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Re: svn commit: propchange - r13838 - svn:log

From: Ben Reser <ben_at_reser.org>
Date: 2005-04-04 11:12:02 CEST

On Sun, Apr 03, 2005 at 09:52:42AM -0800, Justin Erenkrantz wrote:
> That is not true. The trunk had the 'svn export' of the dependencies,
> while the branches/ didn't have that. So, there are more differences than
> just the book URL. I'd prefer that we just eliminate the option of having
> any discrepancies at all and remove dist.sh from the branches.

You know the history of that change. I don't like it. I hadn't gotten
around to reverting it. Now why in the world would I bother merging it
onto a branch? Just because you can find unmerged changes doesn't mean
there are real differences. The *ONLY* reason why that difference still
existed was because I hadn't reverted the change on trunk.

There are differences from the 1.0.x dist.sh to the 1.1.x and trunk
dist.sh too. They exist because I'm not actively porting changes to
1.0.x nor do I need to because we're not doing 1.0.x releases anymore.

But the important point here is that the dist.sh on trunk is perfectly
usable with 1.1.x at current and with 1.0.x with only the change to the
book URL. The example you came up with is completely irrelevent.

> I'm just saying that shouldn't be necessary if we only keep one version of
> dist.sh.

It'll always be necessary to some degree due to the book URL. There's
no separate 1.2.x book URL yet and I'm gonna bet that when we cut the
rc tomorrow there won't be one. That's going to be something we want to
maintain separately.

> Well, those are the acronyms used by APR. In my opinion, there is no
> legitimate need to differ here.
> The canonical file is apu.h and apu_version.h here.
> Well, the issue is that there *is* significant overlap between APR
> developers and Subversion developers. So, I am very aware of what
> APR-util, APR-iconv call themselves officially. And, it's annoying to me
> that Subversion chooses to pick random acronyms.
> At the very least, it should be expanded out to -apr-util and -apr-iconv if
> you veto -apu and -api. But, -apru and -apri mean nothing to anyone. How
> would we feel if someone chose 'svnv' for Subversion because they don't
> like 'svn' as an acronym?

I don't see how it's our fault that APR people picked a ambiguous
abbreviation for one of their libraries. apu isn't so much of a
problem. But api is. Interetingly enough you don't use api.h but
apr_iconv.h and api_version.h. So much for consistency.

But really why does anyone besides us care what name we use for that
option? This is dist.sh not some major public interface. Personally I
feel like -apr-util and -apri-iconv are too long. As it stands my list
of arguments for dist.sh is fairly long, I'm willing to give up one more
letter for more clarity but not a bunch more.

I'm offended that you think they are random acronyms. Here let me show
you a random acronym:

gih = apr
ygo = apr-util
jxn = apr-iconv

That would be random. But apr, apri and apru are not random acronyms.
And you construct an hideous strawman argument with 'svnv'. For one
thing 'svnv' isn't an acronym it is an abbreviation. An intentionally
hiddeous one at that because there isn't even two 'v's in subversion.
That said I don't think we'd care if someone used -svnv as some option
to some obscure dist.sh script.

The name of the libs aren't Apache Portable Util, and Apache Portable
Iconv, they are Apache Portable RUNTIME Util and Apache Portable RUNTIME

I'm not sure how you can argue that -api and -apu are any more likely to
mean "anything to anyone" than -apri and -apru. Most people seeing -api
would proably expand it to Application Programming Interface not Apache
Portable Runtime Iconv.

Don't like the fact we don't match? Bitch to the person that picked a
poor abbreviation on the APR side. It's pretty obvious they even
realize it's a bad abbreviation because they don't use api.h.

So rather than use an ambiguous argument name we changed to something
less so. And to be consistent we made -apu into -apru.

But not only that but -apr and -apu were added in July. -api was added
in August we changed to -apri and -apru 5 days later. I'd guess in the
last several months we've done half a dozen releases and *NOBODY* except
you has ever complained about this difference between the "official"

I just can't understand what's so difficult about this. For all the
discussion we've had about this if you can't remember what -apri and
-apru means then I'm not sure what we can do.

Ben Reser <ben@reser.org>
"Conscience is the inner voice which warns us somebody may be looking."
- H.L. Mencken
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