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Re: [ghudson@MIT.EDU: Re: svn commit: rev 3110 - trunk/subversion/include]

From: Gerald Richter - ecos gmbh <richter_at_ecos.de>
Date: 2002-09-03 17:04:34 CEST


I am running out of time at the moment, but I think at least for mod_dav it
makes more sense to have the ctx members, than have a userdata argument to
function, because mod_dav is really object oriented, only implemented in C.
So most of these structure are really objects (and that's what they become
in Perl).

I will provide you with some sample code as soon as I have a little free
time. (Hopefully later today or tomorrow moring)


Gerald Richter ecos electronic communication services gmbh
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From: "Karl Fogel" <kfogel@newton.ch.collab.net>
To: "Gerald Richter - ecos gmbh" <richter@ecos.de>
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Sent: Tuesday, September 03, 2002 4:22 PM
Subject: Re: [ghudson@MIT.EDU: Re: svn commit: rev 3110 -

> "Gerald Richter - ecos gmbh" <richter@ecos.de> writes:
> > > So could you maybe give a code example?
> >
> > Yes, of course!
> What I meant actually was literal C code, or pseudocode, showing what
> you are trying to do. I'm having trouble following your prose
> description -- it's written very clearly, but I think I must be subtly
> misinterpreting some of your terms, because I still don't see the need
> for a `void *ctx' inside the called library's struct.
> > Now I am not quite sure if I understand what you mean by "userdata
> > if you mean passing an userdata function argument to the function that
> > the callback function as argument, then the answer is, that mod_dav
> > providers doesn't work in this simple way. You can't do it there.
> I meant something like this:
> typedef int (*foo_handler_t) (foo_t *foo, void *userdata);
> int read_foo_stream (foo_stream_t foo_stream,
> foo_handler_t handler,
> void *userdata);
> (In Subversion, we say "baton" instead of "userdata", if that helps).
> For example, you write a function of type foo_handler_t (mod_dav
> merely defines the type, but *you* define the function). Then you
> pass your handler and its userdata to read_foo_stream(), and the
> handler gets invoked on each foo object in the stream. The function
> read_foo_stream() is implemented by mod_dav, but the handler is
> implemented by you, and internally it casts `userdata' back to some
> struct type you defined, and accesses its closure-specific data inside
> there.
> So here's my question:
> Obviously, the `void *ctx' field inside a mod_dav (or Subversion)
> structure cannot be used by mod_dav (or Subversion) itself, since the
> field is opaque. Given that field is used only your functions anyway,
> why can't your need be equally satisfied by having mod_dav carry
> `userdata' arguments in the right places?
> If mod_dav doesn't pass userdata arguments where you need them, then
> let's patch it to do so, instead of patching it to have void *ctx
> members inside its own structures.
> (It may be that in order to carry the userdata to the right places,
> mod_dav must also store the pointer in some structures, but that's
> fine -- that's driven from the function interface level, and is just
> part of implementing the promised interface).
> > 1.) I call get_resource and get a dav_resource structure. This structure
> > an input parameter to some other functions, which go through mod_dav and
> > call at some point the provider. The dav_resource struct gets an Perl
> > associated, now when mod_dav calls the provider (which is possible also
> > Perl), we want to get the Perl object. If we have an ctx member in the
> > resource struct, that's an easy task. If not we need to go along and use
> > hash for mapping, with all the problems I described in my last email.
> > point here is, that while this is a sort of callback, there is no
> > which takes a ctx argument to the callback.
> Okay, these "some other functions" need to carry along a userdata
> parameter, then (?).
> But again, I feel there must be something I'm missing here, especially
> after reading your last sentence. If you can give a real code
> example, I may understand at last...
> Sorry if I'm being obtuse,
> -Karl

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