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Re: [Issue 1813] Using ./.subversion, if it exists, to override/augment ~/.subversion settings

From: Lele Gaifax <lele_at_nautilus.homeip.net>
Date: 2004-04-12 23:50:43 CEST

>>>>> "kfogel" == kfogel <kfogel@tigris.org> writes:

    kfogel> http://subversion.tigris.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=1813

    kfogel> We generally prefer to discuss new ideas on the mailing
    kfogel> lists, then summarize the conclusions in the issue tracker
    kfogel> (with pointers to the mailing list thread, of course).
    kfogel> This is so the issue tracker remains more or less a todo
    kfogel> list, instead of being a discussion forum, since it's not
    kfogel> well-suited technically for the latter.

Pardon me, but while I wished for better arguments to justify
status'ing it Resolved, as already said in this ML (see below), I
*did* talk about that both on IRC and on ML, and you are the second
person that instead of making a point, or see if others can take
advantage of an idea (or not!-) just drop it because "we didn't talk
/there/ about /this/": maybe this should be made clear before letting
one submit a new issue, but, imho, one should never assume that "since
I never heard of it, it must not be relevant".


    kfogel> Can you take this idea to dev@subversion.tigris.org?

Here I am :-)

    kfogel> Or, if there *is* a mailing list thread on this, reopen
    kfogel> this issue and link to it.

Uhm, *can* I actually do that?

See these messages:


And browse this "focusnipped" chat on #svn, 29/03/2004 23:15:05 CET:

<lelit> hi all, reading back about autoprops... what do you think about looking them up in a ./.subversion in place/in addendum to ~/.subversion?
<sussman> why is that better?
<lelit> per project instead of per developer?
<lelit> versionable?
<sussman> better to just put the configuration in the repository in the repository itself, no?
<sussman> if you want it to be per project
<lelit> definitively much more controllable than the current situation, where most of the time I'm adding --no-auto-props
<sussman> huh?
<lelit> I do not understand what you mean... how can I put there the auto-props?
<sussman> you can't
<sussman> but most people have agreed that the "next step" for auto-props is to make it a repository configuration, rather than a client one.
<dionisos> maybe it's time to make that wishlist somewhat more explicit. Is this in the issue tracker?
<lelit> ah. ok, that's great. But couldn't my idea be a simpler approach to the same goal?
<dionisos> lelit: then it's still a per-developer thing. normally you want consistency for one repository.
<lelit> why? I can see a /trunk/projectA/.subversion, shared with all developers of projectA, doesn't it?
<dionisos> hm; that's just one way to implement it for a repository (or part thereof) I guess.
<lelit> Then whatever *below* that point, could /acquire/ those settings...
<lelit> dionisos: yes, maybe simpler :)
<dionisos> lelit: simple should not be the deciding factor. Well-thought-out can.
<lelit> I ack that, of course.
<dionisos> so it takes some more time to become available....
<lelit> I was simply proposing it...
<sussman> lelit: perhaps you should add the suggestion to the auto-props feature request. dionisos, does that enhancement issue exist already? it might.
<sussman> it might simply be blocking on having a repository config system.
<dionisos> I was in the issue tracker, but did not know what to search for :-)
<lelit> sussman: sure, given an issue # :)
<dionisos> sussman: possibly http://subversion.tigris.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=1002
<dionisos> though it could be stated somewhat broader...
<lelit> dionisos: yes, but the reasoning above may be adeguate for that issue too...
<sussman> dionisos: I think we need a meta-feature issue to create an "in repos" config system
<sussman> and then make a bunch of other issues block on it.
<dionisos> sussman: right
<lelit> so what? Should I comment issue 1002, open a new one, or wait for the meta-feature?
<dionisos> lelit: I think you can open a new issue. I can add the meta-issue later.
<lelit> ok
<lelit> sussman: see issue #1813, does it make sense?
<sussman> sure, makes sense

So, again, if it's a stupid idea, say that, and I'll be happy. But
before that, spend a few seconds to think about it, because even if
evidently *others* have done that before you, this should not
interfere with its goodness/badness ratio.

ciao, lele.

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