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Re: #830 hits again (and Neon 0.24 question)

From: Sergey A. Lipnevich <sergey_at_optimaltec.com>
Date: 2003-06-26 21:16:03 CEST

Philip Martin wrote:

>"Sergey A. Lipnevich" <sergeyli@pisem.net> writes:
>> 1. on the trunk, change lots of files
>> 2. add and delete files throughout the tree
>> 3. rename one directory from ProjectWeb to simply Web
>> 4. delete two directories
>> 5. commit (OK)
>I assume that all takes place in one working copy.

>> 6. merge into branch (seemingly OK)
>Is this the same working copy? Do you have one working copy
>containing both the trunk and the branch? Is it possible for you to
>rerun the merge with the --dry-run option?
Technically, yes. What should I be looking for in the output?

>> 7. try committing, successfully (because a new revision was created)
>> but with an error from svn_io_<something> about not finding some
>> unrelated file "folder.gif"
>Does the file folder.gif have an svn:mime-type property?
None of the files have it.

>> 8. copy (not svn cp) folder.gif over to make SVN happy (it was
>> present on the trunk)
>> 9. now when I commit I get the message "Bogus URL, Commit failed,
>> Commit item branch/../Images/b-start.gif has copy flag but no
>> copyfrom url, See issue #830
>I've tried a couple of things but I cannot reproduce this. The
>problem is that while you have provided lots of information it is not
>enough to reproduce the problem.
I know the reproducibility is king here, so I'll try find some time to
redo this on a smaller file set to come up with a recipe.

>>The b-start.gif file that I'm receiving a message about was in the
>>very first revision of the trunk before branch was even made, and it
>>didn't change since, but it was in the renamed directory. Following
>>the advice in the thread above, I checked out a fresh WC (I tried
>>cleaning up, recovering repository, updating WC, and theological
>>reasoning, but neither helped). Now
>> * trunk only has the newly renamed directory, branch has both old
>> and new;
>> * trunk doesn't have any deleted directories, branch has both;
>> * in the old WC, this file has copied="true" in the "entries" for
>> the new directory, no such attribute in the old directory;
>> * in the new WC, file doesn't have copied="true" in either "entries"
>> file for old or new directory;
>> * files that were /added/ on the trunk to a renamed directory, and
>> are before b-start.gif in the "entries", are fine, and have been
>> commited during step 6 above
>> * the worst part: svn.exe segfaults during merge operation if I try
>> repeating it on the new WC in exactly same way as action 5 above
>Action 5 was a commit, did you mean 6? I'm not sure why you would
>want to repeat the merge since you said above that the previous merge
>had been committed and that the only problem was some sort of
>post-commit bug. Doesn't your newly checked-out working copy include
>the committed merge?
There are still directories on the branch that I have deleted in the
trunk. And the one that I renamed appears twice: under old and new name.

>>I did merges before on this repo, but never directory renaming or
>>deletion. Also, I can't use the latest Subversion because there's no
>>TortoiseSVN for it, and other people depend on this repository.
>>My question is, should I use the old WC, clean up "entries" from the
>>"copied" attribute, and try committing again,
>I'd not recommend editing the entries file, while you may well get
>something that appears to work it is possible to create problems that
>are not immediately visible (missing 'deleted' entries for example).
Yeah, I think I need to dump the repo, cut out the last revision (which
contains the partial merge from trunk) and try again. Whoever came up
with this dump/restore thing is one very smart and experienced guy (or
was it a girl).

>>or using the new WC,
>>delete a ProjectWeb (old) diectory on a branch as well as delete two
>>"deleted" dirctories?
Thanks for replying!


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