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RE: [RFC] Move buildbot master to ASF infrastructure

From: Gavin <gavin_at_16degrees.com.au>
Date: Sun, 22 Nov 2009 12:03:18 +1000

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> Sent: Monday, 16 November 2009 12:06 AM
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> Subject: [RFC] Move buildbot master to ASF infrastructure
> Hi all,

Hi Lieven, all,

I have cc:d in the new dev-at-subversion-dot-apache-dot-org list, I'm nor
subbed to the tigris lists so if we can move the conversation over to the
ASF lists that'd be great :)

replies inline ...

> while we're migrating mailing lists and the svn repo to the ASF
> infrastructure, let's discuss what we want to do with the buildbot.
> The ASF provides 4 different build services (see
> http://ci.apache.org/) and Buildbot (the one we use) is one of them.
> Based on a long chat with Gavin McDonald from ASF infra on IRC last
> week, I propose to integrate our Buildbot master into the ASF's. This
> has some (obvious) benefits:
> - although our buildbot master has been stable since we migrated it to
> Justin's Mac, I assume the ASF infrastructure team can do a better job
> of hosting and maintaining such setup in a secure environment.
> - ASF's buildbot already has Ubuntu and Windows server 2008 slaves
> (and according to Gavin also Windows XP 64 bit and Solaris) and there
> are plans to add more. There's no Mac yet, but we have one in our
> setup.
> - it has more features (http://ci.apache.org/buildbot.html), and -
> more importantly - the maintainers are open (and have time) to improve
> the setup based on our requests.

Yep, absolutely, I'm happy to work with anyone and am open to suggestions as
to try and make things work for you guys.

> Sticking with buildbot allows us to keep the existing buildbot slaves,
> if the owners choose to do so. Also, out of the 4 available options it
> seems best fitted to our use case (C code, custom test scripts and
> builds on multiple platforms).
> There are some things that aren't really clear yet:
> - the ASF buildbot is shared for 20+ projects. I know slaves can be
> reserved for certain projects, but what's the impact of building
> projectA first, and then build subversion on the same slave.

Most of the 20+ projects are spread over the current 4 slaves running 30+
builds. I have tried to 'pick' the best slave environment based on their
build needs and prereqs. I think in the case of subversion, it would be best
to create a slave VMs initially for its own use and perhaps later on add one
or two other projects builds to the slave if they prove compatible with the
setup and don't affect the subversion builds, or if resources allow then the
subversion slaves could remain entirely independent.

> - do we use slave's system libraries, or do we need to build a
> specific set of versions of libraries used only for the subversion
> builds.

See above, I think this problem would be solved if slaves were set up from
scratch with subversion in mind.

> - the waterfall view is shared between all projects and buiders
> (http://ci.apache.org/waterfall). Is that okay for us? Or should we
> work on a Subversion specific view.

Specific views per project are available already, see for instance :


this is a view of subversion-trunk only, it only builds RAT reports at the
moment seeing as nothing is decided. However there is a flaw in that it
lists changes for all projects still. We can work on the views side of

> - if there are project + slave specific build problems, what are our
> options to get the needed logs/info and fix the issues?

I see no reason why required logs can not be uploaded to the master and
published to the public_html area for access by all.

> We'll get more clarity on these points when working on the migration
> with ASF infra.

Yes, hopefully we can work through any issues that crop up.

> If you guys are ok with this I'll create a ticket in the ASF Jira and
> work with them to integrate our master. Given my busy schedule I'll
> probably need some help setting up new buildbot slaves.

From the Buildbot point of view, I'll certainly be around, from a subversion
point of view, I'll need help.



> So, thoughts? Remarks?
> Lieven


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