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Re: Umlaut problem on Mac (composed vs. decomposed UTF-8)

From: Erik Huelsmann <ehuels_at_gmail.com>
Date: 2007-07-23 12:20:33 CEST

On 7/23/07, Matthias Wächter <matthias.waechter@tttech.com> wrote:
> On 21.07.2007 01:42, Daniel A. Steffen wrote:

[ About normalizing paths and the ]

> > A possible alternative approach to fix this problem could thus be to
> > change the 'name' field of entries records to the working copy name, and
> > to store the repository name in a new field (or possibly the existing
> > 'url' field).
> >
> > This has the advantage that there is no need for subversion to
> > know/implement how a given filesystem might transform filenames (i.e. no
> > platform or ICU dependency etc), as that info can be obtained by
> > creating a file with the name in question in an empty temp dir followed
> > by listing of dir contents.

At face value this looks like a solution, but there's one huge problem
with it: performance. This solution will cause a huge amount of
additional FS calls. There's also another problem: Network filesystems
usually cache (for a short period of time) data written to the network
drive. If that network changes the normal form (such as HFS+), reading
the dir content won't help: we'll get the value from the cache.

> Right. Keepling a local 'matching table' between repository vs.
> local file names could also be a solution for Windows users that are
> busted with repositories containing file with the same name, once
> lower case, once upper case.

This won't help: in the light of network mounts/drives, you can't be
sure a drive on Windows is a Windows filesystem... You could be
writing to an HFS+ drive.

Treating this problem as a case-sensitivity issue is not really fair
to the problem: there are 2 file names which mean exactly the same
thing. While with case sensitivity users can actually *see* the
difference between path names, here, it's not the case. It is not even
*meant* to be the case: Unicode assigns the same meaning to "u" +
"last letter with umlaut" and "u with umlaut", it's only the binary
values that differ. Subversion should compensate for that and treat
the different values to mean the same thing.

> Then, one of these files could have a
> slightly different local file name, and both could be checked out,
> worked with etc.

Why would you want 2 files, one of which is called "&Auml;lter", the
other "A&uml;lter" and have them both be versioned?

> Certainly, Any reference to such files (e.g., in Makefiles) would
> not work if the local applications don't know when and how to
> convert between the stored and local file name.

> > I may well be overlooking something basic, but it seems to me that this
> > approach would be simpler, more robust & less restrictive than the
> > proposals involving normalization on some/all platforms and potential
> > repository changes.

So, what happens if a Linux and a Mac client both add the same file,
with an A-umlaut in it and then they both commit? Currently, they'll
both be added to the repository. The Linux client will end up with 2
files with the same name, the Mac client will not be able to update

> I agree, forcing any normalization is _not_ Subversion's job,
> neither to NFC nor NFD. These should be client-level additions.

As long as this is hardly visible on the outside, why souldn't
Subversion standardize on one or the other In its own little world


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