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Re: [PATCH] - Fix issue 3690 - "svn log" with ignore property changes

From: Noorul Islam K M <noorul_at_collab.net>
Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2011 16:47:23 +0530

Julian Foad <julian.foad_at_wandisco.com> writes:

> Noorul Islam K M wrote:
>> From issue tracker:
>> ==================================================================================
>> Add an option to ignore files with only property changes and no content changes.
>> e.g. svn log --ignore-properties
>> Motivation: many users are not interested in reviewing changes to property changes
>> and only care about content changes.
>> ==================================================================================
> Hi Noorul. This issue is not ready to be implemented, it is just a
> vague idea. It needs high-level design: what is the basic idea (in more
> detail), and what exact functionality is wanted, in terms of all the
> things 'log' can do? The following points need to be considered, at
> least:
> * The basic idea comes from a motivation that is stated as, "Many
> users are not interested in reviewing changes to property changes
> and only care about content changes." What functionality would best
> satisfy that goal? To hide all the property changes, or to hide
> revisions that contain only property changes, or to hide revision in
> which the specified target contained only property changes, or something
> else?

I think the patch satisfies the goal. Do we already has an option to
achieve the goal; get me the logs of revisions that has some text

> * Should we be able to specify which props to ignore?
> * When a sub-tree target is specified, does the 'props only' test
> apply just within the specified subtree or within the whole commit?
> * Should we display the basic commit info at all if there are no
> non-prop changes?
> * How should it affect the list of files displayed by '--verbose'?
> * How should it affect the '--diff' display? When this shows a diff
> of file content, should it also show any prop changes to this file or
> not?
> * Should we also have some kind of complementary inverse functionality
> that shows prop changes but not file content changes, or something like
> that?
> * What about directories - should a directory be treated like a file
> with no content, for the purposes of this design, or in some other way?

Can this patch be a starting point? If we really don't want these
options to be allowed with some other options then we can restrict the
user from doing so.

> And, importantly, is this really a problem that needs solving? Do you
> think it's important? Can you come up with some use case examples that
> demonstrate why it's important and how a proposed solution would help?

I feel that it will be useful to filter out revisions that has only
property changes from log output. Most of the time I felt the same.

>> Attached is the patch which adds two new options to "svn log" command.
>> 1) --ignore-props-only
>> If passed log will ignore revisions that has only property changes.
>> 2) --props-only
>> If passed log will retrieve revisions that has only property changes.
>> This time, I implemented with the help of a receiver. Please let me know
>> your comments and suggestions regarding this patch.
> What parts of the problem does your patch solve and what parts doesn't
> it solve? (That's a genuine question; I can't see from your patch what
> your new options do, exactly.)

The patch I submitted ignores the revisions that has property changes
alone and vice versa. It doesn't matter how many extra options we pass.

Thanks and Regards
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