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[PATCH] developer documentation typos

From: David Mankin <mankin_at_ants.com>
Date: 2002-08-19 13:16:53 CEST

Here's a tiny patch that changes some (possibly already out-of-date)
documentation. Mostly typos, but in one file I changed the magic wc
directory name from SVN/ to .svn/.

-David Mankin

Fix documentation typos.
   * subversion/include/svn_types.h,
     subversion/clients/cmdline/README: Fix various typos.

   * subversion/libsvn_wc/README: Fix various typos. Change WC magic
     directory name from SVN/ to .svn/.

   * HACKING: Change cross-reference text so it matches the section
     title it references.

Index: ./subversion/include/svn_types.h
--- ./subversion/include/svn_types.h
+++ ./subversion/include/svn_types.h 2002-08-19 02:16:00.000000000 -0700
@@ -206,7 +206,7 @@
  * ### The only reason CHANGED_PATHS is not qualified with `const' is
  * that we usually want to loop over it, and apr_hash_first() doesn't
  * take a const hash, for various reasons. I'm not sure that those
- * "various reasons" are actually ever relevant anymore, and if
+ * "various reasons" are actually even relevant anymore, and if
  * they're not, it might be nice to change apr_hash_first() so
  * read-only uses of hashes can be protected via the type system.
Index: ./subversion/libsvn_wc/README
--- ./subversion/libsvn_wc/README
+++ ./subversion/libsvn_wc/README 2002-02-25 12:08:20.000000000 -0800
@@ -59,7 +59,7 @@
      the repository. The exact same algorithm is used as with
      updates, the only difference being that a commit must succeed
      completely or not at all. That last condition is merely a
- useability decision: the repository tree is shared by many
+ usability decision: the repository tree is shared by many
      people, so folding both sides of a conflict into it to aid
      resolution would actually make it less useable, not more. On the
      other hand, representing both sides of a conflict in a working
@@ -74,8 +74,8 @@
 Structure of the Working Copy
-Working copy meta-information is stored in SVN/ subdirectories,
-analogous to CVS/ sudirs:
+Working copy meta-information is stored in .svn/ subdirectories,
+analogous to CVS/ subdirs:
   .svn/README /* No, it's not this file. Details below. */
        format /* Contains wc adm format version. */
@@ -246,14 +246,14 @@
       2. apply_textdelta() hands window_handler() to its caller.
       3. window_handler() is invoked N times, constructing
- ./SVN/tmp/iota
+ ./.svn/tmp/iota
       4. finish_file() is called. First, it creates `log' atomically,
          with the following items,
- <mv src="SVN/tmp/iota" dst="SVN/text-base/iota">
- <mv src="SVN/tmp/SVN/entries" dst="SVN/entries">
- <merge src="SVN/text-base/iota" dst="iota">
+ <mv src=".svn/tmp/iota" dst=".svn/text-base/iota">
+ <mv src=".svn/tmp/.svn/entries" dst=".svn/entries">
+ <merge src=".svn/text-base/iota" dst="iota">
          Then it does the operations in the log file one by one.
          When it's done, it removes the log.
Index: ./subversion/clients/cmdline/README
--- ./subversion/clients/cmdline/README
+++ ./subversion/clients/cmdline/README 2002-08-19 02:20:24.000000000 -0700
@@ -397,7 +397,7 @@
- Merge is identifies some set of diffs (likely from a branch) and
+ Merge identifies some set of diffs (likely from a branch) and
   applies them to your current working copy. merge ONLY changes your
   working copy, not the repository. The repository is changed when you
Index: ./HACKING
+++ ./.svn/tmp/HACKING.61384.00001.tmp 2002-08-19 04:16:04.000000000 -0700
@@ -721,7 +721,7 @@
 The email message should start off with a log message, as described in
-"Writing log entries" above. The patch itself should be in unified
+"Writing log messages" above. The patch itself should be in unified
 diff format, preferably inserted directly into the body of your
 message (rather than MIME-attached, uuencoded, or otherwise
 opaqified). If your mailer wraps long lines, then you will need to

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Received on Mon Aug 19 13:24:53 2002

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