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Re: svn trunk r15392: FAIL (x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu shared ra_dav bdb)

From: Jani Averbach <jaa_at_jaa.iki.fi>
Date: 2005-07-22 20:59:48 CEST


httpd/mod_dav_svn trunk is segfaulting when the test suite runs
against the server. Testing 1.2.x works fine.

[Fri Jul 22 12:01:27 2005] [notice] child pid 14135 exit signal Segmentation fault (11)

BR, Jani

----- Forwarded message from svntest@jaa.iki.fi -----

TEST: trunk r15392 on x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu shared ra_dav bdb

PASS: check build type
PASS: check RA type
PASS: check FS type
PASS: check object directory
PASS: check svn executable
PASS: check svnadmin executable
PASS: check svnlook executable
PASS: check svnserve executable
PASS: check svnversion executable
PASS: re-initializing ramdisk
PASS: run httpd-2.0.x

Last 100 lines of the log file follow:
FAIL: merge_tests.py 16: merge binary files with common ancestry
FAIL: merge_tests.py 17: merge with funny characters (issue #1905)
FAIL: merge_tests.py 18: merge changes to keyword expansion property
FAIL: merge_tests.py 19: merge prop change into deleted target
FAIL: merge_tests.py 20: merge a file whose name contains a space
FAIL: merge_tests.py 21: merge between branches (Issue #2222)
FAIL: merge_tests.py 22: property merges don't overwrite existing prop-mods
FAIL: merge_tests.py 23: property merge conflict even without local mods
FAIL: merge_tests.py 24: undo, then redo a property merge
FAIL: merge_tests.py 25: cherry-pick a dependent change, get conflict
FAIL: revert_tests.py 2: revert a replaced file with no properties
FAIL: stat_tests.py 2: run 'status -u' when nested additions are pending
FAIL: stat_tests.py 3: status -vN shows all items in current directory
FAIL: stat_tests.py 4: status with a versioned file missing
FAIL: stat_tests.py 6: status on versioned items replaced by symlinks
FAIL: stat_tests.py 7: status -u with new files in the repository
FAIL: stat_tests.py 9: status on missing and unversioned file
FAIL: stat_tests.py 10: status -u indicates out-of-dateness
FAIL: stat_tests.py 11: status -u on outdated, added file shows only that
FAIL: stat_tests.py 12: status -u on working copy deleted in HEAD
FAIL: stat_tests.py 13: timestamp behaviour
FAIL: stat_tests.py 14: status on '..' where '..' is not versioned
FAIL: stat_tests.py 15: status -u in partially non-recursive wc
FAIL: stat_tests.py 16: a missing dir in the anchor
FAIL: stat_tests.py 17: status output in XML format
FAIL: trans_tests.py 5: update modified file with eol-style 'native'
FAIL: trans_tests.py 6: committing eol-style change forces text send
FAIL: trans_tests.py 7: keyword expansion for lone file in directory
FAIL: trans_tests.py 8: keyword expanded on cat
FAIL: trans_tests.py 9: copy, propset svn:eol-style, commit
FAIL: trans_tests.py 10: propset, commit, check out into another wc
FAIL: trans_tests.py 11: propset, revert
FAIL: autoprop_tests.py 1: add: config=no, commandline=none
FAIL: autoprop_tests.py 2: add: config=yes, commandline=none
FAIL: autoprop_tests.py 3: add: config=no, commandline=yes
FAIL: autoprop_tests.py 4: add: config=yes, commandline=yes
FAIL: autoprop_tests.py 5: add: config=no, commandline=no
FAIL: autoprop_tests.py 6: add: config=yes, commandline=no
FAIL: autoprop_tests.py 7: import: config=no, commandline=none
FAIL: autoprop_tests.py 8: import: config=yes, commandline=none
FAIL: autoprop_tests.py 9: import: config=no, commandline=yes
FAIL: autoprop_tests.py 10: import: config=yes, commandline=yes
FAIL: autoprop_tests.py 11: import: config=no, commandline=no
FAIL: autoprop_tests.py 12: import: config=yes, commandline=no
FAIL: autoprop_tests.py 13: add directory
FAIL: autoprop_tests.py 14: import directory
FAIL: blame_tests.py 2: annotate a binary file
FAIL: blame_tests.py 3: annotating a directory not allowed
FAIL: blame_tests.py 4: blame output in XML format
FAIL: special_tests.py 1: general symlink handling
FAIL: special_tests.py 2: replace a normal file with a special file
FAIL: special_tests.py 3: import and export a symlink
FAIL: special_tests.py 4: 'svn cp dir1 dir2' which contains a symlink
FAIL: special_tests.py 5: replace a special file with a non-special file
FAIL: special_tests.py 6: remove a symlink
FAIL: svnadmin_tests.py 1: loading of dumpstream with extra headers
FAIL: svnadmin_tests.py 4: 'svnadmin dump' on copied directory
FAIL: svnadmin_tests.py 5: 'svnadmin dump' on modified child of copied dir
FAIL: svnadmin_tests.py 6: 'svnadmin dump --quiet'
FAIL: svnadmin_tests.py 7: 'svnadmin hotcopy PATH .'
FAIL: svnadmin_tests.py 8: 'svnadmin hotcopy' checking db/format file
FAIL: svnlook_tests.py 2: delete file in moved dir
FAIL: svnlook_tests.py 3: test the printing of property diffs
FAIL: svnversion_tests.py 1: test 'svnversion' on wc and other dirs
FAIL: svnversion_tests.py 2: test 'svnversion' with svn:eternals
FAIL: history_tests.py 1: verify that 'svn cat' traces renames
FAIL: lock_tests.py 1: lock a file and verify that it's locked
FAIL: lock_tests.py 2: commit a file and keep lock
FAIL: lock_tests.py 3: commit a file and release lock
FAIL: lock_tests.py 4: commit a locked file with a prop change
FAIL: lock_tests.py 6: lock a file and verify lock stealing behavior
FAIL: lock_tests.py 7: examine the fields of a lockfile for correctness
FAIL: lock_tests.py 8: verify behavior when a lock in a wc is defunct
FAIL: lock_tests.py 9: verify svn:needs-lock read-only behavior
FAIL: lock_tests.py 10: verify svn:needs-lock behavior with defunct lock
FAIL: lock_tests.py 11: verify lock removal on a deleted path
FAIL: lock_tests.py 12: lock and unlock some files
FAIL: lock_tests.py 14: verify status of lock in working copy
FAIL: lock_tests.py 15: verify status of stolen lock
FAIL: lock_tests.py 16: verify status of broken lock
FAIL: lock_tests.py 17: verify error on locking non-existent file
FAIL: lock_tests.py 18: lock an out-of-date file and ensure failure
FAIL: lock_tests.py 19: update handles svn:needs-lock correctly
FAIL: lock_tests.py 20: verify svn:needs-lock behavior with revert
FAIL: lock_tests.py 21: examine the fields of a lock from a URL
FAIL: lock_tests.py 22: lock/unlock several files in one go
FAIL: lock_tests.py 23: lock/unlock switched files
FAIL: lock_tests.py 24: lock and unlock a file with an URI-unsafe name
FAIL: lock_tests.py 25: svn:needs-lock and svn:executable, part I
FAIL: lock_tests.py 26: svn:needs-lock and svn:executable, part II
FAIL: lock_tests.py 27: commit file with xml-unsafe name and release lock
FAIL: cat_tests.py 3: cat a file at revision BASE
FAIL: cat_tests.py 5: cat should skip uncattable resources
FAIL: import_tests.py 1: import of executable files
FAIL: import_tests.py 2: do not import ignored files in imported dirs
FAIL: import_tests.py 3: avoid creating empty revisions with import
FAIL: import_tests.py 4: import ignored files in imported dirs
At least one test was SKIPPED, checking /svntest/obj-sh/tests.log
SKIP: utf8_tests.py 1: conversion of paths and logs to/from utf8
make: *** [check] Error 1
Complete log saved in /srv/svntest/svntest/logs/svn_trunk/LOG_svn_check_shared_ra_dav_bdb.15392.failed
FAIL: make davcheck
PASS: kill httpd-2.0.x

----- End forwarded message -----

Jani Averbach
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Received on Fri Jul 22 21:01:08 2005

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