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a bug in module loading? svn: "Mismatched FS module version"

From: Ilya Sandler <Ilya.Sandler_at_teleatlas.com>
Date: Mon, 3 Mar 2008 21:36:04 -0500


I believe there is a serious bug in how subversion finds some of its
modules: If more than one version of svn are present on a system,
subversion binaries try to load a wrong version of module and fail .

As per instructons on subversion web site, I'm
posting this report on the dev mailing list. Details of my particular
situation are at the end. But first a couple of related tidbits:

The bug has been reported on user mailing list by several people.

(Google search:
mismatched site:http://svn.haxx.se/users/ )

and the answer has always been: "uninistall an older version of svn",
which I think is not a reasonable solution.

Furthermore, a very similar issue was recently discussed on dev.

(This message lists 3 related issues and provides a patch for the first
one, I'm affected by the 2 and 3rd one)

So is this a bug? Or am I grossly misunderstand something?



and the details:

I know that I am not the first one to encounter this problem, but I was
not able to find any (reasonable) answer. I have a very strong suspiction
that this is actually a bug in subversion. Is there a workaround? Does
anyone also thinks this looks like a bug?

Now the situation: a linux (Suse 10) machine has a subversion 1.2.3
installed. Subversion v 1.4.5 is installed from source (without bdb
support) in a different location. Now running binaries from 1.4.5 with
some command line options result in the error message:

/opt/subversion-1.4.5/bin/svnserve --version
svn: Mismatched FS module version for 'bdb': found 1.4.5, expected 1.2.3

/opt/subversion-1.4.5/bin/svnadmin --version
svnadmin: Mismatched FS module version for 'bdb': found 1.4.5, expected

Does anyone know what can be done about this problem?
(apart from wiping out the older installation)

And now why I think this is a bug in subversion.

As nearly I can tell, the installation is correct: I can run
these binaries from another machine (which has 1.0 subversion installed).

And then why is it even looking for bdb module? (It was
compiled without bdb support!)

Then, ldd points to all correct libs,

~/>ldd /opt/bin/svnserve | & grep libsvn_
    libsvn_repos-1.so.0 => /opt/subversion-
    libsvn_fs-1.so.0 => /opt/subversion-1.4.5/lib/libsvn_fs-1.so.0


Yes strace shows that libsvn_fs_base-1 is loaded from outside of the tree!

strace /opt/subversion-1.4.5/bin/svnserve --version | & grep libsvn_fs_base
open("/usr/lib64/libsvn_fs_base-1.so.0", O_RDONLY) = 3

Seems like a bug to me

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