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Re: svnsync mirroring autocheck

From: Dave Brown <dave.brown_at_wandisco.com>
Date: Wed, 18 Nov 2009 10:42:52 -0800

Julian Foad wrote:
> Dave Brown wrote:
>> Attached is a script to do setup/teardown of httpd for testing svnsync
> Hi Dave. That looks really useful. I haven't tried it [1], but
> especially if you could update it a bit to live under
> subversion/tests/cmdline and figure out its arguments automatically, I
> think we want this.

I'll get it running with no-args under tests/cmdline, and staging the
httpd runtime below cmdline/httpd-$DATE_TIME_STRING, as davautocheck.sh

> There are all sorts of things in it (addresses 127.0.0.x springs to
> mind) that other people can refine or parameterize once they start to
> use it.
>> mirroring. I started manually making sure that issue 2939 didn't come
>> back with 1.7, but davautocheck.sh inspired me to automate it. The
>> happy news is that 2939 has not come back in trunk or 1.6.6, and it
>> reproduces the bug on 1.5.1, where originally reported.
>> I think this would be a good addition to the tests somehow, as AFAIK
>> mirroring through SVNMasterURI in httpd has no automated testing. The
>> script currently tests only 2939, but can be the basis for testing all
>> kinds of changes over mirroring.
> Cool. It would be good to separate the test code from the
> infrastructure, of course, but that's not essential at first.

That's the right thing to do - this script to stage/start/stop the
mirroring setup, and a test script for test cases like 2939, and
anything else interesting to run through mirroring.

>> If people agree that it would be a good test to add, I'll propose a
>> proper patch. (It needs a bit more polish to fit the test cmdline
>> interface as defined in subversion/tests/README). Also, is there a
>> problem with relying on svnmucc?
> No problem relying on svnmucc for this: that can be a requirement for
> running these particular tests.

I'll build svnmucc as a dependency of launching the other bits.
(Generally, I need a way to do multiple operations within a single
transaction, that can't be expressed with the regular cmdline. The
bindings would allow this, but would be a more complex build dependency).
>> The script currently takes two arguments: your working copy of the code
>> to test, and a test-work directory. (It would figure these out if it
>> lived below tests/...) It ought to work everywhere davautocheck.sh
>> works, but I've tested on unbuntu and centos. And it will complain if
>> svnmucc isn't built in your wc. See the comments at the top of the
>> script for more details.
> Thanks.
> - Julian
> [1] I have trouble setting up Apache - seems my whole package management
> is hosed. :-(

Well, if 'make davautocheck' works for you, but this does not, I'd be
interested in why. You ought to need just apache2 & apache2-dev (or
httpd & httpd-devel), and it figures everything else out from apxs.
This also works with httpd built from source - just configure with
--enable-so and --enable-proxy. Though our new informative error
message will now tell you if you're missing mod_proxy :-)

Thanks for the feedback!



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