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Re: [Issue 2434] Spaces in path to EDITOR cause trouble

From: Max Bowsher <maxb1_at_ukf.net>
Date: 2005-11-16 23:23:38 CET

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dfrankow@tigris.org wrote:
> http://subversion.tigris.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=2434
> ------- Additional comments from dfrankow@tigris.org Wed Nov 16 10:17:08 -0800 2005 -------
> On 16 Nov 2005 12:16:39 -0000, maxb@tigris.org <maxb@tigris.org> wrote:
>>>a) The FAQ entry may not be right. My example shows setting the EDITOR var
>>>with a space, and it was still broken. Whether that's with quotes or \
>>>shouldn't matter. Also, I presume the same will hold true with the
>>>SVN_EDITOR var.
>>You have misunderstood the quoting. Read the FAQ entry more carefully - it
>>actually gets some literal quotes into the value of the environment variable,
>>whereas your example does not.
> I do not agree. I claim
> a) set VAR="value1 value2"
> and
> b) set VAR=value1\ value2
> are equivalent in Cygwin. I saw a) in the FAQ entry and b) in my
> original filing. Thus, I do not see the difference in the FAQ entry
> and what I experienced.

"set" is not a bash shell command for setting environment variables. You
 are mistakenly reading the portion of the FAQ entry dealing with the
Microsoft Shell.

>>An editor specification is a command plus optional arguments.
>>If the command contains a space you must quote it to enable the system to
>>understand that the space does not begin an argument.
>>This issue is really resolved, with no goofyness or bogosity in sight, because
>>there does not appear to be any bug here, so no further action is required, or
> As I pointed out in my original filing, my quoting of the variable
> worked perfectly, because running "$EDITOR" worked for me on the
> command line. Thus, my quoting was adequate for the system. Rather,
> there was something in Subversion that needed to requote it to
> preserve the space.

But you didn't run $EDITOR. You had to run "$EDITOR", with some extra
quotes added to compensate for the fact that the value itself was

> I do not understand the FAQ suggestion, as I felt I already followed it.

As above, try reading the bit about the bash shell, not the bit for the
Microsoft Shell.

> Have you actually tried the proposed FAQ solution on Cygwin? Please
> try it and send me a transcript. Maybe I'll understand what you are
> getting at.

There is a transcript in the FAQ entry.

>>>I'm sorry that you are discouraged that you thought you had found a bug, but it
>>turned out to just be a lack of quoting in your EDITOR definition - but that's
>>not our fault.
> I was not discouraged that I thought I had found a bug. That is a
> pretty demeaning way to interpret it.

Apparently my positioning of a comma was off.
The meaning I intended to convey was:

I'm sorry that you are discouraged because:
you thought you had found a bug but it turned out to just be a lack of
quoting in your EDITOR definition

> I was discouraged that I spent a lot of effort to file it (and now
> rebut it), and the responses that filing received were very impersonal
> and brusque.

Fairly small group of mainly volunteer developers.
Much coding/bug squashing to be done.

As a natural consequence thereof, time is limited, and communication
will often be somewhat terse.

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