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RE: post-commit hook fires before post-lock hook

From: Mike Coyne <Mike.Coyne_at_PACCAR.com>
Date: Wed, 4 Mar 2009 14:41:09 -0600

I corrected my configuration as suggested. Such that locks created on
the master now have the same owner as those on the slave. I also backed
out some prior work so that the sequence of operations is no longer
altered . But for some reason the svnsync command still fails? Below it
the rough sequence
First locked the file in the repo...

echo Lock set on master by $USER >> $TMPFILE
svnlook lock $REPOS $p2 | grep -v UUID | grep -v Owner: | grep -v
Created: | grep -v Expires: | grep -v Comment >> $TMPFILE
svn lock --force --username $USER --password $USER
"https://$SLAVE/svn-proxy-sync/Source$p2" -F $TMPFILE

'post-commit' locked by user 'mcoyne_at_PBDENTON.PACCAR.COM'.

Then commited the change.
svnsync sync --username analysis --password analysis
which returned in error
Transmitting file data .svnsync: Server sent unexpected return value
(423 Locked) in response to PUT request for

Which was followed up by the unlock
svn unlock --force --username $USER --password $USER
'post-commit' unlocked.

I did a svnadmin lslocks on the slave which returned withno locks
So I relocked the file to compare the output of the lock data?
From the slave
[analysis_at_nike hooks]$ svnadmin lslocks /var/www/svn/Source
Path: /trunk/adminstration/svn/master/svn/Source/hooks/post-commit
UUID Token: opaquelocktoken:1ad25194-d51b-419c-beac-adae73d6b910
Owner: mcoyne_at_PBDENTON.PACCAR.COM
Created: 2009-03-04 12:36:49 -0800 (Wed, 04 Mar 2009)
Comment (3 lines):
Lock set on master by mcoyne_at_PBDENTON.PACCAR.COM
<ns0:owner>lock prior to edit</ns0:owner>

And on the master
mcoyne_at_styx.pbdenton.paccar.com:/var/www/svn/Source # svnadmin lslocks
Path: /trunk/adminstration/svn/master/svn/Source/hooks/post-commit
UUID Token: opaquelocktoken:928723fb-b768-44e3-82c3-b50efc4ea4c8
Owner: mcoyne_at_PBDENTON.PACCAR.COM
Created: 2009-03-04 14:36:47 -0600 (Wed, 04 Mar 2009)
Comment (1 line):
<ns0:owner xmlns:ns0="DAV:">lock prior to edit</ns0:owner>

The comments differ slightly but the owners are the same?

Any thoughts?

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From: C. Michael Pilato [mailto:cmpilato_at_collab.net]
Sent: Wednesday, March 04, 2009 12:03 PM
To: Mike Coyne
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Subject: Re: post-commit hook fires before post-lock hook

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Mike Coyne wrote:
> My current configuration I has two "locations" the master user goes
> through svn-proxy-sync and regular users through /repos. How would I
> adjust the auth to get what you described? I have not setup apache
> that before? I am not sure how to the get/pass the username.

[Potentially sensitive information stripped.]

I'm not precisely sure what you need. At a minimum, I think that your
<Location /svn-proxy-sync> block needs something like the following,
W.X.Y.Z is the IP address of your master server:

   Order deny,allow
   Deny from all
   Allow from W.X.Y.Z

But you're using Kerberos auth for your real users, and Basic auth for
sync stuff. So, maybe the trick is to keep usernames for all your users
your slave server's Basic auth password file (and keep that list of
usernames in sync with your Kerberos configuration somehow ...
here ...), except define the passwords for all those users to be the
private password (or maybe at least something calculable by the master
server based on username). That way, in the master server's hooks, you
can use:

   svn lock SOME_URL --username USERNAME --password PRIVATE_PASSWORD

where USERNAME is the username provided to the hook, and
the password you've setup as the password assigned to all the users in
slave's /etc/httpd/conf/password. This should allow
authenticated-as-real-usernames changes on the slave from the master,
without exposing the slave's repository to change from anywhere except
master server.

Does that make sense? (Sorry, I can't help much more on this due to
ignorance of Kerberos auth.)

C. Michael Pilato <cmpilato_at_collab.net>
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