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Re: #830 hits again (and Neon 0.24 question)

From: Philip Martin <philip_at_codematters.co.uk>
Date: 2003-06-25 23:01:12 CEST

"Sergey A. Lipnevich" <sergeyli@pisem.net> writes:

> 1. on the trunk, change lots of files
> 2. add and delete files throughout the tree
> 3. rename one directory from ProjectWeb to simply Web
> 4. delete two directories
> 5. commit (OK)

I assume that all takes place in one working copy.

> 6. merge into branch (seemingly OK)

Is this the same working copy? Do you have one working copy
containing both the trunk and the branch? Is it possible for you to
rerun the merge with the --dry-run option?

> 7. try committing, successfully (because a new revision was created)
> but with an error from svn_io_<something> about not finding some
> unrelated file "folder.gif"

Does the file folder.gif have an svn:mime-type property?

> 8. copy (not svn cp) folder.gif over to make SVN happy (it was
> present on the trunk)
> 9. now when I commit I get the message "Bogus URL, Commit failed,
> Commit item branch/../Images/b-start.gif has copy flag but no
> copyfrom url, See issue #830

I've tried a couple of things but I cannot reproduce this. The
problem is that while you have provided lots of information it is not
enough to reproduce the problem.

> The b-start.gif file that I'm receiving a message about was in the
> very first revision of the trunk before branch was even made, and it
> didn't change since, but it was in the renamed directory. Following
> the advice in the thread above, I checked out a fresh WC (I tried
> cleaning up, recovering repository, updating WC, and theological
> reasoning, but neither helped). Now
> * trunk only has the newly renamed directory, branch has both old
> and new;
> * trunk doesn't have any deleted directories, branch has both;
> * in the old WC, this file has copied="true" in the "entries" for
> the new directory, no such attribute in the old directory;
> * in the new WC, file doesn't have copied="true" in either "entries"
> file for old or new directory;
> * files that were /added/ on the trunk to a renamed directory, and
> are before b-start.gif in the "entries", are fine, and have been
> commited during step 6 above
> * the worst part: svn.exe segfaults during merge operation if I try
> repeating it on the new WC in exactly same way as action 5 above

Action 5 was a commit, did you mean 6? I'm not sure why you would
want to repeat the merge since you said above that the previous merge
had been committed and that the only problem was some sort of
post-commit bug. Doesn't your newly checked-out working copy include
the committed merge?

> I did merges before on this repo, but never directory renaming or
> deletion. Also, I can't use the latest Subversion because there's no
> TortoiseSVN for it, and other people depend on this repository.
> My question is, should I use the old WC, clean up "entries" from the
> "copied" attribute, and try committing again,

I'd not recommend editing the entries file, while you may well get
something that appears to work it is possible to create problems that
are not immediately visible (missing 'deleted' entries for example).

> or using the new WC,
> delete a ProjectWeb (old) diectory on a branch as well as delete two
> "deleted" dirctories?

Philip Martin
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