we'd
made our argument parser slightly more flexible in that respect, so that
instead of

    svn command [options args]

we could write

    svn [topic] command [options args]

which would be useful for topics such as "(save|check)point",
"changelist", "auth", "branch" and so on. I'm absolutely in favour of
the second form for complex cases.


> A reason for choosing a noun (phrase) such as 'checkpoint',
> 'savepoint', 'changelist' or 'changeset' followed by a verb is to
> allow us to add verbs without cluttering the main command name space.

Precisely. +1

FWIW, the reason I'm slightly in favour of "savepoint" vs. "checkpoint"
has been discussed before: the abbreviation "sp" is not taken yet, but
"cp" is; I suspect it would save "power users" of the command line a ton
of grief if they could write "svn sp s[quash] 0:-3" instead of "svn cp
squash --from 0 --to -3" and then get a syntax error. :)

> I am thinking for example that we might want to 'send' this change to
> a review system or 'commit' it to the svn server (ok we'd use 'svn
> commit <something>' for that) or export it to a patch or email (git
> format-patch). The main actions on a Perforce changelist are done by
> first-class commands 'p4 submit', 'p4 shelve', etc. while the 'p4
> change[list]' command has (option-letter) verbs for 'input' and
> 'output' actions.
> Any suggestions for the 'shelve' terminology problem? Change to
> 'stash' and incur false expectations based on git stash? Is there
> something else that, like 'stash', can be used as a noun and a verb
> and sounds good?

IIUC the shelving prototype is a lot closer to Perforce's than Git's,
right? Then thinking about shelves is better than about stashes. Why not
do the same as with (save|check)points: the [topic] should be a noun,
the [command] a verb, so:

    svn shelf save ...
    svn shelf restore ...

I'm not sure about the abbreviation here ... "sh" sounds tempting but is
also a well-known abbreviation for "shell".

-- Brane
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