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Re: Two problems w/ subversion

From: ender <kthangavelu_at_earthlink.net>
Date: 2001-07-11 16:30:09 CEST

ok, i just built my first subversion server, did some testing and realized
that python2 IS required for the test cases to be portable ( i was testing
importability before for syntax compatiblity). i'm sincerely sorry for any
confusion i might have caused. the problem lies in that python1.5.2's popen2
call is unix only. on windows it doesn't exist.

send the patch to /dev/null

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On Wednesday 11 July 2001 06:21, ender wrote:
>>On Tuesday 10 July 2001 18:04, Karl Fogel wrote:
>>>>Thanks for the patch, Kapil! Mind if I request you repost with a
>>>>couple of minor frobs?:
>>no problem. new sanitized, unified, and commented patch is attached.
>>>> 1. Run diff -u (or diff -c if you prefer), so the patch is more
>>>> readable.
>>>> 2. There's no need to leave the old code commented out -- just
>>>> remove it entirely. We'll have the diff context right there if
>>>> we want to see the old code, anyway.
>>>> 3. Write a log message; even a brief one helps a reader get an
>>>> overview of the patch.
>>>>Thanks, hope this isn't too much of an imposition on your time...
>>not at all, the changes are trivial and the clean up is more in keeping
>> with the high quality of the subversion source (which seems well
>> documented and nice overall imo).
>>>>kapil thangavelu <kthangavelu@earthlink.net> writes:
>>>>> On Tuesday 10 July 2001 15:14, Karl Fogel wrote:
>>>>> >>Thanks for the summary, Trent.
>>>>> >>
>>>>> >>Some history here:
>>>>> >>
>>>>> >>Subversion does require Python 2.0 for a reason: there's some code in
>>>>> >>the test suite that uses a feature that wasn't available in 1.5.2. I
>>>>> >>frankly don't remember exactly what the issue was, I just remember
>>>>> >>that Mike Sussman or Ben discovered that something didn't work with
>>>>> >>pre-2.0 Pythons, did a little research, and found out that we'd made
>>>>> >>use of a feature new in 2.0. In other words, 2.0 turned out to be
>>>>> >>backward-compatible but not forward-compatible with 1.5.2... as is
>>>>> >>usually the case with languages, I suppose.
>>>>> one more thing that python 2 adds is list comprehensions and some other
>>>>> syntatic sugar for function calling, which apparently is the problem in
>>>>> the test suites. it only affects one file actions.py and it looks easy
>>>>> enough to fix.
>>>>> >>SOLUTION:
>>>>> i'm attaching the diff of the changes to make it work with python 1.5.2
>>>>> diff actions.py oldactions.py > actions.diff
>>>>> cheers
>>>>> kapil
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