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RE: [RFC] Move buildbot master to ASF infrastructure

From: Gavin <gavin_at_16degrees.com.au>
Date: Sun, 22 Nov 2009 12:17:48 +1000

cc: dev-at-subversion-dot-apache-dot-org

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> From: Mark Phippard [mailto:markphip_at_gmail.com]
> Sent: Monday, 16 November 2009 2:47 AM
> To: Lieven Govaerts
> Cc: dev_at_subversion.tigris.org; gavin_at_16degrees.com.au
> Subject: Re: [RFC] Move buildbot master to ASF infrastructure
> On Sun, Nov 15, 2009 at 9:06 AM, Lieven Govaerts <svnlgo_at_mobsol.be> wrote:
> > while we're migrating mailing lists and the svn repo to the ASF
> > infrastructure, let's discuss what we want to do with the buildbot.
> >
> > The ASF provides 4 different build services (see
> > http://ci.apache.org/) and Buildbot (the one we use) is one of them.
> >
> > Based on a long chat with Gavin McDonald from ASF infra on IRC last
> > week, I propose to integrate our Buildbot master into the ASF's. This
> > has some (obvious) benefits:
> > - although our buildbot master has been stable since we migrated it to
> > Justin's Mac, I assume the ASF infrastructure team can do a better job
> > of hosting and maintaining such setup in a secure environment.
> +1 in general
> > - ASF's buildbot already has Ubuntu and Windows server 2008 slaves
> > (and according to Gavin also Windows XP 64 bit and Solaris) and there
> > are plans to add more. There's no Mac yet, but we have one in our
> > setup.
> In the case of Windows, do they also have Visual Studio and all the
> extras needed to actually build SVN?

Yeah, as Greg mentions, we have access to Visual Studio.
'Actually building svn' on all these platforms will certainly need help from
you guys :)

> > - it has more features (http://ci.apache.org/buildbot.html), and -
> > more importantly - the maintainers are open (and have time) to improve
> > the setup based on our requests.
> >
> > Sticking with buildbot allows us to keep the existing buildbot slaves,
> > if the owners choose to do so. Also, out of the 4 available options it
> > seems best fitted to our use case (C code, custom test scripts and
> > builds on multiple platforms).
> Given our familiarity with it, I think it makes sense to stick with
> buildbot. That said, I like Hudson and we have done some work
> recently so that our build and test can integrate nicely. For
> example, Hudson can display the test results a lot more nicely and it
> graphs things like the execution time that can help spot trends. I
> personally prefer buildbots red/green model over Hudson's "weather
> report".
> > There are some things that aren't really clear yet:
> > - the ASF buildbot is shared for 20+ projects. I know slaves can be
> > reserved for certain projects, but what's the impact of building
> > projectA first, and then build subversion on the same slave.
> > - do we use slave's system libraries, or do we need to build a
> > specific set of versions of libraries used only for the subversion
> > builds.
> > - the waterfall view is shared between all projects and buiders
> > (http://ci.apache.org/waterfall). Is that okay for us? Or should we
> > work on a Subversion specific view.
> > - if there are project + slave specific build problems, what are our
> > options to get the needed logs/info and fix the issues?
> I really wonder about all these things as well. Not to mention just
> that the long build and test time for Subversion is different than a
> lot of the typical Java projects that can do all this in a few
> minutes. Our buildbots cannot even keep up with our activity, how
> well will this work in a massively shared model where there are a lot
> of projects all on the same master?

The master really isn't the problem as far as builds are concerned, the
'waterfall' view may look a little busy when there are long builds mixed in
with short builds for other projects but again I guess it is something that
can be worked on.

There are a few different 'waterfall' views around, the standard one that
comes with buildbot, which subversion uses, there is a view created by the
Mozilla guys I believe it was that the ASF buildbot currently uses, allowing
more information on the page, and there is the chromium.org waterfall view
which I intend to add soon to our views


so, plenty of choices or we write another one.



> > So, thoughts? Remarks?
> With everything going on, my only comment would be to slow down. I do
> not see any reason to rush into this (too many changes happening at
> once).
> --
> Thanks
> Mark Phippard
> http://markphip.blogspot.com/


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