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Re: post-commit hook fires before post-lock hook

From: C. Michael Pilato <cmpilato_at_collab.net>
Date: Thu, 05 Mar 2009 10:38:44 -0500

Oh, man, I can't believe I didn't think of this early. *thump*

I don't think svnsync transmits lock tokens at all. This means that the
svnsync process will always be denied the right to change locked files.

I must admit that I'm not sure how to proceed.

Subversion Devs (if any are following this thread): Got any ideas?

Mike Coyne wrote:
> I corrected my configuration as suggested. Such that locks created on
> the master now have the same owner as those on the slave. I also backed
> out some prior work so that the sequence of operations is no longer
> altered . But for some reason the svnsync command still fails? Below it
> the rough sequence
> First locked the file in the repo...
> echo Lock set on master by $USER >> $TMPFILE
> svnlook lock $REPOS $p2 | grep -v UUID | grep -v Owner: | grep -v
> Created: | grep -v Expires: | grep -v Comment >> $TMPFILE
> svn lock --force --username $USER --password $USER
> "https://$SLAVE/svn-proxy-sync/Source$p2" -F $TMPFILE
> returned
> 'post-commit' locked by user 'mcoyne_at_PBDENTON.PACCAR.COM'.
> Then commited the change.
> svnsync sync --username analysis --password analysis
> https://$SLAVE/svn-proxy-sync/$REPODIR
> which returned in error
> Transmitting file data .svnsync: Server sent unexpected return value
> (423 Locked) in response to PUT request for
> '/svn-proxy-sync/Source/!svn/wrk/323d934e-6390-4459-80e1-538f0804332d/tr
> unk/adminstration/svn/master/svn/Source/hooks/post-commit'
> Which was followed up by the unlock
> svn unlock --force --username $USER --password $USER
> "https://$SLAVE/svn-proxy-sync/Source$p2"
> returned
> 'post-commit' unlocked.
> I did a svnadmin lslocks on the slave which returned withno locks
> So I relocked the file to compare the output of the lock data?
> From the slave
> [analysis_at_nike hooks]$ svnadmin lslocks /var/www/svn/Source
> Path: /trunk/adminstration/svn/master/svn/Source/hooks/post-commit
> UUID Token: opaquelocktoken:1ad25194-d51b-419c-beac-adae73d6b910
> Owner: mcoyne_at_PBDENTON.PACCAR.COM
> Created: 2009-03-04 12:36:49 -0800 (Wed, 04 Mar 2009)
> Expires:
> Comment (3 lines):
> Lock set on master by mcoyne_at_PBDENTON.PACCAR.COM
> <ns0:owner>lock prior to edit</ns0:owner>
> And on the master
> mcoyne_at_styx.pbdenton.paccar.com:/var/www/svn/Source # svnadmin lslocks
> `pwd`
> Path: /trunk/adminstration/svn/master/svn/Source/hooks/post-commit
> UUID Token: opaquelocktoken:928723fb-b768-44e3-82c3-b50efc4ea4c8
> Owner: mcoyne_at_PBDENTON.PACCAR.COM
> Created: 2009-03-04 14:36:47 -0600 (Wed, 04 Mar 2009)
> Expires:
> Comment (1 line):
> <ns0:owner xmlns:ns0="DAV:">lock prior to edit</ns0:owner>
> The comments differ slightly but the owners are the same?
> Any thoughts?
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> From: C. Michael Pilato [mailto:cmpilato_at_collab.net]
> Sent: Wednesday, March 04, 2009 12:03 PM
> To: Mike Coyne
> Cc: Subversion Developers
> Subject: Re: post-commit hook fires before post-lock hook
> [Please keep discussions of this sort on-list for the benefit of
> others.]
> Mike Coyne wrote:
>> My current configuration I has two "locations" the master user goes
>> through svn-proxy-sync and regular users through /repos. How would I
>> adjust the auth to get what you described? I have not setup apache
> like
>> that before? I am not sure how to the get/pass the username.
> [Potentially sensitive information stripped.]
> I'm not precisely sure what you need. At a minimum, I think that your
> <Location /svn-proxy-sync> block needs something like the following,
> where
> W.X.Y.Z is the IP address of your master server:
> Order deny,allow
> Deny from all
> Allow from W.X.Y.Z
> But you're using Kerberos auth for your real users, and Basic auth for
> your
> sync stuff. So, maybe the trick is to keep usernames for all your users
> in
> your slave server's Basic auth password file (and keep that list of
> usernames in sync with your Kerberos configuration somehow ...
> handwaving
> here ...), except define the passwords for all those users to be the
> same
> private password (or maybe at least something calculable by the master
> server based on username). That way, in the master server's hooks, you
> can use:
> svn lock SOME_URL --username USERNAME --password PRIVATE_PASSWORD
> where USERNAME is the username provided to the hook, and
> the password you've setup as the password assigned to all the users in
> the
> slave's /etc/httpd/conf/password. This should allow
> authenticated-as-real-usernames changes on the slave from the master,
> without exposing the slave's repository to change from anywhere except
> the
> master server.
> Does that make sense? (Sorry, I can't help much more on this due to
> ignorance of Kerberos auth.)

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