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[PATCH] : svnadmin manpage

From: David Kimdon <dwhedon_at_debian.org>
Date: 2002-06-27 17:47:48 CEST


Debian policy encourages manpages for all programs on the system.
I wrote this manpage so we can conform to policy. It would be super
if this can make its way into Subversion proper.


* subversion/svnadmin/svnadmin.1: New file, manpage for svnadmin.
* build.conf: add svnadmin.1 to manpages.
* subversion/clients/cmdline/man/svn.1: Add reference to svnadmin(1).

Index: ./build.conf
--- ./build.conf
+++ ./build.conf Thu Jun 27 15:01:58 2002
@@ -71,6 +71,7 @@
 libs = libsvn_client libsvn_wc libsvn_ra libsvn_delta libsvn_subr
 manpages = subversion/clients/cmdline/man/svn.1
+ subversion/svnadmin/svnadmin.1
 infopages = doc/user/manual/svn-manual.info
Index: subversion/clients/cmdline/man/svn.1
--- subversion/clients/cmdline/man/svn.1
+++ subversion/clients/cmdline/man/svn.1 Thu Jun 27 15:37:49 2002
@@ -305,3 +305,5 @@
 \fBexample:\fP svn update foo.c bar.h baz/ bat/*.m
+.BR svnadmin (1)
Index: subversion/svnadmin/svnadmin.1
--- subversion/svnadmin/svnadmin.1
+++ subversion/svnadmin/svnadmin.1 Thu Jun 27 15:33:43 2002
@@ -0,0 +1,160 @@
+.TH svnadmin 1 "27 Jun 2002" "svn 0.13.0" "Subversion Command Line Tool"
+svnadmin \- Subversion repository administration tool
+\fBsvnadmin\fP \fIcommand\fP \fIrepos-path\fP [\fIargs\fP]
+\fBsvnadmin\fP is a tool to perform administrative operations on a Subversion
+repository. A Subversion repository contains the revision history of a
+directory tree. The revision history includes file changes and log messages as
+well as move and copy operations that were applied at some time in the past to
+the tree. \fBsvnadmin\fP operations are typically carried out by an
+administrator. The
+.BR svn (1)
+tool handles operations for normal users of the source controlled resource.
+.BI create " repos-path"
+Create a new, empty repository at
+.IR repos-path .
+For example, a repository can be created with the command:
+.in +1i
+.ft B
+$ svnadmin create /var/svn
+.ft P
+.in -1i
+Importing a source tree into the repository created above is possible
+with the
+.BR svn (1)
+command :
+.in +1i
+.ft B
+$ svn import file:///var/svn . new_proj
+.ft P
+.in -1i
+.BI createtxn " repos-path base_rev"
+Create a new transaction based on
+.IR base_rev .
+.BI dump " repos-path" " \fR[\fI lower-rev \fR[\fI upper-rev \fR]]"
+Dump the contents of filesystem to stdout in a 'dumpfile'
+portable format, sending feedback to stderr. Dump revisions
+.IR lower-rev
+.IR upper-rev .
+If no revisions are given, all revision trees are dumped.
+If just
+.IR lower-rev
+is given, that one revision tree is dumped. A 'dumpfile' is used to
+convert between incompatible repository formats.
+.BI load " repos-path"
+Read a 'dumpfile'-formatted stream from stdin, committing
+new revisions into the repository's filesystem.
+Send progress feedback to stdout.
+.BI lscr " repos-path path"
+Print, one-per-line and youngest-to-eldest, the revisions in which
+.IR path
+was modified. (For directories, this is, for now, almost guaranteed to be
+uninteresting. Also, path must exist in the HEAD of the repository.
+.BI lsrevs " repos-path" " \fR[\fI lower-rev \fR[\fI upper-rev \fR]]"
+If no revision is given, all revision trees are printed. If just
+.IR lower-rev
+is given, that revision tree is printed.
+If two revisions are given, that range is printed, inclusive.
+.BI lstxns " \fR[ \fB--long\fP ]\fI repos-path"
+Print all txn names and, if
+.BI --long
+is specified, their metadata and trees.
+.BI rmtxns " repos-path txn-name \fR[\fI ... \fR]\fI"
+ Delete the transaction(s) named
+.BI txn-name.
+.BI setlog " repos-path rev file"
+Set the log-message on revision
+.IR rev
+to the contents of
+.IR file .
+Be careful with this option. Log messages are stored as revision properties.
+The history of revision properties is not saved. This command will
+.B permanently
+overwrite the previous log message.
+.BI shell " repos-path"
+Enter interactive shell for exploring the repository. The shell understands
+the following commands:
+.IP help
+Print simple help text.
+.IP cd
+Change directory.
+.IP cr
+Change revision.
+.IP ls
+List entries in the current directory.
+.IP exit
+Leave the shell.
+.BI undeltify " repos-path rev path"
+Undeltify (ensure full text storage for)
+.IR path
+.IR rev .
+If path represents a directory, perform a recursive undeltification of the tree
+starting at path. Normally files are stored as a sequences of diffs
+representing past changes to the file. Undeltification is an optimization that
+speeds some repository operations. One might, for example, undelitfy all
+releases to speed checkout of those releases.
+.BI youngest " repos-path"
+Print the latest revision number.
+When \fBsvnadmin\fP displays a directory entry it is of the form:
+Some of the information here will likely only be interesting to Subversion
+developers or those interested in learning more about the internals of
+Subversion. The fields above are:
+Base 36 node identifier. Each node in the filesystem has a unique node
+identifier. Copies of files share a node identifier and have a unique
+copy identifier.
+The copy identifier indicates that the file is the a copy.
+The transaction identifier that created the file.
+Has properties, or has no properties.
+The revision the file belongs to.
+Size of the file in bytes.
+.BR svn (1)

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