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Patch for error deleting newely added directory.

From: Mo DeJong <supermo_at_bayarea.net>
Date: 2001-09-18 02:20:17 CEST

Hi all.

In an earlier mail, I mentioned this bug:

% mkdir foo
% svn add foo
% svn remove foo
svn_error: #21026 : <Can't find an entry>
  No default entry in directory `foo'

This problem was showing up in the svn_wc__entries_write method but
it seems that svn_wc__entry_modify was really to blame. It would
call the fold_state_changes method which would notice the move
from added -> deleted and remove the SVN_WC_ENTRY_THIS_DIR
from the entries hashtable. That would blow up in svn_wc__entries_write.

My solution to this problem was to notice the case where the this_dir
entry was removed and make a call to svn_wc_remove_from_revision_control
for the directory that was being "unadded". I also had to check for this
case in svn_wc_delete to avoid an attempt to delete the parent's entry

Does this seem like a reasonable approach? It fixes the bug for me, but
I wanted to make sure it is "right".

Mo DeJong

2001-09-17 Mo DeJong <supermo@bayarea.net>

        Fix problem deleting a directory that had been added but was
        not yet committed.

        * subversion/libsvn_wc/entries.c (svn_wc__entry_modify): Check
        for the special case of deleting a directory that has not been
        committed. Call the svn_wc_remove_from_revision_control function
        to delete the administrative subdir in this case.
        * subversion/libsvn_wc/adm_ops.c (svn_wc_delete,
        svn_wc_remove_from_revision_control): Check to see if the
        entry we just marked for deletion was removed in svn_wc_delete.
        Add empty parent dir check to svn_wc_remove_from_revision_control
        so that function accepts short path names.

Index: ./subversion/libsvn_wc/entries.c
--- ./subversion/libsvn_wc/SVN/text-base/entries.c Mon Sep 10 17:16:48 2001
+++ ./subversion/libsvn_wc/entries.c Mon Sep 17 16:40:11 2001
@@ -1455,7 +1455,18 @@
                 schedule, existence, conflicted, text_time,
                 prop_time, attributes, pool, ap);
- SVN_ERR (svn_wc__entries_write (entries, path, pool));
+ /* Special case: If we just removed the SVN_WC_ENTRY_THIS_DIR
+ entry then we don't want to write the entry back out.
+ Instead, we want to remove the administrative directory
+ completely since we are dealing with a directory that
+ had been added but was removed before a commit. */
+ if (entry_was_deleted_p
+ && strcmp (name->data, SVN_WC_ENTRY_THIS_DIR) == 0)
+ SVN_ERR (svn_wc_remove_from_revision_control (path,
+ name,
+ FALSE, pool));
+ else
+ SVN_ERR (svn_wc__entries_write (entries, path, pool));
   return SVN_NO_ERROR;
Index: ./subversion/libsvn_wc/adm_ops.c
--- ./subversion/libsvn_wc/SVN/text-base/adm_ops.c Mon Sep 10 17:16:48 2001
+++ ./subversion/libsvn_wc/adm_ops.c Mon Sep 17 16:48:15 2001
@@ -513,6 +513,7 @@
   svn_stringbuf_t *dir, *basename;
   svn_wc_entry_t *entry;
+ svn_boolean_t dir_unadded = FALSE;
   /* Get the entry for the path we are deleting. */
   SVN_ERR (svn_wc_entry (&entry, path, pool));
@@ -528,10 +529,21 @@
   if (entry->kind == svn_node_dir)
+ svn_wc_entry_t *new_entry;
+ svn_error_t *err;
       /* Recursively mark a whole tree for deletion. */
       SVN_ERR (mark_tree (path, mark_tree_state_delete, pool));
+ /* Get the entry for the path we are deleting. */
+ err = svn_wc_entry (&new_entry, path, pool);
+ if (err)
+ dir_unadded = TRUE; /* We removed a newely added dir */
+ /* If we just removed a newely added directory then the parent
+ directories entrt was already removed. */
+ if (! dir_unadded)
+ {
   /* We need to mark this entry for deletion in its parent's entries
      file, so we split off basename from the parent path, then fold in
      the addition of a delete flag. */
@@ -546,6 +558,7 @@
             FALSE, 0, 0, NULL, pool, NULL));
+ }
   /* Now, call our client feedback function. */
@@ -1032,6 +1045,9 @@
       /* Remove self from parent's entries file */
       svn_path_split (full_path, &parent_dir, &basename,
                       svn_path_local_style, pool);
+ if (svn_path_is_empty (parent_dir, svn_path_local_style))
+ svn_stringbuf_set (parent_dir, ".");
       /* ### sanity check: is parent_dir even a working copy?
          if not, it should not be a fatal error. we're just removing
          the top of the wc. */

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