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ra_svn tests stuck in diff_tests.py

From: <david_at_summersoft.fay.ar.us>
Date: 2003-01-21 07:08:37 CET

Two times today while trying to run through the svn_ra tests (make
svncheck) the processes have hung. After the first time, I ran it again and
it worked.

The second time it hung I looked with gdb to see where it was hung.
There were several svnserve processes active. Here is a backtrace of one
#0 0x420e8132 in accept () from /lib/i686/libc.so.6
#1 0x401db593 in accept () from /lib/i686/libpthread.so.0
#2 0x4014b830 in apr_socket_accept (new=0xbffff36c, sock=0x8052740,
    connection_context=0x80644d8) at sockets.c:201
#3 0x4014bd48 in apr_accept (new=0xbffff36c, sock=0x8052740,
    connection_context=0x80644d8) at sockets.c:420
#4 0x0804a5c2 in main (argc=4, argv=0xbffff524)
    at subversion/svnserve/main.c:152
#5 0x42017589 in __libc_start_main () from /lib/i686/libc.so.6

Here is the backtrace of another svnserve:
#0 0x420b48b9 in wait4 () from /lib/i686/libc.so.6
#1 0x4213030c in __DTOR_END__ () from /lib/i686/libc.so.6
#2 0x08050c9c in strcpy ()
#3 0x08051c71 in strcpy ()
#4 0x0805a937 in error ()
#5 0x08059c0c in error ()
#6 0x08059874 in error ()
#7 0x08053d6a in strcpy ()
#8 0x42017589 in __libc_start_main () from /lib/i686/libc.so.6

Here is the backtrace of the third svnserve:
#0 0x420e19ee in select () from /lib/i686/libc.so.6
#1 0x400db77c in __DTOR_END__ () from /usr/lib/libdb-4.0.so
#2 0x400bd5e5 in __os_yield () from /usr/lib/libdb-4.0.so
#3 0x4005887d in __db_tas_mutex_lock () from /usr/lib/libdb-4.0.so
#4 0x400b3839 in __log_put_int () from /usr/lib/libdb-4.0.so
#5 0x400b33b1 in __log_put () from /usr/lib/libdb-4.0.so
#6 0x400cb938 in __txn_regop_log () from /usr/lib/libdb-4.0.so
#7 0x400ca742 in __txn_commit () from /usr/lib/libdb-4.0.so
#8 0x40033457 in commit_trail (trail=0x8086aa8, fs=0x80795d0)
    at subversion/libsvn_fs/trail.c:100
#9 0x4003350d in svn_fs__retry_txn (fs=0x80795d0,
    txn_body=0x4003324c txn_body_change_txn_prop, baton=0xbffff0c0,
    pool=0x80867a0) at subversion/libsvn_fs/trail.c:136
#10 0x400332e2 in svn_fs_change_txn_prop (txn=0x808e908,
    name=0x4001f4d6 svn:author, value=0xbffff100, pool=0x80867a0)
    at subversion/libsvn_fs/revs-txns.c:567
#11 0x4001b6f0 in svn_repos_fs_begin_txn_for_update (txn_p=0x80869cc,
    repos=0x8068dc8, rev=1, author=0x8086a08 anonymous, pool=0x80867a0)
    at subversion/libsvn_repos/fs-wrap.c:138
#12 0x4001d9f7 in svn_repos_set_path (report_baton=0x80869c8,
    path=0x8088890 , revision=1) at
#13 0x0804a74a in set_path (conn=0x80664e0, pool=0x80887a8,
    baton=0xbffff1f8) at subversion/svnserve/serve.c:78
#14 0x400fee7a in svn_ra_svn_handle_commands (conn=0x80664e0,
    commands=0x804db54, baton=0xbffff1f8, pass_through_errors=0)
    at subversion/libsvn_ra_svn/marshal.c:650
#15 0x0804a9f7 in handle_report (conn=0x80664e0, pool=0x80867a0,
    repos_url=0x8069270 svn://localhost/repositories/diff_tests-5,
    baton=0x80869c8) at subversion/svnserve/serve.c:162
#16 0x0804bb1d in switch_cmd (conn=0x80664e0, pool=0x80867a0,
    params=0x8086850, baton=0xbffff2f0) at subversion/svnserve/serve.c:620
#17 0x400fee7a in svn_ra_svn_handle_commands (conn=0x80664e0,
    commands=0x804db9c, baton=0xbffff2f0, pass_through_errors=0)
    at subversion/libsvn_ra_svn/marshal.c:650
#18 0x0804c701 in serve (conn=0x80664e0,
tunnel=0, pool=0x80644d8) at subversion/svnserve/serve.c:993
#19 0x0804a6ca in main (argc=4, argv=0xbffff524)
    at subversion/svnserve/main.c:192
#20 0x42017589 in __libc_start_main () from /lib/i686/libc.so.6

Here is the backtrace of the svn client (svn diff -r1:4):
#0 0x420e0187 in poll () from /lib/i686/libc.so.6
#1 0x40177a6c in apr_poll (aprset=0xbfffee60, num=1, nsds=0xbfffee5c,
    timeout=-1) at poll.c:168
#2 0x401780c3 in apr_wait_for_io_or_timeout (f=0x0, s=0x8078030,
    at waitio.c:92
#3 0x4016ef39 in apr_socket_recv (sock=0x8078030,
    buf=0x807c230 ( success ( ) ) S ) ( ) ) , len=0xbfffef38)
    at sendrecv.c:125
#4 0x4016f62c in apr_recv (sock=0x8078030,
    buf=0x807c230 ( success ( ) ) S ) ( ) ) , len=0xbfffef38)
    at sendrecv.c:1058
#5 0x40126efe in readbuf_input (conn=0x807c220,
    data=0x807c230 ( success ( ) ) S ) ( ) ) , len=0xbfffef38)
    at subversion/libsvn_ra_svn/marshal.c:164
#6 0x40126fed in readbuf_fill (conn=0x807c220)
    at subversion/libsvn_ra_svn/marshal.c:183
#7 0x40127033 in readbuf_getchar (conn=0x807c220,
�\a\b��\005\bv\202\022@@���D����\207\022@\002) at
#8 0x4012706a in readbuf_getchar_skip_whitespace (conn=0x807c220,
#9 0x401277be in svn_ra_svn_read_item (conn=0x807c220, pool=0x805ccc8,
    item=0xbfffefdc) at subversion/libsvn_ra_svn/marshal.c:454
#10 0x40127ba5 in svn_ra_svn_read_tuple (conn=0x807c220, pool=0x805ccc8,
    fmt=0x40128276 wl) at subversion/libsvn_ra_svn/marshal.c:570
#11 0x40127c32 in svn_ra_svn_read_cmd_response (conn=0x807c220,
    pool=0x805ccc8, fmt=0x401281de )
    at subversion/libsvn_ra_svn/marshal.c:594
#12 0x40124211 in ra_svn_set_path (baton=0x80855e0, path=0x4002479c ,
    at subversion/libsvn_ra_svn/client.c:168
#13 0x4001fa57 in do_diff (options=0x805d110, auth_baton=0x805d0f8,
    path1=0x805d230 , revision1=0xbffff3b0, path2=0x805d230 ,
    revision2=0xbffff3bc, recurse=1, callbacks=0xbffff170,
    callback_baton=0xbffff190, pool=0x805ccc8)
    at subversion/libsvn_client/diff.c:1276
#14 0x4001fbb2 in svn_client_diff (options=0x805d110,
    path1=0x805d230 , revision1=0xbffff3b0, path2=0x805d230 ,
    revision2=0xbffff3bc, recurse=1, no_diff_deleted=0, outfile=0x805d140,
    errfile=0x805d188, pool=0x805ccc8) at
#15 0x0804ba1d in svn_cl__diff (os=0x805cde8, baton=0xbffff3b0,
    at subversion/clients/cmdline/diff-cmd.c:181
#16 0x0804d805 in main (argc=4, argv=0xbffff4b4)
    at subversion/clients/cmdline/main.c:878
#17 0x42017589 in __libc_start_main () from /lib/i686/libc.so.6

Does any of that help determine why it hung? It seems to be sporadic,
sometimes it hangs and sometimes it doesn't.

This is Subversion 0.17.0-4468 on RedHat 7.3, all latest patches applied.


David Wayne Summers          Linux: Because reboots are for hardware upgrades!
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