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Re: Built but tests failed

From: David Summers <david_at_summersoft.fay.ar.us>
Date: 2002-08-13 16:27:36 CEST

It might be some other problem, but I also see this type of problem when
APR/APR-UTIL wasn't completely up-to-date. If you are using my
apache-2.0.40-0.9 package and it still gives you those errors then you
need to install the apache-2.0.40-0.9.src.rpm, go into the
~/rpms/sources/apache-2.0.40-0.9 directory (or wherever you install the
sources) and do a "cvs update" in httpd-2.0, apr, apr-util directories
and generate new apache RPMs (maybe bump the release number to 0.10 in the
apache.spec file so you don't get it mixed up with the current 0.9

Since I don't generate a new apache for every revision of subversion there
may be X number of revisions of subversion since I last tried to build
which might not work with the published versions of apache because they
are newer and something changed.

Such is life on the bleeding edge of development. (ouch)

As stated at first....this might not be the problem....but it is similar
to what I've seen in the past.

   - David Summers

On 13 Aug 2002, Neal D. Becker wrote:

> I just built current code on RH7.3. Many tests failed:
> Is this expected?
> make check
> Running all tests in hashdump-test...success
> Running all tests in path-test...success
> Running all tests in random-test...success
> Running all tests in stringtest...success
> Running all tests in time-test...success
> Running all tests in translate-test...success
> Running all tests in svn-test2.sh...success
> Running all tests in svn-test.sh...success
> Running all tests in target-test.py...success
> Running all tests in run-fs-tests.py...FAILURE
> Running all tests in run-repos-tests.py...FAILURE
> Running all tests in getopt_tests.py...FAILURE
> Running all tests in basic_tests.py...FAILURE
> Running all tests in commit_tests.py...FAILURE
> Running all tests in update_tests.py...FAILURE
> Running all tests in switch_tests.py...FAILURE
> Running all tests in prop_tests.py...FAILURE
> Running all tests in schedule_tests.py...FAILURE
> Running all tests in log_tests.py...FAILURE
> Running all tests in copy_tests.py...FAILURE
> Running all tests in diff_tests.py...FAILURE
> Running all tests in module_tests.py...FAILURE
> Running all tests in merge_tests.py...FAILURE
> Running all tests in stat_tests.py...FAILURE
> Running all tests in trans_tests.py...FAILURE
> Running all tests in svnadmin_tests.py...FAILURE
> At least one test FAILED, checking /usr/local/src/subversion/tests.log
> FAIL: lt-strings-reps-test 1: Write a new rep, get a new key back.
> FAIL: lt-strings-reps-test 2: Write a new rep, then overwrite it.
> FAIL: lt-strings-reps-test 3: Write and overwrite a new rep; confirm with reads.
> FAIL: lt-strings-reps-test 4: Write, then delete, a new rep; confirm deletion.
> FAIL: lt-strings-reps-test 5: Test many strings table functions together.
> FAIL: lt-strings-reps-test 6: Write a null string.
> FAIL: lt-strings-reps-test 7: Write a string, then abort during an overwrite.
> FAIL: lt-strings-reps-test 8: Create and copy a string
> FAIL: lt-fs-test 1: svn_fs_create_berkeley
> FAIL: lt-fs-test 2: open an existing Berkeley DB filesystem
> FAIL: lt-fs-test 3: begin a txn, check its name, then close it
> FAIL: lt-fs-test 4: open an existing transaction by name
> FAIL: lt-fs-test 5: begin a txn, get the txn root, and add a file
> FAIL: lt-fs-test 6: create 2 txns, list them, and verify the list.
> FAIL: lt-fs-test 8: write and read a file's contents
> FAIL: lt-fs-test 9: make a file, a subdir, and another file in that subdir
> FAIL: lt-fs-test 10: make The Official Subversion Test Tree
> FAIL: lt-fs-test 11: fill a directory, then list it
> FAIL: lt-fs-test 12: set and get some revision properties
> FAIL: lt-fs-test 13: set/get txn props, commit, validate new rev props
> FAIL: lt-fs-test 14: set and get some node properties
> FAIL: lt-fs-test 15: delete mutable nodes from directories
> FAIL: lt-fs-test 16: delete nodes tree
> FAIL: lt-fs-test 17: abort a transaction
> FAIL: lt-fs-test 18: testing tree validation helper
> FAIL: lt-fs-test 19: fetch the youngest revision from a filesystem
> FAIL: lt-fs-test 20: basic commit
> FAIL: lt-fs-test 21: copying and tracking copy history
> FAIL: lt-fs-test 22: merging commit
> FAIL: lt-fs-test 23: commit datestamps
> FAIL: lt-fs-test 24: check old revisions
> FAIL: lt-fs-test 25: after each commit, check all revisions
> FAIL: lt-fs-test 26: create, modify, and verify a medium file (seed=3059080286)
> FAIL: lt-fs-test 27: create, modify, and verify a large file (seed=3059080351)
> FAIL: lt-fs-test 28: make sure the root node's stored revision is accurate
> FAIL: lt-fs-test 29: pound on explicit undeltification code (seed=3059080441)
> FAIL: lt-fs-test 30: svn_fs_node_created_rev test
> FAIL: lt-fs-test 31: test svn_fs_check_related
> FAIL: lt-fs-test 32: test svn_fs_revisions_changed
> FAIL: lt-repos-test 1: test svn_repos_dir_delta
> FAIL: getopt_tests.py 1: run svn with no arguments
> FAIL: getopt_tests.py 2: run svn --version
> FAIL: getopt_tests.py 3: run svn --version --quiet
> FAIL: getopt_tests.py 4: run svn --help
> FAIL: getopt_tests.py 5: run svn help
> FAIL: getopt_tests.py 6: run svn help --version
> FAIL: getopt_tests.py 7: run svn help bogus-cmd
> FAIL: getopt_tests.py 8: run svn help log switch
> FAIL: basic_tests.py 1: basic checkout of a wc
> FAIL: basic_tests.py 2: basic status command
> FAIL: basic_tests.py 3: basic commit command
> FAIL: basic_tests.py 4: basic update command
> FAIL: basic_tests.py 5: basic corruption detection
> FAIL: basic_tests.py 6: receiving text merges as part of an update
> FAIL: basic_tests.py 7: basic conflict creation and resolution
> FAIL: basic_tests.py 8: basic cleanup command
> FAIL: basic_tests.py 9: basic revert command
> FAIL: basic_tests.py 10: basic switch command
> FAIL: basic_tests.py 11: basic delete command
> FAIL: basic_tests.py 12: checkout a path no longer in HEAD
> FAIL: basic_tests.py 13: attempt to change node kind
> FAIL: commit_tests.py 1: commit one file.
> FAIL: commit_tests.py 2: commit one newly added file.
> FAIL: commit_tests.py 3: commit multiple targets
> FAIL: commit_tests.py 4: commit multiple targets, 2nd variation
> FAIL: commit_tests.py 5: commit wc_dir/A/D -- includes D. (anchor=A, tgt=D)
> FAIL: commit_tests.py 6: commit wc_dir -- (anchor=wc_dir, tgt={})
> FAIL: commit_tests.py 7: committing unversioned object produces error
> FAIL: commit_tests.py 8: replace two nested dirs, verify empty contents
> FAIL: commit_tests.py 9: hudson prob 1.0: delete file, commit, update
> FAIL: commit_tests.py 10: hudson prob 1.1: delete dir, commit, update
> FAIL: commit_tests.py 11: hudson prob 1.2: delete, commit, re-add, commit
> FAIL: commit_tests.py 12: hudson prob 2.0: prop commit on old dir fails.
> FAIL: commit_tests.py 13: commit mixed-rev wc (no erronous merge error)
> FAIL: commit_tests.py 14: commit files and dirs with URI-unsafe characters
> FAIL: commit_tests.py 15: commit files that have been deleted, but also edited
> FAIL: commit_tests.py 16: commit a file inside dir scheduled for addition
> FAIL: commit_tests.py 17: commit deleted (and missing) file
> FAIL: commit_tests.py 18: issue 644 attempt to add a file twice
> FAIL: commit_tests.py 19: commit from a dir with a longer name than the wc
> FAIL: commit_tests.py 20: try to commit when directory is locked
> FAIL: commit_tests.py 21: commit the current directory
> FAIL: update_tests.py 1: update a locally-modified binary file
> FAIL: update_tests.py 2: update to an old revision of a binary files
> FAIL: update_tests.py 3: ensure update is not munging additions or replacements
> FAIL: update_tests.py 4: update to revision 0
> FAIL: update_tests.py 5: make sure overlapping identical changes do not conflict
> FAIL: update_tests.py 6: delete files and update to resolve text conflicts
> FAIL: update_tests.py 7: update that deletes modifed files
> FAIL: update_tests.py 8: update after add/rm of deleted state
> FAIL: switch_tests.py 1: test some basic switching operations
> FAIL: switch_tests.py 2: commits after some basic switching operations
> FAIL: switch_tests.py 3: update wc that contains switched things
> FAIL: switch_tests.py 4: reverse update wc that contains switched things
> FAIL: switch_tests.py 5: update switched wc things to HEAD
> FAIL: switch_tests.py 6: reverse update switched wc things to an older rev
> FAIL: prop_tests.py 1: write/read props in wc only (ps, pl, pdel)
> FAIL: prop_tests.py 2: commit properties
> FAIL: prop_tests.py 3: receive properties via update
> FAIL: prop_tests.py 4: receive property changes as part of a downdate
> FAIL: prop_tests.py 5: commit the removal of props
> FAIL: prop_tests.py 6: update with conflicting props
> FAIL: prop_tests.py 7: props work when committing a replacement
> FAIL: prop_tests.py 8: props work when reverting a replacement
> FAIL: schedule_tests.py 1: schedule: add some files
> FAIL: schedule_tests.py 2: schedule: add some directories
> FAIL: schedule_tests.py 3: schedule: add some nested files and directories
> FAIL: schedule_tests.py 4: schedule: delete some files
> FAIL: schedule_tests.py 5: schedule: delete some directories
> FAIL: schedule_tests.py 6: revert: add some files
> FAIL: schedule_tests.py 7: revert: add some directories
> FAIL: schedule_tests.py 8: revert: add some nested files and directories
> FAIL: schedule_tests.py 9: revert: delete some files
> FAIL: schedule_tests.py 10: revert: delete some directories
> FAIL: log_tests.py 1: 'svn log', no args, top of wc.
> FAIL: log_tests.py 2: 'svn commit -F foo' when foo is a versioned file
> FAIL: log_tests.py 3: Test 'svn log' on an empty repository
> FAIL: copy_tests.py 1: basic copy and move commands -- on files only
> FAIL: copy_tests.py 2: test fix for 'svn mv unversioned_file some_dst'
> FAIL: copy_tests.py 3: receive a copied directory during update
> FAIL: copy_tests.py 4: resurrect a deleted directory
> FAIL: copy_tests.py 5: svn cp URL URL cannot overwrite destination
> FAIL: copy_tests.py 6: svn cp PATH PATH cannot overwrite destination
> FAIL: copy_tests.py 7: copy a directory hierarchy and modify before commit
> FAIL: copy_tests.py 8: copy files with properties
> FAIL: diff_tests.py 1: update a file
> FAIL: diff_tests.py 2: add a file
> FAIL: diff_tests.py 3: add a file in an added directory
> FAIL: diff_tests.py 4: replace a file with a file
> FAIL: diff_tests.py 5: multiple revisions diff'd forwards and backwards
> FAIL: diff_tests.py 6: non-recursive behaviour
> FAIL: diff_tests.py 7: diff only part of the repository
> FAIL: diff_tests.py 8: non version controlled files
> FAIL: diff_tests.py 9: pure repository diff update a file
> FAIL: diff_tests.py 10: diff when property was changed but text was not
> FAIL: module_tests.py 1: check out a directory with some external modules attached
> FAIL: module_tests.py 2: Update to receive a new external module.
> FAIL: module_tests.py 3: Update to lose an external module.
> FAIL: module_tests.py 4: Update to receive a change to an unmodifed external module.
> FAIL: module_tests.py 5: Update to receive a change to a modified external module.
> FAIL: module_tests.py 6: Update to receive a change under an external module.
> FAIL: merge_tests.py 1: performing a merge, with mixed results
> FAIL: stat_tests.py 1: stat an unversioned file in the current directory
> FAIL: stat_tests.py 2: run 'status -u' when nested additions are pending
> FAIL: stat_tests.py 3: stat -vN and test if all items in the current directory show up
> FAIL: trans_tests.py 1: Commit new files with keywords active from birth
> FAIL: trans_tests.py 2: update locally modified file with eol-style 'native'
> FAIL: svnadmin_tests.py 1: test 'svnadmin create' subcommand
> FAIL: svnadmin_tests.py 2: test 'svnadmin youngest' subcommand
> FAIL: svnadmin_tests.py 3: test 'svnadmin createtxn' subcommand
> FAIL: svnadmin_tests.py 4: test 'svnadmin rmtxns' subcommand
> FAIL: svnadmin_tests.py 5: test 'svnadmin lsrevs' subcommand
> FAIL: svnadmin_tests.py 6: test 'svnadmin dump' on a copied directory
> FAIL: svnadmin_tests.py 7: test 'svnadmin dump' on modified child of copied directory
> make: *** [check] Error 1
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