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[PATCH] speed up svn_repos_authz_check_access

From: Roderich Schupp <roderich.schupp_at_gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 7 Aug 2013 08:27:43 +0200


this patch attempts to speed up svn_repos_authz_check_access, esp. when it
is called
repeatedly during the same HTTP request (or on the same connection).
Subversion issues
many HTTP requests that result only in a single call to
(i.e. just for the path given in the request itself). Others may call
lots of times, e.g "svn log" calls it for every modified path in every
revision in the
requested range of revisions.

This patch reduces the cumulative time for svn_repos_authz_check_access
(when called repeteadly in the same connection) for more than 50%
(e.g. running the attached test program on a large body of paths).

The observations behind the patch are:

(1) The functions like authz_get_path_access in libsvn_repos/authz.c that
do the actual work all use

  svn_config_enumerate2(..., path, authz_parse_line, baton, ...)

to compute allow/deny information for the given path and user (implicit in
The result is computed over and over again, even if the same path and user
are specified than in a previous call.

(2) In "real life", i.e. in the Apache server, user has always the same
value for
the same request (even the same connection).

The patch augments the svn_authz_t struct wih a field "cache" which
is a apr_hash_t, mapping paths to already known allow/deny information.
(This cache is obviously correct only for the same value of user, so we
store that in another field "cached_user"; if the value of user changes,
we simply throw away the existing cache).
We only store a "path" in the cache if it has a [path] section in the
actual access control file, so the cache cannot grow larger than
the apr_hash_t used to store that.

The patch then replaces all of the above calls to svn_config_enumerate2
with a wrapper function, that first checks for a cached value.
Otherwise it will call svn_config_enumerate2 and cache the result.

It also changes the internal functions
- authz_get_path_access
- authz_get_any_access
- authz_get_tree_access
to take a svn_authz_t* as the first parameter (instead of svn_config_t*)
so that they have access to both the svn_config_t and the cache.

The patch needs to #include libsvn_subr/config_impl.h
in order to gain access to svn_config_t.pool:
the cache (apr_hash_t itself, keys and values) must be allocated from
the same pool as svn_config_t so that they have the same lifespan.

Cheers, Roderich

Received on 2013-08-07 08:28:22 CEST

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