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Re: [PATCH] fs patch was vtable-fi-cation of the fs

From: Glenn A. Thompson <gthompson_at_cdr.net>
Date: 2002-11-22 04:09:14 CET


I was working on this when Garretts e-mail came in.
It's killing me I should be working on my paying job, but I can't get
this stuff out of my head. I've been subverted:-) I wanted to hold off
submitting but I wanted you guys to see what I'm working on. back and
forth I went in my head. So now I'm crazy and it's all your fault:-)
 The namespace problem he mentioned should have never been missed.
 Sorry. Or should I say scary.

cmpilato@collab.net wrote:

>Sander Striker <striker@apache.org> writes:
>>Can we please just create a branch and let gat work on
>>that. Development is a lot easier to follow when it takes place in
>>the repos. Furthermore I think this is cool enough to attract other
>>developers to help out.
>Ben, Karl, and I had dinner with Glenn the other night, and I think we
>all agree that a branch would be a Good Thing, but there are a couple
>of reasons why we (at least, Glenn, Ben and I -- Karl had to jet
>early) decided not to go this route up front:
This was my understanding as well. I'm not saying I don't want a
branch. I'm saying I haven't earned a branch *yet*:-)

> 1. We don't generally give commit access -- for any reason -- to
> someone who has not, as Glenn says himself, "passed the litmus
> test". Once we've seen some of his work, we can better
> consider the branch option.
what he said.

> 2. Glenn admitted that his initial runs at this work were not
> being done in a way that minimized code churn on a per-patch
> basis. In other words, and as you can see for yourself, his
> first patch is a friggin' bomb-blast in the ol' FS construction
> area! :-)
You were kinda warned:-) And anyone who helps me get this pig in, I owe

>Glenn could benefit from a lot of initial review of
> his patch, as well as some suggestions on how to, in the
> future, make his changes more incrementally.
>Glenn, I don't *think* I'm speaking out of line with this -- if I am,
>I'll accept public beratement as you see fit to so deliver.
Beratement; not gonna doit:-) The last thing in the world I want to do
is mess up Subversion. I plan to earn a seat at the table.

>The rest of you: I think Glenn has some good ideas about tackling what
>is likely to be the biggest change to Subversion since self-hosting,
>and I'd be thrilled if everyone who "gotz tha skeelz" could take the
>time to review his work, understand and brainstorm about his master
>plan, and then help him with the implementation.
To be honest, the SQL page is only the tip of my evil master plan.
 Unfortunately, my writing skills are not so great. OK so they suck.
 But I will write and re-write until my point is made well. Once I get
this other crap I'm working on finished. uggghh.

That said, it's important that my work not mess with the primary goals.
Period. End of story. I would feel horrible if it did. But I know the
commiters won't let that happen. Which is totally cool from where I'm
sitting. In the basement by the way.

Some of my views:
DAV and Apache were awesome choices. The auto-commit stuff will bring
users in droves. No doubt in my mind.
But the thing that turns me on the most is the FS/repos. I really want
to roll up my sleeves and become one with it :-) It's a nice balance of
complexity and simplicity. I friggin love it. The permanent store is
the holy grail in my mind. I can't begin to list the number of things I
think it applies to. I'm sure you guys see it. You built the thing.
 When you guys were looking for a logo. I wanted to submit a sponge btw.

Lastly, let me leave you with this thought. Many people on this list
have talked about their favorite ra layer. Mine would have to be
ra_federated. Imagine a world where repos' play nice together. Like
so. Hi, I'm gats repo. What's your name? Do we have any common
friends. OH cool ......... Behind door number 1 is my java tape library
stuff, enjoy. Behind door number two is .... I have have about 10GB of
free space if you need a mirror. Please submit your mirroring requests
as follows .....

I know you guys have sat around thinking about this crazy kind of stuff;

OK now I'm going to go work. Email is down and I'm going to go close xchat.


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